Saturday, September 22, 2012

Frost and Fraud have always fouled ends: when Romney releases 2011 Tax Filing on a Friday Evening?

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How can a presidential candidate slipping in the polls dunce his chances further? This question wouldn’t have been puzzling or arising, but for what has been going on this week regarding Mother Jones released tapes in which Mitt Romney was denigrating 47% of American voters as losers! A huge number of Republicans could have still been supporting Mitt Romney’s candidacy, but again, for the release of his 2011 tax filing on the heels of a disastrous and calamitous week for the campaign team. Talk about compounding an already murky Republican campaign?

Mitt Romney’s 2011 tax filing has not only compounded the support equation, it continues to erode trust. Incidentally, some Republicans are finding his candidacy as worrisome, even among the loyal and dedicated faithful. Not only has the Mother Jones tapes generated a widespread backlash against Mitt Romney’s Campaign for the White House, it has made majority of his supporters antsy regarding his chances. All of a sudden, many GOP supporters are grumbling and disowning their party’s flag bearer, castigating him for running a disorderly Presidential Campaign. Indeed, Mitt Romney’s campaign cannot answer any logical question without confusion, mixed-messages or complete lies; and very soon, the Mitt Romney Campaign team would be considered irrelevant.

Winning the hearts and souls of retired voters in Florida, North Carolina, Arizona and some other battle ground states would have been conventional republican thinking at this time in the 2011 campaign. However, Romney-Ryan's ticket is making it so difficult, even staunch Republicans are wondering if Mitt Romney has not lost control over his campaign for the White House. The 2012 Republican Campaign team has been stumbling and incinerating its own ambition, you wonder how come, the Republicans chose this pair to head their ticket. Romney has refused to be completely transparent and his take on other American's tax payment, is not only confusing, it is disheartening and disrespectful. Unless the Republican campaign team addresses the convoluted crisis that seems evident in the Romney-Ryan’s ticket in the coming two weeks, Republican Party membership might as well forget the coming election and start planning for the 2016 general elections.

Honesty and trust worthiness are so far away from the current Republican ticket, even the Old and retired members of the AARP booed the bottom-half of the ticket off the stage Friday afternoon when he said the Republican ticket was going to repeal the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act! As bad as Republicans criticize Obamacare, it is now obvious that many of our senior citizens do not share this apprehension for the law; and that, the Republican flag bearers have no credibility in casting aspersion on the law. The elderly retired Americans are not buying the Ryan’s plan for Medicare and Medicaid and they have shown that to him in the reception at the AARP conference. If the Romney-Ryan's ticket continues to make blunders before audiences like these, no one will be sympathetic to its ambition, anymore.

Further, that current Republican ticket is considered untrustworthy, is no news to some of us; who have been following Mitt Romney’s refusal to be transparent regarding his finances and taxes. What is news though is that, it had to take a booing and police security escort to get Paul Ryan out of that AARP conference! A political campaign should not be intensifying its criticism of a law when their credibility is at stake and it seems as if, they are attempting to hood wink some of the beneficiaries of the law. Merely mouthing that you are going to repeal a law that has not been completely phased in; and one which many who are benefiting from the few introduced phases of the law, are thanking for its wonder for better health care delivery, would not suffice. A superior alternative to the law would have been appropriate from the Romney-Ryan’s ticket. However, when people don't see that option, it will be hard for you to convince them to jettison the law. As a matter of fact, Mitt Romney is now being labeled the grandfather of ‘Obamacare’ because of his fore-runner effort of the same plan in the State of Massachusetts. Talk about credibility, Romney-Ryan’s ticket has a lot of issue!

Rather than concentrate on those issues related to the economy that could have at least swayed some voters, including the issue of high national unemployment and the sixteen trillion national debt, Romney-Ryan ticket continues to erode trust among voters because of what they are caught saying behind the doors and their inability to be transparent in their campaign and personal life. At least for the head of the ticket, the case is even dire. It is therefore no coincidences that people are very skeptical about his now released 2011 Tax filing. Mitt Romney tax returns showing close to a fourteen million dollars income and a less than meritorious effective tax payment has become a matter of credibility for the ticket as a whole, not only the tax filer. There are others who are claiming that, since the Democratic ticket has released upward of ten years' or more tax filing, the Republican ticket must be transparent enough to do the same.

Many tax payers consider Mitt Romney’s choice not to take advantage of all the legally permissible charity deduction as a ploy in his released 2011 tax filing. Governor Romney did an economic jujitsu to ensure that his effective taxation does not fall below 14.1%. This strategy could have worked very well without voters noticing it, except that, we all know that there is something called amended returns. He chose this path so he would not be criticized for paying an effective tax rate that is far below 14.1%, a percentage that many middle-income earners would have been happy to have. Worse more, Mitt Romney tax filing for 2011 shows that he has multiple investments in Bermuda, Cayman Island and Switzerland; a criticism that many political observers had been ringing aloud, before Governor Romney released his tax filing for 2011.

Is Mitt Romney being disingenuous? Can any voter trust Governor Romney to be completely trustworthy if he gets to the White House, while he still maintains foreign bank accounts and investments? This is a man with the potential to be the leader of the free world, a man who could end up nominating who would run Uncle Sam’s treasury or who ends up being the Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank? Can Romney really be a good President with this type of luggage in his personal life? If this fact is not troubling to many Americans, there are those of us who find it despicable and unacceptable. The nation cannot afford to put a man in the White House, whose whole life has been a scheme not to pay taxes through hiding of his wealth in foreign banks and countries. American tax payers cannot afford a President who lies blatantly about his taxes, finances and personal life. Retired American veterans are not going to accept a Commander-In-Chief, who considers them in their old age, as moochers!

Finally, for those who are satisfied with what Mitt Romney reported in his 2011 tax filings, there are some of us, who are truly skeptical; because we know, whether Romney wins or looses in November, he can turn around in 2012 and file an amendment to his 2011 taxes; or, take the full deduction of the 2.5 million dollars charity deductible that he is foregoing in 2011, in his 2012 tax filings. Romney’s 2011 Tax filings is a trickery, it is a jujitsu to cover up for a tax payer that is not only disloyal to the country of star and spangle banner, but one with a sense of entitlement, as exemplified by the tastelessness of his wife’s response to questions about her husband’s taxes and utterances on the campaign trail, on the radio. Forty-five days to the general elections, we are finding that frost and probably fraud in the Republican flag bearer’s 2011 tax filing is about to torpedo the top of the ticket’s ambition for White House’s oval office!
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