Wednesday, January 21, 2015

ROMNEY 3.0: the relentless pursuit of a mirage by a flawed Republican!

Keywords or Terms: 2015 State of the Union Address; White House oval Office; Virtual Obsession; Mitt Romney; Fatal Ambition; Tax Cheats; Foreign Investments; Outsourcing American Jobs; Robert Murdoch; Social Media and Networking; American, British and Australian political Campaigns; Early voting States; Never, Never again;

Coming to grips with a loss on a national stage is one thing, dealing with two in a row and ignoring the writings on the wall, is something else. If even so perplexing for a politician, losing two in a row is enough for others. If winning the White House oval office has not been avowed goal of Governor Mitt Romney prior to 2008, it is clearly becoming a virtual obsession. At the core of this obsession, is probably a religious slant, a slant that promotes one prophesy of the Latter-day Saint’s religion. Maybe not?

The rumbling in the news that Mitt Romney is contemplating another run for the White House in 2016 is dramatic; in the sense that, usually many politicians would understand the implications of that ambition and what they spell on the national stage for the Republican Party. On many instances, such obsessions are frowned on even among die-hard party faithful; and probably, that was the reason Robert Murdoch indicated that the former Massachusetts governor has had his chance; he should let others do the bidding! Quite an observation, if you ask me; and a grandeur one for someone who is known to have put a lot of his millions in American, British and Australian political campaigns. A few money bags across America who have once put their millions towards campaign consider Romney’s new push, or obsessive ambition, fatal! May be not?

2016 Presidential election is certain to be different from the last two. The jostling for power and the dynamics of campaigning for the highest office in the land have undergone continuous transformation, driven by many factors – internet technology, social media and networking, and the relevance of the out-going President’s initiatives and policies. As we head towards the 2016 National Elections, political observers are already thinking about how many ways, President Barack Obama is probably working behind the doors to reshape the Democratic Party, consolidate his achievements and probably legacy.  Often underestimated, out-going Presidents or lame ducks, often work hard to ensure their legacy is intact, their implemented policies lasting. If in doubt, kindly read the State of the Union Address given by President Obama, yesterday. It is not only full of the affirmation of progresses and achievements of his administration; it came close to defiance and combativeness, even in the face of a predominant Republican Congressional Representation since the last mid-term election. This has often been the trend in the last century; that is why Romney’s old, or obsessive ambition is a little mystifying to some.

Other ambitious Politicians and voters are not just onlookers, they understand why they voted against 2012 Mitt Romney’s candidacy and are not oblivious to them just after four years, a few of which are: 1) his contempt for the socioeconomically disadvantaged and larger indifference to the plight of middle income earners; 2) his foreign investments, outsourcing of American jobs and off-shore accounts; 3) his failure to be transparent regarding his tax filings; 4) penchant for de-regulation and tax write-off for the rich; 5) probable adherence to the white horse prophecy from the Mormon religion; 6) flip-flipping on many issues of national concern; 7) foreign policy blunders - his pronouncement to allow Israeli’s political agenda to guide US foreign policy; and, 8) that recorded tape about those 47% “mochas” that remain with that brown skin guy!

Romney like many ambitious prospective candidates for the White House oval office is courting donors and making trips to the early voting States of New Hampshire, Iowa and South Carolina. He is probably ignoring the reality that voters have evolved in accordance with their preferences and qualities of a President. New voters, with their ideals and interests, are probably looking into the backgrounds of all these candidates and saying: what are the fresh ideas coming out of these politicians? One of the Gen X in a Starbucks coffee shop was heard saying, is this man not the same Romney that Grover Norquist offered, “We don’t need a thinking person in the White House, we only need someone to sign the bills republicans in Congress pass?” he may be tenacious, but I don’t think America is going to go for his smug!

What President Obama did in his state of the Union Address of January 20th, 2015, is to recast the future in light of the perceived progress of his administration: America’s recent Economic Growth and Progress has not been broad-based enough or as expected; only about ten percent of the people have benefited from the health care and financial reforms that were ushered in through his insistence. This is why Romney’s relentless pursuit is without cognizance of the reality of an outgoing President’s Efforts to re-shape the future by ensuring his legacy is permanent. After fighting with the Republicans for most part of his administration, President Obama concluded in his State of the Union Address: “America, for all that we have endured; for all the grit and hard work required to come back; for all the tasks that lie ahead, know this: The shadow of crisis has passed.” That seems a tough one to breach or argue on based on the changes the nation has seen since the Democrat took office in 2008.

Romney since 2012 Elections

In light of President Obama’s 2015 State of the Union Address and conclusion, the perception of Romney’s candidacy is worrisome; however, not as worrisome as an article about what Romney has been unto since his loss of 2012 elections. David Corn, Washington Bureau Chief for Mother Jones, introduces his prose in a January 16th write-up with the following:

 “In 2012, Mitt Romney's career as a businessman who earned many millions of dollars became a net loss, as political foes slammed him for running Bain Capital, a private equity firm that invested in US companies that downsized and shifted jobs overseas and that obtained financial stakes in foreign companies that depended on US outsourcing for profits. At the same time, Romney, who refused to do a full release of his tax returns, was hit with questions (he didn't answer) about mysterious personal investments in offshore accounts. Should he mount a third presidential effort, as he has told GOP funders he is considering, all of these issues are likely to return. But there's another matter that will be be added to the pile of financial controversies for Romney to face: Solamere Capital, the $700 million private equity firm cofounded by his son Taggart that Romney has helped run since March 2013. Who has Romney been investing with, and what has he been investing in? These are questions that Romney 2016 will confront and that, no doubt, the firm will not want to answer.”

This prose reiterates the already known facts: the leopard never changes his spot. Mitt Romney remains Mitt Romney, a hard-nosed businessman out to make a fortune for himself at the expense of taxpayers and average American. He could be ruthless, unconcerned and probably unforgiven of the disadvantage and underprivileged. This is Mitt Romney that every voter in America must know; not the repackaged and refurbished candidate, if indeed he is aspiring to run for the oval office in 2016.

His relationship between the current occupant of the White House, including constant put-downs and bad mouthing, is well documented. Some criticisms are quite familiar – liberal, communist, gun grabbers, and leading from the back philosophy have received wide attention. Other criticisms, especially among his sycophants and rich buddies are more obscure. Much of his support in the Republican Party is a side-show to his main interest and intentions for America. Believing he is a messiah for his church’s prophesy, he has provided support for relatively unknown candidates for congress and in some gubernatorial elections; he has traveled around the country to give speeches to hardly diversified population, but rather his small notch of donors and money bags, who are seeking to avoid paying taxes. His relentless ambition is to become the President of the United States at the expense of the average American. What American voters must do is to really take a good look at this man and say: Never, never again!

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