Thursday, January 22, 2015

Run, Elizabeth Warren run, Betty Run: A Reflection

Keywords and Terms: Media Ecosystem; Elizabeth Warren for 2016; Moveon.Org; bespectacled Bankruptcy Law Professor; Equal Employment for All Act, HR 645; Des Moines, Iowa; Des Moines Register; Sick Burn; Liberals and Progressives; Embarrasses Bank Regulators; and White House Oval Office.

The advent of the internet has changed everything in politics; yet, some politicians are ignoring the very obvious. The media ecosystem is now diversified; and, drives so many unknowns in the political arena. Politicians must now be circumspect of this dynamics as they campaign or refuse to campaign; complement past conquests or curry support for their candidacy; and, probably yield to pressure to get into a real life and death political fight. According to twitter, the 2015 State of the Union Address of President Obama generated more than 2.6 million tweets per minute! No one may deny the relations between instant populism comments and social media response; and, in some cases, the inventor or speaker of those words is hardly aware of the spontaneity of their comments or utterance on the net. Imagine the: “ I have no more campaigns to run.... I know, I won both of them. #SOTU:”; so abyss, not even President Obama could anticipate the ripple on twitter. So is the current campaign for the White House; politicians and or their supporters, must anticipate ripple effect, justifiable or unjustifiably, across social media of their intention. Such are the changing times.

This brings me to an email in my inbox, calling for support of Elizabeth Warren; and possibly hosting a house party to implore or encourage the honorable senator from Massachusetts to run as Democratic presidential Candidate in 2016. This is grassroots politics, community-based campaign efforts rallying round a candidate or course; a new coalition of like-minded men and women seeking to make a difference on the national stage from a local perspective or insurgence. Through a media ecosystem, sponsored by, like-minded people are about to draw into the foray of national politics, a candidate who has once intoned she was rather interested in continuing her current service to the people of the State of Massachusetts; and, would likely be running for the reelection into that seat. Notwithstanding her current preference, supporters of a more national presence for the bespectacled former Harvard law professor are finding new ways and means of reaching and garnering support for her candidacy.

Many candidates in the past have signaled a preference for other offices or ventures; and, have often been dragged from their solo quay into a national political drama. Seething ambition for its own sake is often frowned on; however, when there is widespread clamor to drag a potentially viable candidate, the odds might be better. Money and persuasions have often done the trick: Find Betty a moneybag and you never can tell? Jokes apart, the first term Massachusetts senator’s performance and records on bills, seem a compelling argument for Senator Warren’s case. Her Equal Employment for All Act, HR 645, introduced by Congressman Steve Cohen (TN-9) in 2011, is quite representative of her liberal political slant and germane to the interest of her current supporters for a national office as that of the US Presidency. Although the bill has not progressed in Congress as she might want, it is rather telling that 40 organizations, including American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME), American Federation of Labor-Congress of Industrial Relations (AFL-CIO), National Organization for Women (NOW),  American Association for Affirmative Action (AAAA), NAACP, Service Employees International Union (SEIU), Bazelon Center for Mental Health Law, Center for Law and Social Policy (CLASP), Black Women's Roundtable, Black Justice Coalition, National Women's Law Center,  Campaign for Community Change (CCC), National Council on Independent Living, National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Action Fund, Public Citizen , Consumer Action,  Charles Hamilton Houston Institute for Race & Justice, DÄ“mos, Neighborhood Economic Development Advocacy Project (NEDAP), National Fair Housing Alliance, MFY Legal Services , Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund (DREDF), National Work rights Institute, Job Opportunities Task Force, Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, National Partnership for Women and Families, Legal Action Center, Americans for Financial Reform, NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, U.S. PIRG, National Association of Consumer Advocates, American Association of People with Disabilities (AAPD),  National Coalition on Black Civic Participation, AFGE Women's and Fair Practices Departments, Poverty and Race Research Action Council, National Consumer Law Center,  Disability Rights Legal Center, National Employment Law Project, National Employment Lawyers Association (NELA), National Network to End Domestic Violence, National Council of La Raza, Asian American Justice Center,  New York Legal Assistance Group, Policy Link, Public Justice Center, The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, and 9to5,  have all given a thumbs up for the bill. If only broad-based public support of a bill can change the minds of Republicans?

For now, maybe Massachusetts Democratic Senator Warren would make a better impact on the society in US Senate than in a national office. Maybe her current effort to hold fire to corporations’ feet, would better the welfare of ordinary workers and consumers in America. Maybe her current preference to retain her seat from Massachusetts seems a splendid, but hardly convincing answer, to those who would like her to run for the Presidency in 2016. However, her widely voiced reservation or objections for now, seem vulnerable to liberal like-minded group’s pressure, who want her in a head to head fight with that former Secretary of State and the big boys who continue to see the White House oval office as the hugest trophy of all times.

It is easy to say NO at first; but with great and good persistence, supporters of Elizabeth Warren for 2016, may convince the Senator who is committed to reversing Citizen United, who recently twitted, we don’t run this country for corporations; who believes that medical research is good for people and the economy; and, would rather build an economy that works for all families than for a few rich folks, may be persuaded or drawn to the national political battle for the oval office. Because the human mind is subject to zillions of emotions, the call to duty at the national level is sometimes seen as being drawn from other important causes or issues; however, some of her supporters, a few in my neck of the woods, are about to host a flag-off for Elizabeth Warren for 2016 Presidency this weekend in my humble hometown, Federal Way, Washington.

Certainly, her supporters in my home town wish so much that Senator Warren will join the fray of candidates when the final roll call is up. There is no way to verify how much pressure groups can draw a candidate into an election exercise. However, considering the frenzy around my neck of the woods, you’ll assume that Senator Elizabeth Warren is already a candidate for the 2016 Presidential Elections or nominations. The logic is, if you can count the number and show her the money, maybe the honorable Senator from Massachusetts would bow in. However, I am not that sure considering her current commitments and the stride that Hillary has made in the progress towards declaring a candidacy. My reservations apart, there may be an answer to the wishes of her supporters in Federal Way, Washington; but her answer has not been given.

There is a separate development to the weave of story surrounding drawing the erstwhile senator into the Presidential race. On her rounds campaigning for Democrat Bruce Barley for senate in Des Moines, Iowa, the Massachusetts senator Des Moines Register called a passion-filled liberal stem-winder, who has made her mantra, economic equality, may be seen more as a populists and progressive, with a grand theme of indicting Wall Street. This is one thing, the money bags do not like; since according to them: the business of America is the business of business. To introduce a progressive academic with a flair for fairness and opportunity for families and average worker, skirts the wishes of corporations and big businesses. When a Senator is into big red button national issues like comprehensive immigration reform, support for same-sex marriage, raising the minimum wage, abortion rights and contraception, corporations begin to skittle and may go so far to scuttle her chances for the US Presidency; if not destroy her message. That is the nature of the beast!

What can supporters, especially those who want her in the race, do for now? The need to emphasis her qualities in the context of growing a larger middle income class in America is a palatable. Emphasis on the message of a new America that represents not only a few; but also, many who are not necessarily underclass; but who have worked all their lives and continue to work, without reaping the full benefits of successes of the economy, is in order or better. Statistically, this is about 90 percent of the voters; and probably the work force. Re-engineer the message of her candidacy in the context of heart felt needs to change the atmosphere of greed that has permeated the American Corporations. Mention her sponsorship of legislation that allow students to refinance their student loans and emphasize that this for one, will not break the pockets of taxpayers. It ought to seem that the widely held reservations to progressive values or programs, come from how to pay for them. Warren’s supporters must now do a better job of communicating the means of defraying costs of their programs or initiatives. Once they are able to articulate their message in political campaigns and media splash, they are better prepared to advance the lots or chances of their choice candidate.

Much more, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren is in a unique situation, she comes with the soulful combative spirit of a ‘can-do’ progressive. A good team of democratic Strategists may cast her as the ultimate candidate without the baggage of being the wife of a former President. It is much easier to torpedo any Republican offensive with the argument of dynamism or capability; and, not much record in a national office to shoot political cruise missiles into. The compatibility of her message to the outgoing President Barak Obama may meet some resistance. If this occurs, her strategists should have alternative but mutually convincing communication that would counter those perceptions. And there may be an opening to tag on the band wagon of President Obama’s success in social media and some media market. It just depends.

The first tasks for progressives seeking to draw the senator who Huffington post once headlined, Elizabeth Warren Embarrasses Bank Regulators at First Hearing, who was once a Republican but now a Democrat, who was once a Harvard law Professor specializing in Bankruptcy law and now a US Senator, and who will probably revisit the scandal that many of those crooks who brought America to its financial knees or ruins in 2008 but are yet to be locked up, you may continue to campaign, romanticize, and implore the dynamic Senator from the state of Massachusetts to throw in her cap. For courtesy purpose and pressure calls to change hearts and mind of  Senator Betty Warren (D-MA), Circulate her Washington Office Phone number: Phone: (202) 224-4543; and, reemphasize how you are going to be on the long walk and hog with her in the enterprise you are about to set on together.

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