Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Political Demagogue II: the disorderly language and face of a Mormon Millionaire with foot in the mouth!

“Hard-working Americans do not need to be lectured by tax-dodging millionaires and billionaires about personal responsibility" - Bernie Sanders

You can know the National Election Day is close by, when all you hear are grandiose and least relevant comments or candidate’s missteps likeable to cataclysmic ground shaking. You begin to appreciate that the most desperate and the most likely to lose candidate has begun to feel the heat. Forget the polls over whether either of the two candidates will win the November 6th competition; the truth is: Mitt Romney is digging his grave faster than the Democratic Party or their flag bearer could have imagined or dreamed.  And guess what, many Democrats are loving it!

When you start to hear outlandish comments from a candidate, whose best chance at success has been greed and desire to cast misery in the lot of others, you can truly understand why Mitt Romney stuck his foot in the mouth with the following comments: 1) “There are 47 percent who are with him, who are dependent upon government, who believe that they are victims, who believe the government has a responsibility to care for them. Who believe that they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing, to you-name-it”; 2) “My job is not to worry about those people. I’ll never convince them they should make personal responsibility and care for their lives.” Some political gurus are taken aback, some national newspapers are writing editorials bordering on writing-off Romany’s campaign as one in a panic mode; however, this blog sees more than this and will like to serialize the Mormon Bishop’s take on America's elderly, minorities and those, he most likely needs to win a general election.

Before I proceed, it is important to inform ‘Mr. Magic Pants’, that majority of the 47% he is referring to, are Republican whites, old, retired and waiting on a social security check! Their Medicare and Medicaid bills are high, but not high enough to be able to fill the huge gap in the federal budget, if he chooses to pull the plug on them, if he ever wins the White House. The current deficit Republicans are so worried about was initially precipitated under two Republican Administrations which engaged in two unpaid foreign wars. The combination of the deficit spending on two foreign wars and the added collapse of the American economy, are what neoclassical economists are working with President Obama to correct; or, ameliorate so we may not remain in an abysmal economy. This is probably why, all Republicans see when evaluating Obama's Presidency, is the deficit spending that he has embarked on to clean the nasty and huge mess Republicans left behind in 2008. In addition to Republicans' misgivings, they can now add this new reality: less than 10% of the referenced 47% by Mr. Romney, are minorities and poor American citizens; those normally assumed to vote for the Democratic Party’s candidate. The close to 37% that Mitt Romney is throwing sand in their eyes, are more likely to vote republican and probably, are feeling real offended by Mitt Romney’s comments. You want to know how distasteful Romney's comment was, just imagine that this Romney nemesis tape was leaked by the grandson of President Carter who found Romney's criticism of his granddad's tenure as uncalled for. In addition, he probably felt that whoever can make the following comments: “Carter's stewardship was a failed Presidency and Barack Obama’s is likely to follow suit”, is hardly fit to lead this country. These are interesting times and the MotherJones tapes probably put the nail in the coffin of Romney’s ambition for the White House.

That is by the way. One cannot but wonder after listening to Governor Romney on those tapes, why candidates that could have had a real shot at the Presidency always blow it because of poor campaign staff and organizers; men and women, whom the candidate is paying to give him good advice, who continue to fail him, either out of ignorance or poor political understanding of the landscape of voters in a particular year or season, or out of the disconnectedness of the campaign team from what is good politics and language in a political discourse and debate. Winning Campaigns at this time in an election year are mostly engaging in non-offensive and astute strategies, fortified by an unimpeachable candidate’s discipline and desire to win. What has transpired in Mitt Romney’s campaign since past month has shown, he is unlikely to triumph over President Obama. If in doubt, play a real tape of Barack Obama’s ascendancy to the highest office in the land. Not only was Obama’s candidacy in September 2007 so disciplined and air tight, it worked hard to overcome a similar catastrophic event that nearly torpedo his ambition: Obama’s pastor's bigotry comments. The strategy adopted by candidate Obama after the news broke: Confront head on the issue on race, give a very effective speech that made the candidate Presidential and put the voters in the seat, as the arbiter! The strategy was not only effective; it broke ground on the best strategy for addressing many unforeseen challenges that becloud national campaigns for the White House. Governor Romney, that's how to do it; and since you missed that chance, believe me no pun intended, you are simply not Presidential enough!

Unfortunately for Mitt Romney, two days after the leak, rather than adopt this effective strategy for dealing with what can be construed as a calamity, Romney’s campaign team has asked him to own up to a speech that is so bigotry, only calling his likely voters idiotic or me you-know-what, would have been worse. Romney’s outlandish, bigoted and very disrespectful comments, show how disconnected the republican flag bearer is, to the everyday American. Would he ever overcome this misstep or disaster? Only time would tell; however, it is very obvious, that even conservative Republicans consider Romney’s comments as stupid and arrogant. Now, when your most likely allies are calling your campaign and candidacy a losing outfit and major news-feeds and papers, Buzzfeed, Politico and New York Times, are lamenting that your campaign is in a panic mode and likely to abruptly switch strategy, then you know you have a big problem. However, if you choose to discountenance this observation, certainly, you hardly understand America’ electorate and you candidly deserve to loose and loose big time!

Now back to the objective of the blog today: serialize the Mormon Bishop’s take on America’s elderly, minorities and the poor. The changing dynamics of the nature of poverty among the elderly, minorities and the poor in current economic climate, has several faces. On the downside, there are numerous people in the group(s) chastised by Governor Romney, who are suffering today for reasons beyond their control; especially, with the downturn in the America's economy. On the upside, this same group(s) increasingly believe that President Obama understands their plight and would more likely address these concerns and misgivings more than Mitt Romney would, if elected President. How could this be? What are the reasons that make President Obama relatively impervious to blame from the somewhat disenfranchised group(s) in this economic climate? 

The simple answer is the Likeability factor! Although, it is very unlikely that a simple answer like this will suffice; however, there are indications that voters believe in a political candidate that espouses compassion, talks directly to their concerns and relates well with their circumstance. In the manner of comparison between Obama and Romney, the difficulty is not that Mitt Romney seems to be too aloof, mysterious and non-chalet and chilling – these have already been elucidated or documented; it is the fact that comments coming out of Romney’s mouth show that he least has empathy, and an understanding of current political climate; or that, he is just ready to throw the campaign away out of inexactitudes. Worse more, his wife’s scolding of the Latino-pressure group at a conference, or her 'stop it!' this is hard radio comment, re-affirm the indisputable burble environment that the Romney's clan thrives.

You probably heard elsewhere that candidate Romney is hardly trying to understand the people he wants to vote for him; he is actually insulting them out of arrogance and stupidity! Specifically, with the comments made in the MotherJones’ released tapes, candidate Romney is completely writing these people off, saying they are moochers and government dependent! Now, if Mitt Romney is a wise Politician like his father, hardly would he be under-performing a Mexican-born father, who migrated into the United States and depended on the food stamps and social welfare programs to prop himself up, before rising through the ranks of the Republican Party to become the governor of the State of Michigan and a top automotive manufacturing executive. Coming from that type of background, especially where he had once participated in Romney's senior run for the White House, you'll probably expect Romney junior to be better prepared and articulate in understanding the political landscape before him. Not only has the words from Mitt Romney in the tapes shown that being Harvard educated with a double major, JD/MBA, hardly guarantees political astuteness and savory. Undoubtedly, those words reaffirm what many voters in America have often suspected: many rich corporate leaders could care less about the welfare of ordinary Americans. The rich are more likely going to use and throw the poor under the bus; they will also joke and laugh about it behind closed doors, while eating their expensive dinners and parlaying with friends, who are able to pay fifty thousand dollars a pop for an invite. The is why the chastised 47% voters by Romney will more than likely exercise their displeasure come the voting day in November!

In case someone is missing the reality, more than 85% of working Americans hardly make $50,000 a year. The most visible groups in America have been written-off by the man with rich friends, who would like to lord it over them. Social and economic disparities in America have been so ingrained or discountenanced, even the rich who fail to pay an effective tax rate, who hide their wealth in foreign bank accounts, think it is funny as they watch one of theirs turn the table against the poor, elderly and needy, lambasting them for being lazy and dependent, and saying how inconsequential they all are to the democratic process. Being a minority and poor can activate stereotypes. Who then can say it better than a rich, privileged Mormon, representative of the elitist one per center, who has failed to divulge his own taxes, who feels the poor are worthless and a drain on public purse, and who is ready to lecture these group(s) about how worthless they are!

Personal compassion and fairness in treatment of those less privileged than us have always been the mantra of the America's exceptional-ism.  Mitt Romney’s words on that tape, not only show how distant he is from those he expects to vote for him, it undoubtedly indicate how distant he is from the same ideals that make America the shinning light on a hill; a nation of immigrants, which works hard to treat everyone fairly and is always ready to give a helping hand to the down trodden.  A nation of immigrants that allow even the unknown realize that they too have rights as human beings; and, who has sacrificed even her bests on the battle fields, to ensure that the lost are never forgotten and the weak, are not permanently trodden upon by the privileged few. This is the reason why Mitt Romney will never win the Presidency of this nation come November 6th 2012. He just does not get it!
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