Sunday, August 26, 2012

Next Step: Hurricane Isaac and the Republican Convention in Tampa Florida?

 Keywords or Terms: Hurricane Isaac; Tampa, Florida; Republican Convention; Romney-Ryan ticket; Huge Storms; Winds; Republican leadership; Ill-Omen; and, Oil Rigs.

What lessons can we learn from the upcoming Republican Party Convention in Tampa Florida? First, if anything can go wrong, yes, it will! The Republican Party leadership probably was not concerned about the possibility of vagaries in weather impacting the party’s convention in the first few days of the last week in the month of August, 2012. However, tonight, that is actually the case. The weather man has reported the possibility of hurricanes and storms in the neighborhood of the convention. The planning committee for the Republican Party would have factored out the potential of Hurricane Isaacs and dissociated the disaster and the potential risks from the organization of the convention. Wild Winds, heavy rains and hurricanes in the last few hours indicate that the storms may be heading towards Louisiana, three years to Hurricane Katrina’s experience. However, this is just a prediction, for all we know or can expect, the huge storms could re-direct themselves or the whole system towards the Gulf of Mexico and transition in the path of Tampa, Florida; an unwelcome experience that Republican leadership are probably nervous about; or may frown upon.

Hurricane warnings and their associated instability are reported to probably impact Oil rigs, air and land transportation in the Gulf Coast. Local Meteorologists are reporting that the storms may end up being two hurricanes torch downs; and some air lines are already re-scheduling or cancelling their flights to Florida because of the fear of the potential disaster and risks of a bad hurricane. The convention organizers are already rescheduling some of the initially arranged speeches or speakers. A few of the program’s activities initially etched in solid gold are being junked or rescheduled, scrapped, narrowed or postponed to a later time in the week. This is particularly unfortunate, as many party faithful expected a hitch-free convention; and, an opportunity to hub-nub with national leaders of the Republican Party. The Republican leadership was set to use the convention as means to rally the troops towards successful general elections in November. Like an unwished for omen, the chaos of the hurricane may be an indication of what to come for the Republican Party in November?

Second, Government and public officials in the State of Florida, who had expected a huge boost to the local economy from the Republican Party convention, are once again, rethinking all the initial estimations. This is the reality of nature; no one can predict the great hand of Mother Nature! This is an unexpected problem for the Republican Party leadership, no matter how you look at it. There are going to be some convention attendees that may cancel their participation for reason of the impending hurricanes; others may just be choosing to arrive at the convention later in the week, considering the issue of safety; while a few may just lounge to the trip ignoring whatever Mother Nature has to dish out. This is a one time event that takes place once in four years; and, die-hard party faithful could careless about the possibility of the impact of the hurricanes and associated storms. Current coastal storms in the Gulf Coast have a way of throwing the wretch in the plans of the Republican Party juggernauts! The ultimate die-hard Republicans are probably saying: “it’s now or never, let us just go with the flow; with the winds, storms, rainfalls and the hurricanes, our party is ready to nominate or coronate our party’s flag bearer this week..” This is one event that the Republican Party faithful have sworn to take place in the beautiful city of Tampa, Florida, come rain or shine. The storms may be here, but it is inevitable that Republicans will nominate Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan as a ticket for the show down with the Democrats in November!”

Fascinatingly, vagaries in weather are often problems no one can predict. As Republican Party event organizers are learning belatedly, the presence of an unsafe environment or the possibility of the storms doing havoc to attendees may lead to lower attendance. Die-hardly Party faithful would not believe it; and, a few who are susceptible to different forms of conspiracy theory are already projecting or postulating that the Obama Campaign teams probably brought these storms on the Republicans! While this is ridiculous to imagine; America is hardly short of conspiracy theorists; and a few delusional Republicans are probably saying at this time: “Democrats would go any length to see that our convention is a flop or hardly a success!”

Thirdly, the opening of the ceremony is probably not going to be tomorrow; and if it turns out to be, it is probably going to be a little bit of a low key event, because of the size of the convention goers who may have arrived. The encouraging news for now is that the path of Hurricane Isaacs will tentatively not be directly towards Tampa, Florida. Those high winds and storms may be boycotting Tampa, Florida; however, the fear of safety will still be on everyone’s mind. Is this a Republican Party Convention Crisis? Hardly so, but this is one for party leaders to chew on; one to make future convention planners look harder at alternative convention localities or alternative preparations for potential vagaries in weather conditions in locations of future conventions. As convention attendees mull over the problems of a bad weather, they may actually be digging in, to make their case for the uncommitted delegates to Mitt Romney; and, unwind the grass root insurgent delegates of Congressman Ron Paul, who have insisted that they have to be heard as to why they are still look warm to the Mitt Romney-Paul Ryan ticket!.

One of the hidden expectations of the Republican Party flag bearer is the possibility of the storms abruptly coming to a stand still or completely eluding all the areas of the convention. Over the past ten months, the Republican Party flag bearer had fought tooth and nail to ensure that he is the nominee; and now, the hurricanes and storms are about to spoil the party or nomination exercise. The infighting over what will go on the party’s final platform or aspiration for America in the coming four years may now be tempered by the anxiety of the storms. The hope that Mitt Romney has for America, including cutting federal regulations that are alleged to impede business activities, institution of tough minded foreign policy agendas, aligning US foreign policy with the Israeli government to help solidify the US-Israeli alliance, and repealing the Patients Protection and Affordable Care Act, among others, are now meeting their first obstacle or derision: the huge hurricane Isaac!

It would be more accurate, in sum, to say that the hurricane storms hardly care about what the Republican Party flag bearer is selling at the convention or to America. In the instance of the primary, the size of the convention or hurricane storms are essentially disconnected. Romney-Ryan’s ticket proposals to jump start America’s economy has already been rejected by some apprehensive voters. It must not be a surprise that many of the apprehensive voters are Democrats and women; who feel very aggrieved by the suspected items that may show up on the Republican Party’s platform, considering the recently espoused gaffes from the pair on the ticket, which make many cringe under their skin. How about the person-hood bill from Paul Ryan or the fight over the issue of women body, abortion; or, the taxation abracadabra that may sink the whole world’s economy if adopted as espoused by Congressman Paul-Ryan? To the Republicans, President Obama is the daemon that has prevented America’s economy to move ahead, never mind the huge havoc that the last Republican Administration wreaked on the financial sector or the economy. It is because of these apprehensions or convolutions that Democrats are insinuating, why bother about a Republican convention when all they will be fanning are lies and hatred from the right wing nuts?

Incidentally, today, two advantages for rescheduling activities on the convention program a few day(s) late are clear. First, it guarantees that convention goers get a feel for their party’s camaraderie and or a possible jump in the polls for their party’s ticket. Second, residents of the state of Florida, who have been bombarded with advertisements regarding how great the Republican ticket of Romney-Ryan is; and or, how the ticket is the best alternative for America at this time, will get some temporary reprieve. In all these events, the delayed contentions, the gaffes, the storms and much more, regarding the Republican convention in Tampa, Florida, are only bested by two other questions or considerations: 1) When is Mitt Romney going to provide details of his policy proposals for revamping or changing the perceived sliding-slope of the America’s Economy? And 2) When is Mitt Romney going to release his tax filings for more than one year?

The public has no record of a two year tax filing release from Mitt Romney and his campaign, neither do they have any cogent definition of who Mitt Romney is; for to many, Mitt Romney is still a mystery wrapped up in promises that are hardly verifiable; or that Mitt Romney remains aloof, unlikeable and essentially distant from the electorate and possible independent voters in the coming elections. Meanwhile, a candid discussion of what Mitt Romney-Ryan’s ticket stands for, rather than innuendos and unproven economic policy, may help the public, evaluate the ticket; if only Mitt Romney can brake down those barriers that continue to make many wonder, if Mr. Romney is worthy of their consideration. The Non-partisan tax policy group recently put out information that the Republican-tickets proposals on taxes would only put more money in the pockets of Mitt Romney, his rich friends; and, less in the pockets of the hard working and overstretched middle income Americans.

Hurricane Isaac, in any case, may be disappointing for the organizers of the Republican Convention and the attendees in Tampa, Florida; however, the forecast of the storms may not be as bad as the platitudes or confusion from the first Mormon-Catholic Presidential ticket ever, or since the first televised convention in 1940. Meanwhile, the public awaits the nomination process and wishes the Republican Party the best in the coming week, assuming hurricane Isaac gives them a chance!

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