Monday, March 28, 2016

Bernie’s Victories in Washington, Alaska and Hawaii: A weekend to cherish for a possible comeback?

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Now as you dig deeper into Bernie Sanders’ weekend of triple caucuses’ victories, Washington, Alaska and Hawaii, you find yourself wondering with the proverbial bone in your teeth, how come this is happening to a campaign some Democrats are refusing to acknowledge its phenomena. Beyond any questionable metaphor, there are big things happening for the Vermont Independent Senator on the campaign trail for the White House that marvels even the ardent establishment Democrat. How about capacity venue overflows of supporters and potential supporters ditching expensive luxury designer bags, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs, Prada, Dolby and Cabana, Hermes, Long champ, Micheal Kors, Hilde Palladino, Kleo Marcie, Coach, Gucci, All Saints, Lana Marks and Fendi bags for security reasons, just to get a glimpse of him or hear him speak? As you question the audacity of victories in three consecutive Western states in one weekend, felicitation with a bird on a podium, maybe a dove, at another rally in Portland, Oregon, you come to a candid realization that even when the votes are not necessarily with him, nature and the youths of America in the fifteen states out of the thirty-two states and territories contested so far, have blessed his candidacy; are solidly behind him; and, no one can question the obvious phenomena Bernie’s run for the 2016 White House oval office has become.

While some Democratic Super delegates are completely beholden to the former US Secretary of State’s campaign, the other undecided Super delegates in other states may want to rethink their loyalty or question their past misgiving and give Bernie Sanders a chance at the trophy. The brilliance of the three victories over a formidable candidate, while not necessarily delegate rich to overcome the past disparity, signals the brilliance of a self-styled revolutionary campaign, that calls to question the committed sworn super delegates to the wife of a former president of the United States, seeking to become president, herself.

In Bernie Sander’s campaign, the depth and breath of his probably ultra-liberal messaging become clearer even to apolitical novices, that Corporate Wall Street big businesses and usurpers have hijacked our democracy; and unless we rally round a credible candidate like Bernie Sanders to reclaim their strong hold on America’s democracy and economy, we are about toast. And, even in the face of a huge gulf in delegates’ count in favor of Hillary Clinton, a huge gulf that may likely grow with the movement of the contests to delegate rich states in the coming weeks, Bernie Sanders is unlikely to throw in the towel. The allure, affinity and exuberance of youthful America behind his campaign, which I witnessed first-hand this weekend, are just too convincing and infectious that for him to go away now will be like a death in the family for this group. Bernie Sanders is the only love they have and they are ready to go to bat for him come rain or shine. Bernie is an indisputable rival and Hillary Clinton had better seek the magic in Bernie’s campaign if she is going to do well among this voter group come November.

Beyond the the foreign policy credential and expertise of the two term Senator from the State of New York, there is hardly any doubt that the way Bernie Sanders has conducted his campaign for the 2016 White House, would easily have unseated or toppled another candidate with that credential and experience for nomination, were it not  Hillary Clinton; the wife of an establishment likable past president of the country. Bernie’s oratory at Washington State Sea-hawk's field, the celebratory atmosphere and exciting youthful drumming, just make his campaign out of this world if you are in the middle of his fans and supporters. Unfortunately, the rule-making regarding the contest for party nominee appears to have disadvantage the Vermont Independent Senator from the beginning of the contest.

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Factoring out the impact of Governor O’Malley’s campaign, maybe Bernie Sander’s campaign messaging could have sunk in farther, with many voters; and, the enthusiasm witnessed this weekend could readily have delivered exponential growth of ‘Feel-thee-Bern’ brand across the country. Caucusing at my precinct, I came to a realization that more than ever, my initial disposition is not as credible as I initially thought and my son’s premonition, a college student in his early twenties, was far better than my predictions. Given the current conviction and follower-ship of the young and restless youths, especially the college kids, no other candidate at this time has convinced them better than Bernie Sanders; and were the youth’s vote the consideration for party nomination, ‘Feel the Bern’ brand is a runaway victory in 2016 White House race. With as many as three to one support difference in some Washington State precincts between Bernie and Hillary, younger voters are just in love with Bernie!

For example, the youths around the the western cities in Washington State, Seattle, Tacoma and Olympia, believe their long awaited revolutionary messiah in 2016 election is here; and there is none like Bernie Sanders. Separately and collectively, the youths openly voiced their support and commitment to Bernie’s message and question adult’s premonition that Bernie Sanders is not electable for socialistic doctrinaire; and for other reasons which may look distant to the youths at this time. Thus, it is a fruitless effort delivering your vote and support behind him, at the expense of Hillary Clinton’s campaign for the 2016 White House oval office. The issues – impacting the Democratic party nomination process and overall elect-ability of a socialist in a general election – are issues that are impeding  complete support for Bernie Sanders as establishment Democrats want the White House to remain in the hands of the party come January, 2017. For my son and other millennials, Bernie is the real deal, no matter what baby boomers and the elderly say about his campaign. And come November, when Hillary Clinton is the Democratic Nominee, folks should not be surprised if the youths are not coming along as they should: “they are just unimpressed with somewhat lukewarm or unenthusiastic Hillary Clinton’s campaign for the White House oval office.”

It is never easy to predict what will come next in November, especially when it comes to a contest between the Republican Party’s ultimate nominee and Hillary Clinton. This past weekend for example in Washington State, the youths woke up with the feverish ‘Feel the Bernie’ loyalty that was close to being infectious, even for many of us who have surveyed the numbers and come to a realization, it is going to be difficult for any candidate, not only Bernie, to overcome the huge disparity in delegates count at the national level. Never the less, the gathering of Washington State’s youths in the prescient and their deliberations about Bernie’s campaign messages were not only youthfully and somehow infectious, they were occasionally at the messianic category or level, when you attempt to engage them with the reality of the delegates’ count. The passionate speeches and pointed rhetoric from some of the youths were like the next big thing arriving on earth. Bernie has connected with this group the way no other candidate, Democrat or Republican, has done in this election cycle. What remains to be seen is whether Bernie Sanders can eventually translate the youth’s emotion to votes that can make him scale the gulf or differences between him and former US Secretary of State

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No one can blame Bernie Sanders for hoping that the trio victory in Washington, Alaska and Hawaii can lead to greater momentum for his campaign in Wisconsin,Connecticut, California, New York, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania. With opportunities for his campaign among the youths, recently acquired 142 delegates over the weekend (WA – 101; Alaska – 15; and Alaska – 16) and desire to keep the race relatively close, it may just be possible to achieve his aim, remaining vastly competitive, even if not within the 2, 383 delegates needed to become the party’s flag bearer at convention time. With a pledged 1038 delegates as against 1, 266 for Hillary Clinton, plus 29 Un-Pledged as against 470 for the former Secretary of State, plus currently convincing gulf of delegates, 1067 for Bernie and 1,736 for Hillary Clinton, it is getting more and more likely that the contest is for Hillary to lose. The April 19th contest in delegates rich New York (247), April 26th contest in Maryland, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Pennsylvania and Delaware, all states where there are already huge pledged delegates for Hillary Clinton, it is obvious that Bernie Sanders, barring death or other unknown events of life, will not be the Democratic Party 2016 flag bearer.

This is the reality that many young Democrats are hardly ready to acknowledge or failing to believe. Hillary Clinton has won twenty States or territories (Alabama, Arkansas, American Samoa, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Illinois, LouisianaMassachusetts, Missouri,Northern Mariana islands, Mississippi, North Carolina, Nevada; Ohio, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia); and Bernie Sanders, fifteen States (Alaska, Colorado, Delaware, Hawaii, Idaho, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Maine, Nebraska, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, Utah, Vermont and Washington). The remaining contests on April 19th and 26th are much more favorable for Hillary Clinton than Bernie Sanders. The populist message from Bernie Sanders that big corporate money is sticking it to America may be alluring to the youths, they are not just strong enough to swerve the devotion of the baby boomers and senior citizens, who are more likely to vote in November than his current base of support.

While many youths are investing their valuable time volunteering and campaigning across the country in support of Bernie Sander’s ambition, it is also important that they contemplate the question of the viability of him becoming Democratic Party nominee. Is there really a path to the nomination for him? What is it that the preponderance of democrats or likely voters in the general election want? More than compulsion of a populist message that big corporate America is sticking it to all of us, while we are made to fend for ourselves in a competitive market, what exactly is the change proposed going to deliver for us in the coming years? Are they realistic with the arrangement of economic indicators and political hegemony? Beyond the western styled, probably close to cultist favor for Bernie Sanders campaign message, what else can the voters cling on to make his proposal a reality in a cut-throat competitive capitalistic apparatus that has existed for more than two and half centuries? According to some political pollsters, if Bernie Sanders can find a way to topple Hillary Clinton for the party nomination as flag bearer, can his brand of politics actually win out in a general election, where all the stakes for votes are all encompassing including personal ideology, regional and nationwide support, political experience, campaign funding and a confluence of other realities and variables, that may not be in favor of a socialist in a capitalist system of government?
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