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Keywords or Terms: Triumphant Victory; History Making; New York City; Female Focused; Progressive Feminists; Hillary Rodham Clinton; Women Suffrage; Nineteenth Amendment to the Constitution; Invisible glass ceiling; 'Feel the Bern'; Mexican-Heritage; Hoosier-born; US Presidency; Enduring Experience; Good Political Judgement; and, A luta Continua!

About a year ago, June 13, 2015 exactly, Hillary Rodham Clinton launched a campaign for the 2016 White House. Gradually, she moved up in the number of contested and super delegates to reach the magical number of 2383 for party nomination; and with her slate of victories in the States of California, New Jersey, New Mexico and South Dakota yesterday, June 7, 2016, she reached more than the required threshold to declare victory for Democratic Party nomination. While relishing in the first ever declaration of a female flag bearer status in a major American Political Party, Ms. Hillary Rodham Clinton, felt both a sense of triumph and accomplishment; that after close to a century of women suffrage, the right of women to cast vote in an election, as consummated in the 1920 passing of the Nineteenth Amendment to the Constitution, a woman actually did what was once unimaginable and unthinkable in American Democracy, shattered the long standing glass ceiling that prevented equality of sexes in the ambition for the White House oval office. By this accomplishment and victory, she not only shattered the invisible glass ceiling, she effectively opened the door for all Americans, Female or Male, to seek the highest office in the land.

Celebrating her victory and long sorted milestone in the city of New York yesterday, Ms. Clinton referenced that, barriers can now come down, justice and equality triumphed, ceiling or limits to anyone recused, and it is time and moment to come together; hopefully as one body, in support of the ambition of the former US Secretary of State, Senator from New York and first lady of the United States, for the highest office in the land. Quite deserving, her victory speech came close to the day she effectively yielded the competition to candidate Barack Obama in 2008, in the Democratic Party competition for party nomination. By securing the necessary 2,383 delegates as reported by Associated Press, Ms. Clinton added another laurel to her long list of accomplishments: “running a female focused, female engaged campaign that capitalizes on the support from super volunteers, a progressive feminist with commitment to a new order of thinking, far from women as victim, won a major political party nomination and forge ahead to contest a winnable debate for the office of US Presidency.”

On a historical level, Clinton’s nomination and victory have a foundation in a long commitment to re-launch or reenter the race for the White House after an initial concession to candidate Barack Obama eight years ago; the winner and current President of the United States of America; who remained an uncontested candidate in the 2012 race. Her New York victory lap speech yesterday, reflect a long standing ambition of not only the feminist movement, but also many women who have long sorted a moment and a time, where a young girl from any part of the country can wake up and dream big, to become the President of the greatest nation on earth. Hillary Rodham Clinton, a Goldwater girl from suburban Chicago city of Park Ridge, Illinois, wife, mother, and lawyer, effectively made a name for herself. Despite her differences with a male aspirant for nomination, and rather close rival in 2016 Democratic Party, Bernie Sanders, she stayed the course, ran a campaign that is above the fray, competed fiercely like anyone with an ambition for a leadership position and made a dream come true. She probably imagined the competition was rough and tougher than anyone may know, when she lost a few of the states’ primaries or caucuses; however, by remaining undeterred and resilient, she made good on a promise and dream of every American parent with a daughter. Her victories in four of the six states contested yesterday, June 7, 2016, California, New Jersey, New Mexico and South Dakota, spoke to another indisputable fact, she has not been handed the victory and nomination on a platter of gold.

Hillary Clinton is probably a better candidate tonight, because of the fierce competition from Bernie Sanders; and for those attempting to play her successes and victories down by insisting, they are not going to coalesce around her, because they do not believe in her trustworthiness against Bernie Sanders, many of us who have buried the hatchet, resolve and implore the ‘Feel the Bern’ group, to reconsider the alternative or option in a general election: “will they rather have a female history making candidate with decade experience in public service as the next US President, or another Republican candidate, who has effectively alienated tons of Americans, males, females and minority groups, with insulting and humiliating campaign messaging, without consideration of their impact and implication? The ‘Feel the Bern’ Crowd, must now decide if the threat of having a Xenophobic, Racist and Bombastic Donald Trump, far outweigh their choice restraint not to accommodate the candidacy of a first woman in history, to have a fair chance of victory for the Office of the US President; and the possibility of being the first female leader of the Free Democratic World.

Auspiciously, Hillary Clinton would confidently tell the world, the choice now is between the most progressive female with commitment to individualism and universal rights, a rounded and grounded vision for our nation, who went through grueling Democratic Party primaries and caucuses, with the desire to change the narrative about what women can bring to the table in political leadership, against the high flying New York Businessman Donald Trump, who believes in having his own African-American in a dynamic information sharing age, where nothing is now lost to ignorance or oversight. From the first day of her declaration of intentions in April, 2015, she had worked rather hard, crisscrossing the country to win the nomination; and every time, she had lost the contest to Bernie Sanders, she had regrouped, reflected and when in doubt, let the loss go and move ahead to the next contested state primary or caucus. This strategy for campaigning for the 2016 White House, her hard work and or occasional gamble, paid off. With her multi-state victories yesterday, in probably the last date of heavily contested states’ primaries and caucuses before the general election, she boosted her persona as the best candidate to step into the Shoes of Barack H. Obama, the 44th President of the United States.

Now the real work begins. Her chances of winning the general election in November, is going to depend on her ability to remain laser focused on public policy issues; her ability to communicate her vision and dream for the country and a commitment to those issues that truly matter in improving the welfare of the nation and the security of its borders. Ms. Clinton’s declaration of victory in the race for Democratic nomination, is just the first step in what may end up being a rather grueling competition, with moments of concern about what works and what doesn’t against an unpredictable opponent, who likes to shoot from the hip against his opponents. Unless Donald Trump continues to shoot himself in the foot by issuing further offensive and denigrating messages abasing minorities, including female voters, there is going to be a workout of oral debates and contest that will challenge preconception of what the average American voters truly wants in 2016. There are some profound possibilities that Hillary Clinton may end up having a run-away victory against the Republican party nominee, if he fails to resurrect himself, by realigning his campaign messaging to meet the decency and decorum required for winning the confidence of supporters and independent voters alike in this cycle of contest. Tonight, such conviction and confidence from ultimate deciders, American voters, regarding Mr. Trump’s candidacy, probably do not exist or evaporated from the psyche of independent voters, who mostly sway the pendulum in a hard fought competition for the White House oval office. Because of the horrors of Mr. Trump’s recent pronouncements regarding an American-born judge, some undecided independent voters feel the bias and prejudice from Mr. Trump’s claim, that because of a federal judge’s Mexican heritage, the Hoosier-born American with long standing family history of emigration into America, cannot fairly adjudicate the case against Trump University’s deception and fraudulent practices in real estate education and brokerage.

While there is enormous speculation that the best strategy to take the Republican party nominee down in the general election contest, is never to get into the ring with his social media platform fight, which has become a tool of complete distraction from the seriousness of campaigning for the White House oval office, it is still imperative to keep an eye on his activities on social media platforms. Clinton’s campaign for the general election must remain a vitalized commitment to excellence in competing against a rather temperamental Republican flag bearer for the US Presidency, who would use any form of language to distract his opponent from the goal at hand. With a candidate like his, winning or losing the election cannot be determined by a priory narrow selection or conception of what he might or might not do in the next five month of the campaign; thus, Ms. Clinton must expect the unexpected in communications, and contemplate the best approach to confront them, without being perceived as overtly aggressive feminist, in the eye of his Republican base. It may be okay for now to assume that, “Donald Trump is temperamentally unfit to be the President of the United States” and; “We are at the brink of a historic, historic unprecedented moment’ as offered in her victory speech yesterday; however, Ms. Clinton still have to exhibit the characteristics and discipline of a long-term career politician that set her apart from her rival, ensuring to inform doubters, that she is ready for the long haul and the challenges of the office of US Presidency.

The starting point after the July convention in Philadelphia is to leap into slate of concrete policy speeches and declarations that portray the seriousness of running for the US Presidency. Most important, give a strong voice to some of the issues raised by Bernie Sanders that are now adopted on the Democratic Party platform – leading by example and compromise, evaluating those domestic issues that are of concern to many Americans, including jobs, income inequality, unequal administration of justice and providing answers to the mundane, but which the Republican Nominee has faltered very badly, race relations. Similarly, work to rope around Donald Trump, all the underhanded comments regarding minorities, Female and Muslims, and offer alternatives that show how magnanimous her campaign is, and the drive to unite all Americans for a more progressive, race and sex neutral future, with an active consideration of progressive policies that deliver the American dream to the largest number of people; unlike what Donald Trump’s unstable and unsustainable conception of the world and preaching, actually are.

Emphasize she carries a mission of reform, not for reform sake, but for restructuring the economy, psychology about women and other minority groups, to deliver more jobs that pay enough to subsist on, to introduce a more equitable and fair justice system, and further introduce a new tax regime that does not disproportionately disadvantage any segment of America’s economy. Create an aura of energy and consistency, knowing that Donald Trump, as per behavior, will relapse back to his old self and use derogatory language against Ms. Clinton’s candidacy, out of frustration. The psychology is to draw Donald Trump into a fist fight without being in close contact, so he feels the misery of not knowing and not understanding the strategy to undermine his hate language and unconventional campaign strategy.

Discordant language, calling women dogs and fat pigs, accentuates the instability of a nationalistic campaign for political office; however, avoid a campaign competition that affords him the opportunity to dictate the theme of media deliberations and discussions, especially on multiple platforms, television, newspapers, magazines, internet and radio. Understand that Conservative Republicans are finding it more difficult to support or vote for Donald Trump by the day, because of the hypocrisy their likely choice of vote entails, in the current disheveled Republican campaign for 2016 White House. Veer her campaign away from the ‘tit-for-tat’ horse trading or raising communication that seems to excite low information, gullible and na├»ve voters, most of whom constitute Donald Trump’s support base; but do it in such a way that their concerns are acknowledged without necessarily capitulating to their hate.

Constantly redefine the campaign messaging and communication, exposing the irony of Trump's candidacy, a self-financed, rich man billionaire typed campaign, compared with what the average American, including many in the far right camp, consider as super affluence; contrasting those with the challenge of alleviating concerns and stresses about the economy. Let his avid supporters know the frivolity of his candidacy and the challenge of keeping a loose mouth and character from a high esteem and civil office that demands discipline and reflective thoughts and use of language. Never let off on honking down on how divisive his past comments have been and continue to divide America. Undermine his competition and campaign, by importing from the media all those clips, where Trump has shown, how dangerous he is, how he remains uncontrollable in use of language, and what a dubious conflict it will be to continue to support his candidacy for US Presidency with that huge shortcoming. In addition, express how conflictual his candidacy has been even in a rather thriving and impending prosperous time. Give Donald Trump the opportunity to lynch himself before his base, driving home his shallowness and manipulability in proposing and advertising a one sided view of the world – America First, in all things.

Remember, campaigns and competitions for the Office of US President weed away and closes off further chances of so many aspirants, some ideal, others short sighted, because of the inability of the aspirant to maintain a controlled and disciplined outfit of supporters and surrogates that speak on their behalf. During the Republican Party primaries and caucuses, Donald Trump was allowed to dictate the communication and his past experience with television allowed him to manipulate the press and advantage of some unusual free rides that propelled his candidacy for the office. In the Republican party contest, Donald Trump was hardly discreet and was able to define the type of Republican candidate that he was against and used that to exploit some of their not so obvious weaknesses to voters. You want to neutralize the chances of his being in a position to do the same in the general election. Ensure that time elapses before reacting to some of his verbal dithery, because of his known flip-flopping behavior, often changing positions after being caught of unthoughtful decisions or reactions. Because it appears he hardly gives a second thought to his initial verbiages on issues, attempt to let some of his inconsequential utterances roll off your back; this is usually a depiction of how thick skinned you are, which he can hardly boast. Use the tactics most mothers use to manage a child who loves throwing tantrums, ignore them for a while until they come to their senses; only respond to them when there is an important and honest urgency of being in the arms way. If the child is not dead or dying, ignore most of his warm-footed responses or thronging tantrums.
By this route, you are more likely to remarkably redefine the debate and pace towards the general election in November. Refrain from any explosive responses to his debates’ one liners that are often voiced for drama and not for substance. His ad hoc approach to campaigning puts him at a disadvantage in long-thoughtful and exhaustive deliberations; this is why his choice of words and use of language are limited; so, exploit that shortcoming to the fullest. Your performance at the scheduled debates musts show, how intelligent and restrained you are, including using and making references to examples of solutions that alley fears and anxieties, even among Donald Trump’s support base.

The competition for 2016 White House is finally closer to a demanding level of interactions rather uncommon with many impatient candidates, former aspirants hardly disciplined enough to exercise good political judgement because of lack of enduring experience in political bull fights. Their obvious political inexperience and unpreparedness for the competition and office often rise to the top at this stage; sometimes out of wanton anxiety and fear, and sometimes out of their inability to comprehend the need to remain succinct, crisp and clear with the purpose of their campaign messaging; and finally in some cases, out of the failure to appreciate the need to maintain likeability threshold for overall success in the general election. Many first time aspirants, overestimate their likeability and the broadness of their support out of the political party contest for nomination; contemplating that they are wide enough and encompassing to score a big one at the polls in November general election. Concurrently, never assume that Trump’s support will albeit, because from past experience, underestimating his support base, did some very seasoned and contemplative politician in; leading to failures of their candidacy. Secondly, do not assume that trepid support for his candidacy by establishment Republicans will undermine his success at the polls and throw his chances of victory at the polls. Third, out of convenience, never underestimate or overestimate the results of polls over the trend of the campaign and contests toward the election date. Fourth, always visualize your progress with the patience and experience of someone who has been in the office of a US Secretary of State, who knows that negotiating agreements and accords between warring partners, take time to resolve or arrive at. Finally, take this as a test of your resilience in achieving your goal, to become the first and best female President of the United States; one, who has an understanding of party politics, how to manage order in chaos created by others and the type of campaign in a multicultural society that will give you the greatest bang for your campaign dollars. Hopefully, you will be able to help your campaign team and country, get over this election exercise with relative peace and confidence that they elected the right person for the position of Mrs. President. A luta Continua!

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