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Keywords/Terms: Chronic Capitalism; Latino Community; Donald Trump; NALEO; Important Trade partner; San Diego; New Mexico; Animosity; Republican Strategist; Hate; Polarizing; Democratic National Committee (DNC); Establishment Democrats; Establishment Republicans; ALEC Group; K-Street Lobbyists; and Retrogressive Fund Raising Strategy

There was confusion in San Diego, California yesterday, May 27, 2016, at the venue of Mr. Trump’s rally and no one can exclude the Latino bolshevism: the object of the conflict is the opposition to comments from the presumptive Republican nominee regarding members of the Latino community in the United States. The war against immigrants, the more than offensive categorization of people from the Southern borders of the United States, as criminals, rapists and not the best the continent has to offer, were hardly lost in this San Diego, California protest. There had been some objections less than one hour of Mr. Trump’s kick-off of his 2016 White House campaign in New York, about twelve months ago, regarding the bias and absurdity of his comments about a huge segment of the Latino community; with many leaders of the community lambasting the real estate mogul as not being able to separate fiction from reality. Mr. Trump’s diatribe elicited acrimony within the Latino community to an extent that, Mr. Arturo Vargas, Executive Director of National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials (NALEO), lamented in an email to the press that, developing a sound foreign policy with the most important trade partner to the United States, is not the same as a reality TV show!

The acrimony between Businessman Donald Trump had persisted throughout his campaign for the White House oval office and since attaining the height of the Republican flag bearer, Mr. Trump has not taken the advantage of building a bridge to the community; rather, he had continually hunkered down on building a “huge and tall wall which Mexico is going to be made to pay for” against members of the community. To compound the bad blood and sitting resentment of inaccurate categorizing of members of the Latino community, Mr. Trump went after the first and lone standing female Republican governor of the State of New Mexico; a poor judgement that appears to be a key and new rallying point against his candidacy in that community. The unfortunate swipe against Governor Susana Martinez of the State of New Mexico, as the cause for all the economic woes of her state; and, the uncharacteristic nose-thumbing and denouncement of the first female Latino governor in the United States, from a White Caucasian presumptive Republican Nominee, are more than enough reasons for the anti-Trump rally in San Diego; a situation that is now very concerning for many members of the Republican Party, who have been working hard to woo this segment of the American voters, lately.

America now has a high flying and trending major party presumptive nominee, who has been able to stare up a hullabaloo among a huge segment of her voting population, to the extent that close to none of them, want anything to do with his candidacy, or campaign for the White House oval office. The animosity between the Latino community in the past fifteen months, since Mr. Trump proposed building a wall in the Southern border to keep members of the Latino Community out of the United States, has been rather offensive and enigmatic to members of this community. Even, seasoned Republican strategists and power brokers wondered and question, why Mr. Trump went after Governor Martinez in her state in the first place, considering his reputation with that segment of the American voters; and, the possible repercussions this may have in coalescing support behind his candidacy and ensuring victory for the Republican Party in November general election. Say what you may, the die has been cast and the battle and close to riot at the Sand Diego Convention Center yesterday, appears not going to be easing very soon as many segment in this group of voters have vowed to restore not only the honor of Latinos but also that of the first two-term female conservative Republican, who has won two statewide elections in a blue state with a large Hispanic population. Like two of the placards carried yesterday by protesters at San Diego Convention Center said: “Trump Equals Hate”; “Trump is Polarizing.”

Establishment Republican Politicians seeing this type of placards about their presumptive nominee, are wondering what to do next: 1) side with a party presumptive nominee, whose hateful ranting has propelled him to the front of the row and advanced his ambition to the White House, readily; or 2) suffer the consequence of reaching out to a promising up and rising Republican Latino female who has been successful in burnishing her image with the opposition party in a state that is largely Democratic, by winning two consecutive gubernatorial elections? The choice is not as easy as you will expect; it is like being caught between the sea and a hard rock! Political historians documenting the power play in the Republican Party and the new paucity in support from the Latino Community in this round of contest for the White House oval office, are probably alarmed by the distortion of the image of Latino decent from the eventual Republican nominee; and wondering if other voters in the Republican party will unwittingly side with hateful speeches in the bid to coalescence behind their party’s flag bearer? The illusion of supporting the party’s eventual nominee for the sake of having a unifying front against the Democrats may be alluring at this time; however, after the general elections, where does the party go from here?

It is sufficient to recall that until most recently, many establishment Republicans denounced Mr. Trump’s brand of campaign for the White House oval office, with many calling him racist, unfit to be president and con man in some cases. It is also amazing to realize that since his controversial campaign strategy has propelled him to the fore-front, many republicans are wondering what is their party turning out to be; or, what exactly is the party of Reagan charting as its new course in 2016? The rather offensive pronouncements of the Republican nominee against a huge segment of American minorities would have been frowned upon and discouraged; however, it now appears that the executive and establishment Republicans find themselves helpless with the new scenario of voting and support within their party. Mr. Trump’s brand of controversial campaign strategy, formerly denounced and discouraged by many establishment Republicans is now the order of the day and the shining example of what the Republican party may become in the future; and hopefully will not entomb or comatose conservative Republicanism. Such is the change that is in vogue today with the Republicans; and, thanks to the failure of the party’s executives to act on time to discourage this brand of campaigning from their party’s presidential aspirants?

Grounded Republican Conservatives who distant themselves from the brand of Trump’s campaign for the White House may suffer a radical parting of ways with the rank and file that form the basis of support of Mr. Trump’s campaign. Some who are skittish and afraid of what they might get for parting ways from the presumptive Republican nominee on this round of general election, may see what is happening to New Mexico governor and say, it is so sad and I don’t want to be part of it; or roll over and say, that’s just the nature of politics; you either beat them or you join them.

Now, if you are so worried about how acceptable mistreatment of those who go against the current day fad or grain in the Republican Party campaign for the White House, if you are so enameled with the fact that, despite Donald Trump’s unconventional campaign strategy undermining the rights of minority groups to full respect within their country, how a campaign of bigotry and misogynies have given Donald Trump a leg up in the campaign for 2016 White House, wait until you find out what the Democratic National Committee has been up to with campaign fund raising and associated, undermining of progressive rules championed by former candidate Barack Hussein Obama, in his run for the White House in 2008 and 2012 under the banner of Democratic Party.

As reported by Washington Post, May 27, 2016, Friday edition, the Democratic National Committee is in cahoots with K-Street Lobbyists, Federal lobbyists and Political Action Committees, in undermining whatever is left of the restriction on receiving campaign money from policy influencers, money that has so much undermined the foundation of America’s Democracy. It appears the Democratic National Committee has not only sold its soul to the devil by succumbing to big money interest groups, seeking to take the power away from the voting booth; it is scrumptiously accommodating opportunities for outside influences to roam the corridor of power with impunity, once again. If you are disgusted with past stories of the ALEC Group’s influence in writing and passing bills in US Congress and State’s capitol, you’ll probably be shocked to your bones, how the Democratic National Committee has chosen to reverse course and allow the Democratic process to be undermined by political marauders, ill-reputed men and women, who are readily available to use the power of excessive money to undermine the true essence of America’s Democracy. If you wonder why an outsider to the mainstream political party process is turning upside down the house of Republicans, you must not be surprised, if progressive groups confront Democratic Establishment regarding its choice to reversing a course that could have liberated our Democracy from excessive influence of money in modern day politics.

The Democratic National Committee is once again, permitting itself to arbitrarily accommodate a phenomenon that is considered unreliable and unacceptable in a free, fair and transparent democracy. 2016 Democratic National Committee has strikingly disregarded common sense policy and guideline that could have taken back power for the people; a party progressive policy that could have wiped out a culture of corruption in American politics. When will it be possible for the Democratic National Committee to take the high road, of choosing to be above board as it raises campaign money; action that could have shown how distinctly respectful the Democratic Party is of the power of the rank and file, the power of the acclaimed disenfranchised, the same group of voters that are creating the upheaval that everyone is criticizing as unwholesome for establishment Republican party. The same reason Bernie Sanders is calling for a revolutionary campaign to take back power for the people. If any establishment Democrat is wondering why Bernie Sanders is doing so well on the ground and why many of his supporters are vowing not to vote Hillary Clinton, this is one of the reasons. The campaign system for office is so fraught with so much disgusting fraud that only a complete house cleaning, as advocated by Senator Bernie Sanders, can help redeem our Democracy. For many Democrats who are wondering why Bernie Sanders has not thrown in the towel and yielded way to Hillary Clinton to be the party’s flag bearer, here is a true example of what is so disgusting about mainstream Democratic Party; and another reason, why many rank and file supporting Bernie Sanders, are calling for progressive revolution in the party.

It is not just okay to begrudge Donald Trump for being so distastefully disgusting in running an unconventional presidential campaign that railroads the right of minority groups in America. Now, we know that Hillary Clinton is in a joint fund raising imbroglio with the Democratic National Committee that poo-poos any circumstellar superiority claim to the Republican party by Democrats. The probably Democratic National Committee’s preferred nominee for party flag bearer is in bed with moneyed interest groups that continue to do damage to our democracy, with implicit consent of the Democratic National Committee. If you are frustrated with why the whole system appears as corrupted, and you wonder why Donald Trump continues to assert that Hillary Clinton is crooked and untrustworthy, or are imagining why the Democratic National Committee is introducing new rules in the middle of the game that will advantage the former US Secretary of State, or is frustrated with chronic capitalism and why it is doing damage to a free and fair electoral democracy, here is your time to say no to a very bad and unacceptable reversal. Here is an opportunity to refuse to follow what is manifestly unacceptable and retrogressive in campaign for the highest office in the land; and call for total reform and complete ouster of overwhelming money influence in American politics. Here is the time to identify with what Bernie Sanders categorically condemns and proclaims as disgusting and unacceptable in a free society; and, demand that the Democratic National Committee find other means of raising money to facilitate elections and Democratic Party victory.

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