Friday, August 24, 2012

Of Birthers, Mitt Romney and the Republican Extremists: when the Republican Presumptive Nominee runs afoul of decency in his campaign at Michigan?

Keywords or Terms: Birthers; Racism; Bigotry;  Irony; Tampa, Florida; Mitt Romney; Sherriff Agrippa; Donald Trump; State of Michigan; Republican Convention; Off-color Jokes and humor

"No one has ever asked to see my birth certificate. They know that this is the place that we were born and raised." - Mitt Romney

Several months ago, the ‘birthers’ community in the Republican Party led by Donald Trump – a loose group of controversial extremists-rejuvenated their call for the President of the United States to prove his birth place. A common explanation for the destructive call and probably an unusual prosecution of the man occupying the highest office in the land was that, the President could not authenticate his birth within continental United States; and that, the long form birth certificate of Barack Hussein Obama II, is essentially untenable as proof of birth within United Sates of America. Many Americans were taken aback and some felt disgusted with this group and their claims, especially from surrogate as Arizona Sherriff Agrippa, who continued rabble rousing with questionable claims on the birth place of the President. Those heated and unsubstantiated claims simmered down during the Republican Party primary, until tonight when the ugly face of hate and racism reared its head, once again, in the language of Mitt Romney in the State of Michigan.

Mitt Romney could not hold his sense of decency in his canvassing for support and votes. Many disgusted democrats and the Obama’s campaign team castigated the presumptive Republican flag bearer as denigrating to the President; and, degenerating to the lowest level of lows, just a few days before the Republican Party convention in Tampa, Florida. Many Democrats and liberals were aghast that the presumptive Republican Presidential Nominee for the White House could go as low as insinuating the unfathomable! Mitt Romney quickly put out a release that his comments were taken out of context and that he was just bringing in a little humor to the campaign process. Whether this is true or not, no one will ever know except, Mitt Romney.

Tonight, many minorities who have experienced the wrong hand of racism from mainstream American public, especially from prominent politicians in the Republican Party, cried out foul, saying equivocally, they know and understand how racism rears its ugly head and how many racist comments are often coated in defenseless argument of perpetrators, that they hardly mean any harm! Well, too late, the cat has been let out of the bag; and we know, whether Mitt Romney wants to accept it or not, his comments have a racial undertone and many who are offended, demand candid apology from the Republican Party flag bearer. The offended group believes that Mitt Romney hardly enjoys jokes that say he is a member of a cultish religion; and or, that the practice of polygamy is the essence of Mormon religion. Just as distasteful as these last assertions are, so also is Mitt Romney’s comment on the issue that his wife and self have no questionable birthplace.

Interestingly, throughout the first term of Barack Obama’s Presidency, history would record that extremist Republicans fanned bad rumor and humor regarding the in- authenticity of the birthplace of the first mixed race President in the history of the union. Whether the hate mongers believe it or not, the hate that has been fanned by this group, is surpassed only by the near-universal belief and agreement that groups, that fan this type of hate for the President of the United States, are liars, cheats and slanderers. Mitt Romney could have been speaking this afternoon in Michigan for many of the ‘birthers’ or Tea Party Republicans. His comments may be sorely worthless for some avid minds; however, for the non-believers, the haters and the trouble makers, this is a juicy red meat for their bigotry and demented minds. Romney may have been attempting to curry favor or play to the gallery for this group; however, many lucid-minded Americans are offended and believe there is no room for this type of crudity in national politics or discourse.

Among Republicans today, negative myths about President Obama persist. Just this week, a Republican Judge in Lubbock County, Texas, indicated that if President Obama was re-elected, he’ll hand over the sovereignty of the United States to the United Nations. As ridiculous as this comment is, there are a few loonies in that part of the country or the Republican Party, who truly believe this type of apprehension or story. This same Judge has had an anti-Obama tone in past comments and there are no shortages of this type of people in the Republican Party. A casual conversation with members of the Tea Party around the federation, will inform you how ignorant many of these extremist Republicans are. To this group, you cannot trust a Black man; he will likely do you in! The stereotypes about blacks, still persist in the heads of these extremist groups, who cannot wrap their hands or heads around the fact that a child who grew up in a single parent family, without the so-called identifiable name genealogy, could rise up to become the President of the United States of America.

Fortunately, we live in somewhat of a post-civil-right era America, where a child is not judged by the color of his skin but by the content of his character. With all the insults and derogation that President Barrack Hussein Obama II has gone through in the hands of the extremist groups in his first term, no one who wishes America well, would not have wished for this young, policy driven and level headed human being, to have held the forth for this nation in the past four years. For those, who know me and who appreciate the fact that I hardly give away accolades very freely, Barack Hussein Obama II, is a hero and one of the finest leader that I will respectfully refer to as, Mr. President. A man who brought sanity to the chaos that President Bush left behind when he left the White House four years ago. A man who saw the essence of equality for all Americans, lesbians, gays and transgender, a man who appreciates the place and essence of women making choices for their own bodies in terms of personal health and well being, a man who reformed the financial sector of America’s economy for the better and worked tirelessly to pass the Patients Protection and Affordable Care Act, despite Republicans’ recalcitrance. President Obama does not need to prove his loyalty for this country, because we can all see it. He has done what a loyal and dedicated President is expected for the land of the Stars and Spangle banner. Whether the extremist Republicans would appreciate his effort is better left for this group to turn over in their hearts.

The positive future that President Obama has laid down for the American economy, may seem remote at this time with an unemployment hovering over 8 percent; however, no one will ever deny that a stable resourceful and level headed hand has mended the till in the past four years. A President who demolished America’s notorious enemy, Osama bin Laden; and, reported to the people as he had promised during his 2008 campaign. A man who invited science and dynamic public policy initiatives and reasoning into governance to ensure that the nation and its people do not remain in despair after the free fall of America’s economy under the squanderers Republican war mongering machine.

The Republicans are about to go into their convention in the coming week to nominate a possible tax evader, who sowed his money in foreign bank accounts and refused to render account to the public regarding if he paid an effective tax rate. A man whose wife, stood up and told the public to go to blazes, as their family are unwilling to be transparent regarding their taxes. A man who once strung the family dog to the roof of a car while on family vacation and was reported to have been a high school bully; a man, who, whether he seriously meant it or not, insinuated that the President of the United States of America probably cannot tell his birth place. This is the type of person the Republican Party wants to nominate to contest for the White House. Are there no more wise men or women left in the Republican Party?

Even the details of his taxes that he promised to release have not been made public, five days to his nomination as his party’s flag bearer. Although progressives and well meaning Republicans have called on Mitt Romney, the presumptive Republican flag bearer, to release his taxes for more than one year that he has made public, he has remained adamant refusing to do what transparent and honest leaders do: open up their hearts and souls to those they will swore to an oath to lead, protect and preserve. There are a lot of questions for the Republican Party to contend with in the coming days and months. The word has often been to do unto others as you will wish them to do unto you. Although some extreme Republicans continue to live in a world of illusion or deception, it is imperative that some day, they will wake up and see what man the party is putting forth as potential President of this great country and the free world. Republicans will get the political awakening that a man that stands aloof, a man that many find too mysterious and probably too opaque, must not be given the keys to the oval office in the White House. Many of us have nothing personal against Mitt Romney, but we strongly believe he is the wrong person for the Republican Party and the nation, at this time.

The antics of a leader are generally believed to show, once he or she rises to power of authority. Deviousness, opaqueness or aloofness may seem not too important at this time; however, if and when “President Romney” gets to power, no Republican mother or father, must complain if he sends their children to die in another unworthy and crystallized war fashioned out of lies. None of them must complain that they hardly know what course of leadership the Mormon Bishop is taking the nation through. A man who suppresses his emotions, who is careless about the poor, the underprivileged, the disenfranchised, the elderly and women;  who can hardly appreciate the need to have a middle-income America survive because of minor taxation inconvenience for the rich and mighty, is a man that has to be watched in position of authority and power. Republicans may choose to settle for a possible taxation cheat and motivated by the bigotry to make President Obama a one-term President, but the truth is, Romney hardly promises a better future and no one has been able to put their hands on what the Romney’s Campaign for the White House, truly means. Even among Republicans, Mitt Romney is still a quagmire and mystery. A man who is more likely to trample on the rights of women to make choices for their own body; and one, without the fortitude to give credit to a reformed health care system that now supersedes his initial efforts in the State of Massachusetts, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

Fascinatingly, in his first decision as a prospective flag bearer for one of the major political parties in America, Mitt Romney chose a Vice in one of the most divisive Republican congressman in nearly a decade. The 2012 republican flag bearer is a man, whose genius probably failed him in his first high level decision since showing ambition for the White House. This is a prospective President who chose as his vice, a man who believes that women do not have a right to preserve or protect their dignity in a pregnancy borne out of rape or incest? Mitt Romney has put trust in a man, a Vice-Presidential candidate that will render him, a one percent tax payer, when America’s debts and deficit are in the neighborhood of a trillion. This is the type of man Republicans want to vote into office as the President of the United States of America! What an Irony. Hello? .. Hello?...Are Republican men and women of wisdom still home?
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