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PUTTING VICTORY FOR THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY FIRST: implication of Bernie’s loss to Hillary in New York?

KEYWORDS or TERMS: Hillary Clinton; Bernie Sanders; Godfathers; Democratic Part; White House; Brilliant Campaigner; Chicago Area girl; Jewish Brooklyn Kid; Feel-the-Bern; Opposition Candidate; General Elections; Devolution; Dis-investments; Establishment Democrats; Establishment Republicans; and, “Democracy by co-option, compulsion, annihilation, abrogation, devaluation, or derogation of the best of ideals”

In light of a significant delegate haul for the former US Secretary of State in New York State Democratic Party Primary and the very difficult choice of knowing that there is no path ahead for Senator Sanders in the 2016 Party Nomination Exercise, many Democrats are coming to terms with the new reality; knowing that Senator Sanders’ chances in the upcoming exercise on Tuesday, April 26, 2016, in Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland and Rhode Island, or being the ultimate Democratic Party nominee, may just be a lost cause or a grim and dreary hyperbola for the Jewish bred Brooklyn kid, who made it big in the State of Vermont.

Many establishment Democrats across the country know what took place in New York over the weekend was just a matter of time, notwithstanding that Bernie Sanders had gone head to head in all out campaigning, concentrating efforts on the Empire State democratic party voters, hoping to take a treasure trove of delegates home. Unfortunately, only one of the two had the better chance at wooing over the dynamic and ever so-excited New Yonkers. Hillary had worked the phone lines so hard, talked to the godfathers in New York Democratic Party and insisted it was time for payback for her service to the whole State as a two-term elected Senator. What happened in New York therefore was not an aberration or surprise, but an affirmation of the known or indisputable in the upper echelon of the Democratic Party: “the party’s establishment are not interested in experimenting with the populist message of a septuagenarian for the White House oval office!”

A group of women in red and white costumes hold large fans to form a wreath.

Understanding Korean Culture through Performance:Sounds of Korea, a Korean American music and dance ensemble performing the traditional fan dance. They performed at the Library of Congress in 2014. Source: Library of Congress

After the weekend exercise, many Democrats are saying it is time to come together; it is time to get committed to the greater task of ensuring that the White House oval office remains in the hands of a Democrat. If any naive Democrat believe that the New York primary was for either standing candidate to win, maybe he or she should rethink once again, how local politics is played in some American states: “Only the god fatherly blessed often step into the shoes of leadership of the party!” For this and other known reasons better left for other times to discuss, many loyalists of Senator Sanders should stop grieving and begin to shift politicking loyalty, even if it hurts at this time. Their candidate was a formidable and brilliant campaigner and his message is as golden as any that Hillary Clinton could put forward to win the general elections. It is okay to swear about the good qualities of Senator Sanders’ campaign message; however, what is imperative is that the current delegate count is against the former Brooklyn kid and it is unlikely that he will be able to muster 2383 delegates ahead of the former Chicago area girl, who was bestrode to a former governor and president. Now, though disappointing, it is time to move on, it is time to overlook the frenzy around the “Feel the Bern’ campaign and come down to the obvious, establishment Democrats want that former Upstate New York Senator in the White House come 2017.

Today, Hillary has 1930, including 502 Super delegates; and Bernie, 1189, including 38 Super delegates. Still, Senator Sanders continue to challenge Hillary Clinton for the nomination as flag bearer. The trending votes from establishment democrats however, rate the former US Secretary of State’s campaign messages, more superior to the Vermont’s Senator and believe she stands a better chance at the polls in a general election. Notwithstanding what the polls and projections are saying in a head-to head match between the likely Republican nominee and Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders, especially many of which have given the edge to Bernie Sanders; the choice for now for democrats is, Hillary Clinton for the White House. Further, the compelling message for Hillary Clinton’s doubters from the establishment, especially those who have remained loyal and undivided from Senator Bernie Sanders’ campaign messages, the real ‘Feel the Bern’ disciple, any further attempt to challenge Hillary Clinton for party nomination will be considered a self-inflicted fratricide; one that would not be forgiven or looked upon, favorably or kindly. This is probably the reason you hear some Democratic Party leadership, especially the executives, asking Bernie Sanders to tone down the criticism of Hillary Clinton or jettison any verbal assault of the former first lady on the campaign trail. For establishment Democrats, if Hillary Clinton is to convince folks in the opposition party to come along, to stay tuned and committed to her as a better choice for the White House oval office, rather than their party’s nominee, Democrats must make Hillary Clinton look good, not only on paper and television advertisements; but also, at the polls in general election.

Many Sanders’ devotees are asking, why should they suspend their ambition and dreams for a Senator they hardly find trustworthy? What is the source of information or conviction that Hillary Clinton has a better competitive advantage than Bernie Sanders at the polls come November, 2016? What is there for the quick switch request for a candidate that appears to be holding briefs for the corporate world, a world that diverted their hard earned money and wealth to devious and unscrupulous deals that came home to roast or hunt them, including the poor and elderly Americans, who lost their life savings and homes in the last recession. Many of these Sanders’ faithful, especially those who still believe Hillary Clinton is too cozy with Corporate America, are asking establishment Democrats to search their hearts and think with their heads. What is there for the rank and file to remain engaged with the message that promises deliverance from shortcoming of the health plans in place under OBAMACARE that Hillary is promising to fine tune to help drive further down health costs and reduce out of pocket costs or premiums? Why is the rank and file often called to sacrifice without any incentive or proposition for a true change that would veer the country away from the old style of governance that has stalemated the deliverance of the promises of America?

The dissolution of prior commitment to Bernie Sander’s populist campaign message cannot come as easily as the establishment Democrats are clamoring. Devolution and divestment from Sanders’ populist message, will take a while; as many supporters of his, have made a culture of listening to his oratory and believing his campaign actualizes, not promises, better resolutions of America’s priority at this time. Yes, Hillary Clinton keeps winning and would probably do so in the coming months in the upcoming state primaries and caucuses, in Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland and Rhode Island and more; however, the right question is, is she representing the concerned and overwhelmingly disadvantaged rank and file; or, is her priority more in line with Corporate America? Are her victories, loyalty and ascendancy to the throne going to be at the expense and welfare of the voiceless in this crowded world of ‘me-me’ first?

Over the next six months, establishment Democrats are looking forward to having their message and those of Hillary Clinton heard everywhere and anywhere the question is raised, who is best to replace President Barack Obama. The choice between the likely Republican nominee and Hillary Clinton, if she is offered the flagship, would be influenced by the ongoing concerns of Bernie’s loyalists, who believe the Vermont Senator has been short changed in the willing and dealing of Democratic Party politicking. By the Philadelphia convention time, ardent supporters or loyalists of Bernie Sanders and apprehensive establishment Democrats, want assurance that their concerns are of equal priority on the party’s platform at the Wells Fargo Convention Center. For these groups, anything less, will not only be a disservice to efforts committed to campaigning by their first choice, Bernie Sanders, but also, their own personal interest and commitment to national politics and American Democracy.

As Clinton’s loyalist look forward to a symbolic blowout of Bernie Sander’s campaign efforts in the coming April 26, 2016 voting exercises and probably subsequently, it may also be wise for them to consider that their committed loyalty to the former US Secretary of State, is no more important than Bernie’s loyalists to him as the better option for the Democratic Party come November. The desire for less compulsion to the message of Bernie Sanders that is demanded of his loyalists, is a form of self-devaluation, self-denial and shredded hopes, an antithesis of all that has taken months and moments to build. To innocuously believe that this can be accomplished within a twinkle of an eye, just because many establishment Democrats do not see a way forward for Bernie Sanders, and unequivocally throw their support behind Hillary Clinton, because they perceive, she is a better horse in the November derby, is more or less a disservice to many aspirations; and, must be considered at this time, a wishful thinking.

For the records, Bernie Sanders never came to this race as a second fiddle, neither have those who put their trusts and convictions in his message, a push over. Bernie’s loyalists seek changes, changes that do not come with chains and conditions attached. Changes that are real and meaningful; not one made out of inconvenience for the truth. Changes that holds governor(s) or officials that have poisoned the American citizens in cities like Flint, Michigan, responsible. They have sought this type of help in the past and have often lost out on failed promises of repeated occupants of White House oval office.

Performers in Hawaiian costume blow conch shell horns.

Unukupukupu Hālau Hula Performing at the Library of Congress in 2012.

Most recently, employment has remained slow, home ownership gradually picking up, and in spite of the growing economic expansion or growth, salaries and income have remained relatively stagnant for decades, disparities in wages between sexes are still the order of the day, voting rights continue to be deprived, unfairness in administration of justice continue to be acceptable for the generality of the States justice system, corporate money continues to flow into America’s politics and diffuse any remaining political power of the masses; and, corporate America continues to swindle the majority with the pacifying message that it will get better, once all the right variables are in place. Party establishments continue to promise and field candidates that are beholden to several inundated interest groups that are likely to rip democracy off the hands of the masses; and place millions at a disadvantage in all realms of living. How then could anyone, who is right on his fairness barometer, expect anyone seeking a degree of fairness in the system to just switch loyalty without considering the cost, at the micro-level.

Establishment Democrats and Republicans continue to show dramatic shift in their obligations or commitments to the tenets and goals of our forefathers, liberty, equality, popular consent and sovereignty, majority rule, religious freedom, individuality and democracy, and expect the masses to just fall in line, roll over and be bastardized at any chance and moment; with inept and incapable individual rising up to national prominence to consider themselves, worthy to rule the best and the most beautiful nation on earth; one that is the envy of many across the globe. How can anyone say, a candidate that uses vulgarity and abusive language, insults fellow citizens with derogation put downs and obvious dis-courteousness, often compelling violence against each other in many town hall gatherings, is worthy to be a party’s flag bearer, let alone, US Presidency? If a candidate has focused relentlessly on rubbishing the opposite sex, annihilating the press and any constructive criticism, can that candidate uphold the tenet of a free press, equality of all citizens or champion religious freedom? If a candidate for party nomination has been found to be compromising at any level of his or personal and or business life, can that individual maintain the lofty ideals of the office of the US Presidency? These are important questions for Americans, Republicans or Democrats?

The onus must neither be winning with a huge margin, enough to wrack up huge delegate gains towards the party’s convention, nor with a rosy and promising victory in sight; rather, at what expense are the delegate margins or triumphant victories, so lauded in the press, achieved? What victory or delegate margins are we trading for our representation or complacency? Victory for the tenets of Democracy or an abridgment of the people’s will, through co-option, compulsion, annihilation, abrogation, devaluation, or derogation of the best of ideals that make us proudly declare: WE ARE AMERICANS?  To Heck, time to go to bed!

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