Sunday, October 21, 2012

Why the Conspiracy Theorists on US Embassy Benghazi, Libya Misfortune have to be Answered or Nailed?

Keywords or Terms: FOXNEWS Special Report; Bret Baier; Credibility; Hatchet Job; Yellow Journalism; Incoherent pictures and events time line; Americans Heroes; FCC Rule

The Conspiracy theory around the United States Embassy Attack in Benghazi, Libya, has not been immortalized yet on FOXNEWS-TV; but Bret Baier’s Special Report on Friday night jeopardizes any empirical evidence that we may all rely on as the gospel truth regarding the event(s) of that night. The program, FOXNEWS-TV Special Report fails to empower any of its viewers to think or access any other position as credible as to the fact in this case. Worse more, Mr. Baier’s report fell far short of objective journalism; some would even term the report as yellow journalism. Why are we taking exceptions to the report?

Without going into the details of FOXNEWS-TV presentations, the poor quality of Mr. Baier’s story line on the Benghazi, Libya Embassy’s misfortune and the less than crystal assessment and jumbled together pictures of destruction regarding what might have happened the night of September 11, 2012, lead one to believe that Mr. Baier’s Special Report on the event(s) of that night, is nothing but, a hatchet job designed to insult the intelligence of the viewers or undermine any credibility that empirical evidence will have after an exhaustive and complete report on the investigation regarding what led to the deaths of an American Ambassador and three other heroes of this nation. The Producer and host of the FOXNEWS-TV Special Report, carried overblown schisms and trend of events that make the viewer wonder, if FOXNEWS-TV is not in the business of misinforming the public; which will now or must now be considered, contravening FCC license on Network Television broadcasts?
I imagine that the producer and host of the Baier’s Special Report were attempting to answer the following questions, among others: Is there a gap in the Obama’s Administration story line? If there is, where or what are the gaps? And to the extent that the gap may jeopardize Americans in the Foreign Service in some other tumultuous areas of the world, what can US Government do to prevent this type of event from occurring? On the other hand, if the intention of the broadcast was to dwell on politics or undermine the current White House Administration; one is left with no other conclusion, that the FOXNEWS-TV Special Report is not special, but a myopic view of the right wing ideologues of what they imagine, this current White House is all about. And for this reason, one must default to completely agree with Barack Obama’s position in the Second 2012 National Presidential Election Debate, that for anyone to intone that the current White House was holding something back or presenting incomplete information regarding the unfortunate event(s) in Benghazi, is complete nonsense.  

Any viewer of Mr. Baier’s Special Report will find the story line very disturbing; and, the claim that current White House administration are covering up any gaps in security management of our embassies, rather distasteful and questionable. First, the conspiracy theory stands only on one leg: that there is an active effort by the White House to cover up. Is this another Watergate? Contra-gate? Or what have you-Gate! FOXNEWS-TV’s Conspiracy theorists remind me so much of Mitt Romney’s Campaign line in the last presidential debate before he was smacked down or admonished by Barack Obama: White House are you saying you are washing your hands off any defunding of the foreign embassies that could have led to the deaths of these four Americans? We all saw what happened that night; that’s the same thing that viewers give to Mr. Baier’s Conspiracy right wing propaganda on his “Special” Report; or Special Nonsense!

Second, FOXNEWS-TV’s story line was not only distasteful and questionable, because it fails to appreciate how painful the nature of those pictures from their story are for members of the four dead American heroes; but, also caricatured a very unfortunate event in the history or annals of the US State Department. The relationship between what the White House knew or what Susan Rice, the US Ambassador to the United Nations said three days after the fact on Meet the Press and other Sunday Network News Show, are purely speculative. What actually transpired on the ground in Benghazi, Libya, are still unfolding as the security agencies attempt to piece together information and get the real facts of the situation. Except one was an active participant in this unfortunate event, no one can truly tell you the whole story. Except you are one of the murderers, who participated on the embassy’s assault and fire, no one can give a complete story of what led to the attack on the embassy. At best, what will be crystallized by the security agencies, are estimates of the actual events and time.

To now broadcast jumbled and incoherent pictures of dastardly events over half a million miles away from Benghazi, Libya or Washington DC, after tampering and actual destruction of the crime scene, as the real truth of the events in the case, is pure yellow journalism; and, irresponsibility on the part of FOXNEWS-TV. America and its people deserve better and seek harmony in addressing unfortunate event like this. Further, to broadcast pictures and statements that clearly are incoherent; and, un-shrewdly analyze time line events that raise more questions than answers, or cast aspersions on any of the steps taken by our government to get to the bottom of this unfortunate disaster, to say the least, is tragic. For FOXNEWS-TV to insinuate that the current White House knew more than it is telling the public, is a thesis that inspires hatred for our government; and, places the government in an unfortunate situation of explaining what it probably has no complete information. In addition, how about decency and sensitivity for the feeling of the family members of these heroes regarding deaths that had barely occurred a month ago? Handling the grief and pain of loosing one’s loved ones are not as easy as many who have lost loved ones know; raising doubts in the minds of the family members, that our government could have done more but out of negligence allowed these patriots to die, is very unconscionable. Are Mr. Baier’s “Special” Report and FOXNEWS-TV producer(s) of the program attempting to fledged this story into an overblown crisis?  Do they really appreciate the pain their unconscionable program may have wrought on surviving family members?

Third, the United Sates Congress fund American Embassies across the globe. If the State Department receives a request for extra funding, it can only allocate money from what congress has approved as the State Department’s Budget. If there is a short-fall in money allocated to the State Department, assuredly, it will impact money disbursed for security at any foreign embassy. This unfortunate incident is what happens when right wingers force unusual cuts in agency’s budget. We have the right wing congressional Republicans, who are all for a small government, who will like to cut government budgets to the bone and give tax brakes to the rich at the expense of the welfare of the whole nation. This is what happens when right-wing congressional members attempt to score political points, championing loosing arguments on waste in government and how to streamline cuts to the federal budget.

United States Congressional Republicans have a lot to answer for on this unfortunate event; if we can trace that their excessive budget cut to the State Department impacted funding of security at the Benghazi, Libya embassy that resulted in the death of our heroes, they are equally liable. When congress in its infinite power decides to cut funding to the State Department Budget, especially in the arena of embassy security, shouldn’t the blame for the possible gaps in funding of the embassy be a shared one: executive and legislative branch? The shoddy job from FOXNEWS-TV has potentially dire consequence on our perception of the nation’s preparedness to counter terrorist attack, aboard and at home. Part of the confusion from FOXNEWS-TV “Special” report stems from misconception of events surrounding this disaster, and who to clearly blame for the miss-step, if there was one that led to the deaths of these foreign affairs officers. Subversive and startling allegations from FOXNEWS-TV must be scorned, as it is very obvious that Mr. Baier’s reportage is to pick malice, to create smoke where there is no fire, to pooh-pooh honest statements made by administration officials because there are not enough information on the actual events.

Fourth, unless FOXNEWS-TV and their management have other points to score; or are discountenancing how still fresh and sensitive the disaster of September 11, 2001, fanning misinformation to increasingly alienate the people from their government, when another similar event occurs in the life of our nation, in a land far away from our shores, is subversive and tantamount to journalistic recklessness. The reductionist approach in Mr. Baier’s “Special” report, assumes that there is a specific cause for the insurrection that led to the deaths of four American foreign affairs officers and there can only be one reason for this: negligence on the path of the current White House. There are others like me who will like to take an ecological approach and reasoning to why this unfortunate event might have taken place; a poor taste in filming that derogated a specific religion, a provoked and prolonged instability in current leadership arrangement in Libya and a dastardly terrorist attack from our enemies who have scores to settle with America, and who have chosen a date that always reminds us of the worse in people, are among the reasons for this unfortunate event. The complex environment of foreign policy formation and administration is not as easy as narrowing events to just one particular association; there are always more than one thing or events that may cascade into other unfortunate events or calamities that reveal some form of weaknesses in the handling of security at our embassies. What we must now do is to look inwards and correct our possible failures in this horrible experience.

Interestingly, Mr. Baier’s Special Report on Friday’s FOXNEWS-TV stopped too soon for anyone to appreciate how balanced the reportage is; or how very mischievous the intent to broadcast this hatchet job on a Friday. In fact, the program was a collection of rehashed second hand information of what probably occurred or never occurred on the night of September 11, 2012 at the embassy. If FOXNEWS-TV enjoyed the freedom of miss-informing or insulting the intelligence of the public, viewers of their program must be wise enough to call a spade a spade: that special report from Mr. Bret Baier, is a special trash from a disastrous news outlet bent to create doubts in the minds of the audience; and, suspicion of their government by Americans. Good Night!
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