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Under the probable auspices that grandma knows better on household’s economy, and based on past credited statements to the former US Secretary of State in December, 2015, that America’s Economy has always done better under Democratic White House rather than Republican White House, Ms. Clinton went on the offensive against Donald Trump in a scheduled economic speech on Monday in Columbus, Ohio, citing probable ineptitude on economic policy advancements of Donald Trump, contrary to what circumstantially obtains in the public psyche, that Republicans are better stewards of America’s Economy than Democrats. Undermining the credibility of Donald Trump as a business man, Ms. Clinton acknowledges that the Republican presumptive nominee has written many business books, all of which ended in Chapter 11; unpretentiously ponying on the Business Mogul’s three to four business bankruptcy filings in the past.

Maybe this will work, maybe it will take Mr. Trump by surprise; however, Mr. Trump appears to be bugged down by his declining polls; rather than offer an immediate policy rebuttal of the possibility of the failures of his economic proposals or business ventures. Republican presumptive nominee, Donald Trump, only offered excuses in TWEETS and Emails, that say nothing about the substance of his rival’s economic policy speech. Maybe the imbroglio in Mr. Trump’s campaign camp is weighing him down; but an opponent that goes at you, one by one on your economic policy advancements, is not one taking her aspiration for the White House oval office lightly; and is not one that should be taken for granted, if you are a candidate and presumptive party leader, aspiring to take control of America’s economy once elected into office as the President of the United States.

Delivering a blistering economic policy speech, after last week’s condemnation of Donald Trump’s reaction to the Orlando massacre, where he had advanced, had club goers armed themselves, the Orlando massacre could have been tempered or avoided. Maybe Mr. Trump’s temperament is not up to snuff; however, the presumptive Republican nominee cannot just rely on TWEETS to fight his way out of the current conundrum, malaises and or nemesis in polls. As if in a victory lap, considering the turmoil of Donald Trump’s campaign this week, Ms. Hillary Clinton described the republican presumptive nominee as dangerous – dangerous for national security; dangerous for America’s economy. Sadly, enough, as if caught with his pants down, with a second top official in his campaign outfit on the way out, the republican presumptive nominee is awaited to give a probable rebuttal from his campaign press releases on Wednesday, June, 22, 2016. The rivalry has begun and no one can certainly say, the presumptive republican nominee is absolutely prepared, considering the internal conflicts in his campaign.

Further again, as if repeating her claim in the October 13th  2015 Democratic Party debate with Bernie Sanders, where Hillary Clinton insinuated she has a five-point economic plan in response to income inequality in America, and considering the endemic nature of an oscillating economic cycle since 1920, Ms. Clinton advances once again that Democrats appear to outperform Republicans in prescribing workable and reflective economic policies that have lifted the nation out of hyper-unemployment and sluggish economic performance. Ms. Clinton is putting forth credence, or meat on the bone, that the nation is better off with a Democrat like her in the White House, come January 2017, than a Republican like Donald Trump. Insisting that, Trump’s advanced economic policy of paying off the national debt by printing more money and economic policy guru’s discredited tax plan, smacks of a candidate that understands how America’s economy works. 

Interestingly, Ms. Clinton is showing the spine of steel on the question of proposed economic policies, an area Mr. Trump is assumed to have some edge because he is a business person. How can the republican presumptive nominee explain to doubters saying, perspective business success does not amount to economic expertise? How can he get the monkey off his back, from critics who maintain his much touted wealth, is not as huge as he proclaims, since he has vehemently refused to release his tax return filings; one that may put to rest the argument of his low energy wealth status, borrowing from his past or former antics in the republican nomination exercise? How can he explain away to America, if his opponent is able to convince America that his proposed economic policies, are going to send America’s economy to a tail spin? As if mocking Trump’s proposed economic policy, the former US Secretary of State, is adding, “Our nation’s economy isn’t a game!” What do you have to say to that, republican flag bearer?

As reported by the Associated Press, the presumptive Democratic nominee is scheduled to give another economic policy speech in North Carolina, after her speech yesterday, June 21, 2016, where she issued lengthy remarks, including slamming Mr. Trump as lacking substantive job creation strategy; and, better lampooned with his reality television one liner singer: “You are Fired” in his case, and quest for the highest office in the land. If the presumptive Republican nominee is going to have a rebuttal soon, it had better be in a much perspective and progressive economic policy speech that calls to question the veracity of his rival’s claim regarding his economic policy lightweight. The odds that he is going to provide economic policy TWEETS to respond to Ms. Clinton’s articulation of his proposals, may not help him rapidly dismantle public perception of current criticisms. Further, telling CBS This Morning program that "Nobody knows debt better than me. I've made a fortune by using debt", is not a national economic policy, neither is a proposal to borrow more for America, an option; the nation is already deep in debt, thanks to ridiculous tax cuts for the wealthy and manufactured foreign wars’ engagement by Republican White House Administrations of the past three decades. Neither is calling Ms. Clinton a world class liar or suggestion that Ms. Clinton was responsible for making Iran the "dominant power in the Middle East and on the road to nuclear weapons", an answer to Ms. Clinton’s criticism on the economic and national security fronts. Ms. Clinton’s economic policy proposals appear to be worth second consideration until Mr. Trump gives the voter a chance at comparison. Is America going to get one?

Maybe Ms. Clinton economic policy siege is coming at a wrong time for Mr. Trump, who is going through some form of turmoil in his presidential campaign team, with the recent firing of his campaign manager and now, the exit of Michael Caputo, the veteran New York republican operative and campaign adviser, found mocking the firing of Cory Lewandoswki, former Trump’s campaign manager. Maybe Mr. Trump is waiting for an opportune time after the lackadaisical campaign fund raising this month; however, it is wise, if not completely essential for the Republican nominee to have a comeback considering the confidence which the Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairman has in him, with his, “Donald Trump is a successful businessman who has spent his career creating thousands of jobs. The Closest Hillary Clinton has come to business was putting her office at the State Department up for sale to foreign donors and special interests.” Today’s assailant of Ms. Clinton’s time in US State Department or her husband’s foundation fund raising, are not national economic issues, they appear more of a personal problem. What does Clinton Foundation’s fund raising have to do for millions of Americans out of work; or, businesses waiting to turn the corner in a better performing economy?

Trump needs to man up, stop making innuendos and start making more presidential statements, better than a TWEET from his account yesterday, June 21, 2016, that says: “...Hillary is totally unfit to be president – really bad judgement and a temperament”; or the insinuations in his Wednesday, June 22nd 2016 speech that former US Secretary of State’s decisions, spread death, destruction and terrorism. The debate is about the national economy and security; it is about where America goes from now, to address the issues of cyclical and or endemic unemployment, weak economic growth, stagnant wages, and associated ills that appear to be scattering and dislocating American families. Additionally, it is finding answers to national security and reckless gun use in our neighborhoods that is killing and damaging hopes of Americans. Don’t allow naysayers, who insist you inherited fortunes and no one can adequately talk about your business prowess, since you could have amassed similar wealth by just lodging the inherited fortune in an index fund, triumph; a la quips from 2008 Economic Noble laureate, Paul Krugman of New York Times.

Many American voters are uninterested in one liners that hardly say much about where the Republican party presumptive nominee is ready to take America on the economic and national security spheres. It may be temporarily face-saving by alluding to all already discredited narrative in a book that portrays your opponent as erratic, uncontrollable and volatile; however, what does a campaign gain by defaulting on self-moralizing narratives, when the task at hand, is to chart new reasoning on correcting economic inequalities and better management of national security. Mr. Trump’s failure to drive the national security debate after the Orlando terrorist attacks is rather unpardonable, as the fight for the White House oval office demands perspective proposals, well thought out and effectively delivered in ways voters consider as forthright and reflective.

With Hillary Clinton insisting that Mr. Trump must be held accountable for what he has said he’ll do when President of the United States, and Cook Political Report, an independent non-partisan publishing outlet admonishing that fellow Republicans are hearing a loud sucking sound of hundreds of elected officials sinking into the quicksand of Donald Trump, it is about time that Mr. Trump show some leadership in his statement and caution, so he does not continue to be seen as a leader that cares very little about his own party. The head to head contest for the White House is already here; no one is waiting for a glorified nomination at a convention for the competition to begin; things are very buggy now and the big girl is out to fight for the best chance an American female has ever had, in winning the White House. Listen to Lizzy Warren, an ardent supporter of the former US Secretary of State in a pledged TWEET in support of the big girl representing the feminist camp: “I haven’t been in the Senate for long, but I’ve learned: if you don’t fight, you can't win. And I’ll be honest, when things get tough, too often, our side just folds up and give up. But not Hillary Clinton. For 25 years, she’s been on the receiving end of attack and attack. She didn’t whimper. She didn’t whine. She’s always fought back with grace and determination. – and no matter how many punches she took, each time she came up fighting stronger.” That exactly the mindset of a winner; that is Mr. Donald Trump’s opponent for the White House oval office; not her faith; neither is the use of religious innuendos to define her candidacy in a video to evangelists’ groups or religious far-right, going to undo her credibility as a Methodist; she has made that clear in past communications and books; move away from those belated styles that worked during the Republican Party primary, move into a higher drive competition mode. 

None of those small pitches and punches any longer, your opponent is a fighter that will never give up! Read that and respond well in your come backs on economic policies and national security question, beginning with the gun control issue that is taking a new life in United States House of Representative, with legislator sit-ins, that is now on the mind of Americans wondering if US Congress is going to do anything about the ready availability of assault weapons on our streets that appear to be wreaking havoc and inflicting pains on America's families and neighborhoods. Donald, it is Prime Time and only the tough and hardy, survive out here; real politics is brutal and only the best and thick-skinned survive. Don’t allow Americans to say you’re are deft in economics, deft on addressing gun control issues because you are beholden to the National Rifle Association (NRA), and deft as a formidable candidate for the White House oval office in 2016. Donald, get-off your rocking chair, Ms. Clinton’s faith is not an open question!

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