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KEYWORDS OR TERMS: Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center; T-Cells; Toxic Demagoguery; Barking Carnival; Muslims; Religious Bigot; Babbling Baby; Conspiracy Theorist; Kentucky; Oregon; Ideological Surrender; European Union; RNC Chairman Reince Priebus; NATO; NAFTA, TPP; National Debts; Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan

In an age, when Seattle’s Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center is working hard, seeking how to use T-Cells modification to fight Cancer cells, a disease that continues to ravage American lives and wrought misery on American families, Donald Trump, the Presumptive Republican Nominee, is content discussing the sex life of a former President who is not a candidate on the ticket for 2016 White House? When the debate for the White House has moved from creative and inventive public policy of the future, or innovative science discoveries that can change lives and make our livable space more environmentally friendly, or our weather better predictable, a major American Political Party presumptive nominee will rather discuss a mix of toxic demagoguery and sexual innuendoes splinted with a dose of barking carnival of a disheveled racist, Houston or America, we sure do have a problem?

Would someone help me understand Republican voters and Americans who still support a morally and intellectually bankrupt, and probably a tax dodging cheat, with penchant for marrying immigrants rather than indigenously-born Americans, who enjoys insulting minority groups, including calling hard working Mexicans as rapists and not the bests South America can offer? How on earth, a Republican that consistently violates ethos of conservative principle is now enjoying the largesse’s of republican leaders and few conservative radio hosts, who have chosen to look elsewhere as they sweep under the rug, the obvious deficiency of a lost rabble rouser, a candidate least fit for dexterity of a leader prepared for the challenges of the highest office in the land? Until Republicans figure out how their party got to the junction of transitioning from a respectable conservative bastion of hope to an embracer of a cave-man religious bigot, who will like to underpay labor and keep all Muslims out of America, I will resolve to discussing the primary contests between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders in the States of Kentucky and Oregon.

My transition is probably fraught with danger. Democrats are not showing the type of demeaning and insult ridden or trading theatre that the Republican nomination process had become; but remain a stable competition of ideologies and opinions regarding authentic liberal values, best embraced as a future direction for America, as espoused by either Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders. While there are indications that the contest in the Democratic Party for nomination is narrowing down to Hillary Clinton being the presumptive nominee as she amasses extra delegates in her narrow victory over her rival in the Kentucky primary, there are still room to talk about the formidability of Bernie Sanders as an alternative candidate. Bernie Sanders, with his slim chance of being the Democratic Party nominee, still evokes frenzy aura as he knocked out Ms. Clinton with a nine percentage spread in an ostensibly Democratic Liberal State of Oregon. Further, rather than concentrate on discussing other possible public policy options against the liberal or ultra-liberal policies, as advanced by the probable Democratic party presumptive nominee or her rival, America must now hold her breath because of what the RNC Chairman has said, that are rather concerning or mystifying. In addition, rather than contemplate why there is still a split between Americans supporting Bernie Sanders, whom many consider as too liberal or Socialistic for America, and concentrate our attention on evaluating in depth the policy proposal of Hillary Clinton, America is now burdened down to discuss the steadiness and color of the toupee worn by a sixty-nine year old adult spewing words like a babbling baby in campaigning for the White House oval office, because all his offensive and demagogy language hardly matters to some Republicans and their party’s chairman.

Of Course, the Democratic party nomination process has not degenerated to a choice between a low knowledge, judgmental and temperamental juvenile to more astute and better prepared politicians, who have remained on the sidelines for far too long as the Republican party’s house was about to burn down. As difficult as many Republican leaders now falling in line to kiss the ring of a demagogy presumptive nominee to believe, the Democrats actually have two formidable candidates that are better prepared and very much qualified to hold forth the challenges of the White House oval office in 2017. As critical of Bernie Sanders as a Red Socialist can get, he has the laurel and history of public service that he can readily call or draw on if he becomes the Democratic Party Nominee and eventual President of the United States. No establishment Republican conservative worth his salt, can stand out with broad shoulders and a shot out chest to proclaim, his party’s presumptive flag bearer, has the discipline and candor to restrain himself as he talks about conservative public policy choices and challenges; and or, address issues of public trust and probable challenges for the nation in leading the world to a new horizon of scientific advancements, since their presumptive party flag bearer is a science denial.

If the Republican Party’s chance of winning the 2016 White House fails, the meager cohesion within the party between establishment and the rank and files, will fall further, which could in turn provoke a complete breakdown of the party. The destructive stereotypes of bad mouthing immigrants may be gratifying to some segments of the Republican party at this time; however, it is statistically impossible for the Republican party to win the White House oval office if Donald Trump loses eighty percent of the female voters, all but probably five percent of Mexicans and blacks and about sixty percent independents. It is not just possible to win the White House only with White male votes, the voters’ demographic terrain has long changed; and the narrow nationalistic opinionated political campaign politics is now part of history. Though there are profound possibilities that the Republican party could reformulate and bring itself around the old GOP conservative values with a more reflective flagbearer, the chances of transitioning from a completely broken down party because of the choice to capitulate or surrender to a mean-spirited ideologically different and probably unstable flagbearer, has its own cost and consequences.

While there is speculation that Donald Trump can actually win an election against the eventual Democratic Party nominee, Hillary Rodham Clinton, because she appears to be a flawed candidate as Donald Trump, there is hardly any good feeling to appreciate that the occupier of the White House oval office after January 20, 2017, is an anti-science, anti-intellectual, protectionist religious bigot, with flair for conspiracy theories regarding American Press. America’s leadership role in the world does not accommodate a nut-job without commitment to leadership decorum warranted of respectability in the corridor of world’s politics. Oppositions to foreigners, immigrants and anyone not American in a global market, and in a world shrinking so vastly because of advances in information technology, guarantees that America would have a tough time dealing with many global world issues that the country is known to have and had shown leadership in the past. There was a time in which our leadership was able to hood-wink part of the residents of the globe; now, change has come even to remote regions, including the Amazons in Brazil. Except you are living under the rock lately, you must have heard that the first female president of Brazil was suspended and eventually booted out of office with an impeachment. What is good for the goose is now unavoidably, good for the ganders!

How can a leadership under a fascist-like President Donald Trump fashion comprehensive economic negotiations with the European Union or East Asian Countries, if these nations are aware of his protectionism flair or nationalistic choice of bastardizing his competitions? NAFTA and TPP were fashioned as economic agreements to open up broader markets for American products and services, and to open some door for technically savvy intellectual minds from other parts of the world, coming to work with our intellectuals to transform many industries with our leadership and innovative advancements. How are we going to accomplish these ambitions, ambitions that the world has recognized our leadership and comparative advantage, with a President that sees all Mexicans as rapists, low-life and never do well, who are trying to take advantage of the slacks in our immigration system?  When Donald Trump hypothetically becomes America’s President in January, 2017, I hope he will be able to walk back his proclamation about Muslims of the world as he attempts to resolve the long thorny disputes in the Middle East, negotiating extended American Debts’ rescheduling to the nation of Saudi Arabia, or winding down America’s presence in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan – these are all Muslim nations?

There is more to be learned from the Democratic Party’s primaries in Kentucky and Oregon. It is time for Democrats to take Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton to the wood shed and fashion out a singular way forward for the Democratic Party preparedness for the November contest against the Republican Party. Yes, Bernie Sanders can win more delegates in the remaining primaries in June and July; however, there is no path for him forward. His campaign is probably aptly described as a spoiler’s campaign at this time, that will lead to no good for the welfare of the party. More precisely, his recalcitrant and agitated campaign doodling in the past three weeks, appears to be a knee jerk response to knowing that all his efforts are not going to be rewarded as earlier anticipated. Many key points and policies his campaign highlighted are important and relevant to progressive democratic movement; however, it will hardly win the party victory if the potential winner of the nomination process is beleaguered and damaged by the time the contest between the two major party’s candidates get into a dwell. The actual restructuring of policies to facilitate changes in the economic system, to accommodate reflective liberal values, are better accomplished with a strong and wholesome candidacy, ready to take on the competition at the first encounter or bat. A spoiler’s alert is not going to accomplish this; and having Donald Trump in the White House, is not going to achieve an acceptable option for many progressives.

Unlike the Republican party. The Democratic Party is not in an apprehension regarding either of its prospecting aspirant being the party’s presumptive nominee, because of an unending number of gaffs that may be likened to excessive biases or political earthquake in use of language with average American voter. The current infighting between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders has been likened to a civil war in the fight of ideas in the realm of liberal thoughts. Precisely, the competition between the two standing Democratic aspirants aims to sort out, which of the liberal ideologies deserve more attention than the other. Except for the Anti-Wall Street language from Bernie Sanders and a few of his ultra-liberal proposals on public higher education and Medicare, mainstream Democrat’s fragile Dante with Bernie Sanders and his supporters has not risen to the level of fear of the position of the erstwhile Senator; or, a complete ideological surrender as found with the establishment Republicans in an attempt to accommodate Donald Trump and his team of over ten million supporters. Bernie Sanders is not fanning the flame of discontent in his recent victories in Indiana or Oregon, or opting to break up NATO as you find with the presumptive republican Nominee. Nonetheless, there are still some aspects of Bernie Sander’s campaigning a few venues that calls to question or put pressures on claim of complete civility in Democratic party campaign for 2016 White House.

Active competition for party nomination within the Republican Party has further reduced with the withdrawal of Ted Cruz and John Kasich about three weeks ago. However, within the Republican Party, is an unsettling feeling and apprehension on the part of establishment Republicans that the likely presumptive party nominee is not foreign policy savvy with his use of language and has other shortcomings, including prior likely behavioral deception, where he had represented himself as a “John Barron” or “John Miller” persona; a supposedly publicists of his, who was attempting to explain away some of his messy broken marriage relationships. The creepiness of this alleged behavior has been found disturbing by many political leaders, including some of his former rivals for party nomination, including Marco Rubio lambasting him as a con man; Ted Cruz calling him a pathological liar and Bobby Jindal, relegating him to the status of a narcissistic. A few journalists and those who listened to the creepy phone calls from the John Miller or John Barron persona have called Americans to reflect on putting a probable vain, misogynist and freighting needy character in the seat of the President of the United States.

To add anything more at this time regarding what America has learned from the primary results of Democratic party primaries in Kentucky and Oregon, or the newly awakenings going on with establishment Republicans with respect to their party’s presumptive nominee, will be alerting an inconvenient truth regarding how America selects political party flag bearer and probably the President of United States in the twenty-first century. Does political party ideological principle or past behavioral indiscretions matter anymore? After all, the Chairman of the Republican Party, Reince Priebus, a major voice in American Political party landscape or experience says, it hardly matters, if his party’s nominee misunderstands the US Constitution, lambast Mexicans as Rapists, identifies with Japan and South Korean owning and getting nuclear weapons; or, punishing American women for seeking abortion even in instance in which the life of the women is at stake. Welcome to the new Republican Party; Welcome to the new America of tomorrow.

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