Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Bernie! Bernie!! And Bernie Sanders!!!!

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Senator Bernie Sander’s performance on the campaign trail can no longer be ignored. I love the idea of having Former US Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton, as the next President of the United States. However, the huge number of people and supporters gravitating and gyrating towards Bernie Sander’s candidacy all over the federation is making me and other astute political hedge makers take a second look. When you are pulling over capacity room and stadiums of supporters, when supporters and wannabes are fainting at a place as the Los Angeles Arena or coliseum immediately they catch the glimpse of your presence, you know you’ve got or you are getting them hooked on your campaign promises and messages.

Further, when potential supporters, sometimes to the tune of thousands, are dying to touch or shake your hands, when the caring nurses of the National Nurses United at a brunch for Bernie in the city of Oakland, California, were showing so much enthusiasm that you burst into an exhilarating smile and a message of promise to end institutional racism, you pretty much about got it made. When you are asking for more aspirants’ debate time because you believe Americans are demoralized about the state of politics and many other presidential aspirants and democrats are agreeing with you that the Democratic Party Committee’s debate schedule ought to be expanded and or explained, then you are really on the upswing ride or onto something very promising that no serious aspirant for the White House in 2016, can no longer ignore.

In addition, when campaign review websites are pointing out that your campaign effort is turning out to be as phenomenal as Barack H. Obama’s run for the White House in 2008, if not more golden, and predicting probably a blood bath at the first 2016 Democratic National Committee’s debate scheduled for about middle October, the Democratic National Committee, big wigs and establishment Democrats, had better be listening. When barely a day or two after the Black Lives Matters group derailed one of your rallies in Seattle, Washington, you are being welcomed with open arms and warm smiles in California, then folks are hearing and connecting with you and your presidential campaign message. When the probable Republican Party nominee, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, is fighting from being bitten by two huge brown lobsters at Seabrook, New Hampshire, and your campaign staffers are eating Doritos just to while away the time under a shade in the City of Angels, then you have overcome the first competitors and heading out to shore for a beautiful stroll to a new beginning.  Bernie is packing them in like no one, Democrat or Republican, in this early stages of the campaign for 2016 White House!

It is not sufficient to merely criticize the Democratic National Committee on the six scheduled campaign debates the way aspirant and Governor Martin O’Malley is doing, you need to gear your efforts toward packing them in, the way Bernie is doing in the West, East, South and North! It is not enough to shrug your arms and say, ‘We’ll be there” as Craig Crawford, spokesperson for Democratic aspirant Jim Webb or Debbie Rich,  spokesperson for another democratic party aspirant, former Rhode Island Governor Lincoln Chafee, retorted: “her boss is looking forward to the Democratic National Committee’s scheduled debate.” You should be exhibiting the positive energy and hoopla over how you are connecting with America and many of them are chanting, they don’t make them the way they made Bernie Sanders as a Presidential aspirant anymore; remember the old McCoy Way? Bernie Sander’s candidacy seem to be meeting needs, concerns and desires of many middle income and disenfranchised Americans, and they all are loving it and reciprocating the love from the Independent Vermont Senator, who is running as a Democrat in the 2016 White House race.

Further, it isn’t enough to be lamenting that the Democratic National Committee is facilitating the coronation of Hillary Rodham Clinton by denying a robust debate during the primary process as Governor O’Malley laments, you need to be ensuring that voters and potential supporters are handing you their babies to kiss and waiting on you for twelve hours, in some cases, before you show up for a 20 minute campaign speech, with supporters waving huge signs with the text BERNIE; offering intermittent and persistent applauses during your speeches, and surging to meet you with a nodding head of approval when you are done railing against Corporate America, or explaining away the new reality in America’s social and economic life. It is not just connecting the dots on the campaign trail that is the matter, Bernie is making potential voters question their old held values and positions on establishment candidates and wondering if they are not doing this seventy something-year-old politician a disfavor. That is primetime Presidential Aspirant likability barometer, extraordinary!

Interestingly, there is hardly a shortage of Presidential aspirants in America. There are close to eighteen in the Republican Party and six in the Democratic Party; however, the challenge is to have that tantalizing campaign speech or supporter-connecting message that make other counterparts jealous and see you as their #1 competitor, someone able to derail their dream and campaign for the White House; a pain in the you know what, as some lovers of the candidacy of the former US Secretary of State put it. The wildly enthusiastic and overwhelming positive campaign from Senator Bernie Sander’s camp is not only infectious, it is creating a new standard for a clean and wholesome approach to connecting with the American voters. As articulated by Bernie Sander’s himself to the Christian Monitor, his is not an educational campaign nor one of protest, but this is a campaign to win. Senator Bernie wants to raise taxes to pay for a universal health care system, he wants to make Corporate America pay for its past indiscretions, he wants to raise America’s minimum wage to fifteen dollars an hour; and is convincing many voters that the current Federal minimum wage of seven and a quarter dollars an hour, is a starvation wage. Supporters agree with his mantra: putting middle-class interest ahead of corporate greed!

Skeptics of Senator Bernie Sander’s campaign maintain his staunchly Anti-Corporate America’s message and unabashedly liberal policy stance are not winners in a general election. Even if the number of people attending his infectious rallies continues to grow, there is no way this would guarantee his eventual success in the general elections. Putting the interest of Corporate America in a second place is a tough sell, as the business of business is the business of America. Bernie Sander’s Presidential campaign is asking questions and demanding answers to several global questions regarding economic and social fairness; however, his direct competitor within the Democratic Party, Ms. Hillary Rodham Clinton, has a more moderate leftist and or progressive message that do not rob corporate America of its complete agenda or perceived dominance. Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton has developed a hub of compatible campaign messages to both the middle-income earners and Corporate America that is not so much outlandish as those from Senator Sanders. Mainstream America believe that she has a comparably easier policy proposals to work with, if not even better chances of drawing more support from hitherto unlikely sources in the Democratic Party and the undecided voters or independents, in the race for the White House in 2016.

To the apprehensive, Senator Bernie Sanders will have to formulate a new order of communicating his liberally-biased campaign message, so they gain better traction or credence with the generality of American voters, to actually transfer his current allure from many groups, to increase his chances in the national polls and expand his trending among the hosts of thousands attending his campaign rallies. Such a communication strategy will seize on the opportunity to change the narrative that Corporate America is necessarily evil and heartless. Thus, if his campaign could negate the current perception of Corporate America as the enemy, maybe his socialistic agenda can be vilified, and perhaps the love from the America people will culminate in votes that can see him to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington DC. His re-focusing of communication message will not only strengthen his candidacy in the general election, it will refute the disdain from Corporate America; and or fear from the far right.

On the other hand, critics must recognize that America has just come away from what may be perceived as a tittering economic disaster of 2008-2013 that absolutely, if not nearly shook the faith of the ordinary America regarding the fairness of our economic system. There was a recession where millions lost their homes and livelihood and felt cheated out. Furthermore, there is every reason to believe that Corporate America got scot free for their misbehavior in the financial arena, with none spending time in jail; and there is the preponderance perception that it was unfair to bail out AIG from bankruptcy while millions of ordinary Americans were left to hold the bag for the indiscretion of very few money managers and insurance executives. Such an environment, or a lasting bad taste in the experience of the recession, continues to draw millions of Americans to the need for reform, where the ground for competition is much level than currently obtains. This is the energy Bernie Sander’s campaign is feeding off; and will continue to work to win over. There are millions in this group of Americans that have not benefitted from the improving economy; millions are still unemployed and hardly recovered from the pain of the American recession. Bernie Sander’s message is a great reprieve for this group and they are loving the pace at which Bernie is handing out the gospel truth according to an ultra-liberal.

The most significant factors influencing the movement or gravitation of supporters to Bernie Sander’s somewhat ultra-liberal campaign messages are not found strictly at his rallies, but rather in the perception that his campaign message is attending to the needs of disenfranchised America’s middle-income groups, and the disproportionately disadvantaged American poor, who have not benefitted from the fruits of the economic recovery. It is hard to discountenance this group(s) and present a generally or particularly optimistic campaign message as is being done by many candidates, Democrats or Republicans in the current race for the White House. While other candidates like the Republican Jeb Bush and Chris Christie, are seeking to gauge Social Security and Medicare, two social programs that seem to stand out as safety net for the poor, elderly and some middle income earners; and, the current polls leader in the Republican Party, is attempting to sell the message of America’s greatness all over again, millions left behind are looking forward to a messiah and readily finding it in Senator Bernie Sanders for the 2016 White House.

Finally, the former mayor of the largest city in Vermont, father of four and grandfather of seven, speaks truth to the power that be and relish in somewhat of a maverick candidacy, geared towards lifting American workers from despair and disillusionment. Sander wants nothing to do with the Keystone XL pipeline that could have allowed TransCanada to move dirty tar sands from Canada to Mexico through the United Sates. His populist message(s) continues to resonate with American voters; the ultra-liberal senator from Vermont who believes that ‘establishment politics and establishment economics is not working for the middle class’ is calling for a new economy order under the pretext that ‘the greed of Wall Street and the greed of corporate America is destroying the great American middle class, and folks from coast to coast [are fed up and want them to be accountable]’ As professed by real liberal political contributor, Jason Easley, in June 11th, 2015 edition of PoliticusUSA, ignoring Senator Bernie Sander’s campaign message(s) is to neglect the fundamental leftward shift in American politics. Whether this is real or unreal, is better left for time to tell. However, Bernie is connecting with many people and supporters and this could add up to a waterloo for any opponent, Democrat or Republican.
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