Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Why America has Republican Party turned-off: Sarah Palin and Chris Christie?

Keywords or Term: Iowa Republican Freedom Summit; Field of Dreams; Republican Hopefuls; Lampoon or incoherent speech of Governor Sarah Palin, Governor Chris Christie; Eloquence, Leadership, Congressional Republican Leadership, Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu, US House Speaker John Boehner, Dick Cheney; Donald Rumsfeld, Communication, and Immigration.

The Republican Party had a freedom summit in Des Moines, Iowa this weekend; probably with the intention of preparing for 2016 general elections. Considering the number of hopefuls on the speaker’s list of the local organizing committee: Jim DeMint, former U.S. senator from South Carolina; Newt Gingrich, former US House Speaker; Donald Trump, real estate mogul and TV personality; Sarah Palin former 2008 Republican vice presidential nominee and former governor of Alaska; Steve King, Seventh term Congressman from Iowa and host to the summit;, Scott Walker, Governor of Wisconsin; Rick Santorum, former US Senator from Pennsylvania and Republican winner of 2012 Iowa caucus; Rick Perry, Governor of Texas; Reverend Mike Huckabee, former Governor of Arkansas; Carly Fiorina, former CEO of the computing giant, HP; one is apt to believe the congregation provided a spectacular contrast to what Democrats are anticipating.

The dozen or more Republican hopefuls advanced several theses as to how their party will win back the White House. Out of the twelve fields of dreamers, probably only three actually have the backbone of their party’s leadership, the rank and file; and or, the loyalty of the far- right group, the Tea Party that is weighing heavily on the direction of the party. Absent from the meeting were Jeb Bush and Mitt Romney, whom some polls say are probably the party’s front runners. The Republicans prided themselves on being the favorites of the American people based on the 2014 mid-term election successes. Apart from the usual Obama’s Administration’s bashing and hammering, immigration became the main topic of their discussion. And, if an assessment of the accomplishments of the meeting is to be written, there is none more telling than the headline: GOP has a Sarah Palin problem!

The Republican Party sent across the nation or probably the world, that at least one of their potential candidates is predictively hardly eloquent. It wasn’t that the field of dreamers is hardly energetic enough. It wasn’t the jumbling together of the definition of what is meant to be conservative for a Republican Party aspirant, it was the fact that Sarah Palin, being Sarah Palin, had a long and unyielding speech which even by Republican Party’s standard, was considered meaningless, incoherent and disjointed. Her speech and other unfounded criticisms by other speakers made observers say, if this group is the field of candidates Republicans are offering in 2016, baring the inclusion of Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush, Republican Party has now set the standard for nomination or inclusion so low, potential candidates attempting to seek the Republican Party nomination need no political laurel to jump into the race or bandwagon.

In 2012, the crucial downfall of the Romney-Palin candidacy was how light-weight Sarah Palin was with her interview with then, CBS Katie Couric. Her speech at the Iowan Republican Party Freedom Summit was likened to a buffoon’s and truth be told, early elimination of the former governor of the State of Alaska, is justifiably prudent based on her performance. Further, some newspapers likened her statements to those most familiar with FOX News audience, like John Stossel’s: “No good data proving second hand smoke kills nonsmokers”; and, Mayor Giuliani’s: “President Obama has issued a statement asking everybody to hate the police.” In addition, Her Iowa Freedom summit speech was not only incoherent, Republican reviewers themselves agree that it was close to being given by an idiot! That is telling enough of a candidate Republican Party’s leadership once considered a Vice-Presidential material; and now, a potential candidate for nomination as the party’s flag bearer in 2016. With former Alaska’s governor’s performance at the Iowa’s Republican Party’s Freedom summit this weekend, Republicans will invariably come to a realization that poor old Sarah isn’t only incoherent, she has no business ever seeking to become anything at the national level.

Eloquence, leadership and the Republican Party

One Republican aspirant, Governor Chris Christie, made an argument for leadership quality for potential inhabitant of the Office of the Presidency. This agreeably is credible; however, his technique of communication proved to be rather in your face or with that torch of New Jersey brashness that many across the nation hardly buy. Governor Christy who argues much for leadership in that office came across as insulting when he said, if Iowan’s are not so much into his candidacy why do they continue to invite him to this type of forum. By the last time I checked, one of the qualities of a good leader is the ability to communicate effectively with people; including not talking down or up to the people you are leading. If Christie does not articulate this simple philosophy, either he is disingenuous in arguing on the point of leadership in the inhabitant of the office of the Presidency; or, he hardly understands what is appropriate before a host.

Over the intervening years of President Obama’s leadership, America saw how eloquent and dynamic a leader he has been even when some disagree with his handling of a few foreign policy issues. By contrast, Congressional Republicans have been either staid, almost stodgy, on what type of leadership is necessary in working with the opposition party; and, what exceptions are essential in communicating with the incumbent of the White House. With the exception of probably a few Congressional Republicans, the choice has either been to embarrass, insult or ignore protocol as regards communicating with the White House. A recent example is the US House Speaker invitation to Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu to speak to combined body of congress without the normal protocol of communication with the White House. A few of us take away from such congressional Republican leadership’s action, an incurable ignorance of what leadership entails at the national level.

When the Republican Party entered the post-Reagan Era, the party inherited some brilliant ideas that offered great promises and were vigorously debated and sometimes accepted by Democrats as viable options of dealing with some thorny national issues on wars and the promulgation of wars on behalf of the people of America. At some point, Democrats were sold on the two doctrines of American nuclear preeminence and military superiority, doctrines developed during the 1950’s and which had been administered and followed by various Republican as well as Democratic Administrations, as documented in Spring 1986 issue of Foreign Affairs by Casper Weinberger, US Secretary of Defense during Reagan Administration. Nuclear deterrence, strategic stability, counter insurgence and extended deterrence were part of that strategy. Some of these ideas and strategies were unfortunately bungled under Republican Administration’s leadership. The first Republican Bush’s administration Noriega debacle, when the 41st President of the United States secretly encouraged a covert operation to simulate a nascent guerrilla movement in Panama; and, turned around to invade Panama. Second Republican Bush’s Administration leadership failure, where the 43rd President of the United States used American military interventions in Iraq and Afghanistan under the pretext of overthrowing a dictator and or assuaging the September 11, 2001 World trade Fair bombing, to create a huge mess that the current Democratic Administration is cleaning up.

Some people believe some of these misplaced direction or bungled national strategies and or policies are traceable to failure of Republican leadership under the guidance of two men, or with implicit recommendation to Republican White House from the two: 1) Dick Chaney, Chief of Staff under Republican Gerald Ford’s Administration and Vice President to George W. Bush (Bush II); 2) Donald Rumsfeld, Secretary of Defense for Gerald Ford and President George W. Bush (Bush II). Donald H. Rumsfeld took over from Dick Cheney who was second Bush’s first Secretary of Defense. These two Republican men or bureaucrats probably created more challenges for America on issues of national security and foreign policies than anyone you may know. A few believe both were foreign intervention cabals that were on the pay role of the military industrial complex.

The argument is not that Democrats haven’t had their bad days while occupants of the White House or executing; however, over the past six decades Democratic Administrations have fared better on question of leadership and have swayed the nation towards economic progress and national stability more than Republican Administrations. Those aside, the current hot button issue of immigration, is one that has been tackled by both Republicans and Democratic Administrations in the White House. The current surge of opinions to look at the problem once again, has been met with proclivity of Congressional Republican leadership recalcitrance. No longer are the debates over executive order taken by the Obama’s Administration to do something about the issue of immigration confined to Congress, aspiring Republican candidates for the 2016 general elections are already creating divisiveness regarding action taken by this administration to address an ongoing problem that US Congress have failed to take action on; or, waited until the problem blows in the face of the occupant of the White House, before taking responsibility for what taxpayers already paid lawmakers to complete or execute. Today, Republicans are in the majority in Congress and everyone is looking at what their accomplishment is going to be in the next two years of President Obama’s Administration.

President Obama has said he no longer has a campaign to run. In that event, Democrats and Republicans of goodwill are welcomed to run for his office in 2016. As we can tell, or as thing stands today, there is a unique opportunity for anyone who meets the constitutional stipulated requirements of a candidate for the oval office. Also, with some degree of certainty, Governors Sara Palin and Chris Christie will not be the nominee of the Republican Party for numerous reasons, one or two of which have been covered here. By the way, going by the Constitution, Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz, the Canadian born politician who has turned a power broker in the Republican Party and a darling of the Tea Party, is unqualified. The flow of power sharing or brokerage within the Republican Party, lends itself to such exploitation of people of ill-will parading as potential candidate; these people know they are unqualified based on the provisions of the constitution; however, they will continue to stir the pot. As scornful as some of us are of Rumsfeld and Cheney’s leadership, those Republicans had some brazen leadership qualities, for better or worse, which we do not see; or are yet to find, in the twelve that came unto the podium in Iowan Republican Party Freedom Summit.

One final word, In case Boehner and Netanyahu missed it, the people of Israel are already befouling the campaign stunts of Bibi; and, some American lawmakers, Republicans and Democrats alike, are keeping tabs of Boehner’s leadership failure on the issue of communication and more!  
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