Friday, March 16, 2012

War on Women: Republican Aspirant Mitt Romney wants to get rid of Planned Parenthood!

Keywords or Terms: War against women; Reproductive and Health Rights; Planned Parenthood; Mitt Romney; Republican Party; Patients Protection and Affordable Care Act; Violence Against Women Act; Rick Santorum; Newt Gingrich

Republican war against women is heating up and it is not getting funny anymore. Here are some fascinating examples of how Republicans are taking the fight to women: 1) Mitt Romney, likely Republican flag bearer for the upcoming 2012 general elections, wants to get rid of Planned Parenthood, not withstanding that the organization is a private non-profit entity; 2) Arizona State and Republican Governor want women to justify use of birth control pills for purpose of health care; and 3) Pennsylvania Republican Governor wants women to watch the fetus in their uterus prior to any procedures. These current examples serve as fringe examples of what Republicans are unto regarding women health.

If you are a woman who is very interested in your reproductive health and other health issues concerning women, you may want to ask yourself this question: what do Republicans intend to achieve by their new assault on women and their reproductive health? You may want to ponder this question; because your ability to answer this question may help you resolve the puzzle: Is it out of religiosity? Is it out of a desire to undermine any governmental initiative that provides and protect women health and their reproductive choices? Are Republicans attempting to mortgage women’s health interests as protected in the Patients Protection and Affordable Care Act? Republicans have been known to fight worker’s union protection, labor wages, and higher taxation; hardly have the party and its stalwarts, strive to undermine women interest aggressively as the Republicans are attempting today. You imagine that there are women Republicans who are concerned about the recent assault on women reproductive health; however, hardly are you finding this group of women speaking out loudly regarding how they object to the new, new thing, in Republican conservatism!

So, what should Republican women be doing now?

More than four decades ago, women sort to uphold their right to their own bodies, including making choices regarding birth control, use or non-use of the bra and other associated rights that were long overdue. Like other women, Republican women must now accept that change is inevitable; and more than ever, there is the need for Republican women to voice their opinion(s) regarding what contraceptives and other reproductive choices are doing for them and their friends in the Democratic Party; including why it is important for men to respect their right to make prudent choices regarding their reproductive health. Invariably, men, Republicans, Democrats and Independents, must be made to appreciate the pertinent nature of women reproductive tracts and why, except you are in a woman’s body, which close to ninety-nine percent of men are not, it is probably not wise to fight against public policies designed to help women live a better and healthier life.

As anyone faced with a difficult aggression from an outside group, who has hardly being in one’s shoes, women, Democrats or Republicans, must insist in no uncertain terms that, this new aggression from republicans will not be tolerated. If the Republican Party persists, especially among their party leaders, it behooves women, to stand up for their right and insist on their choices. Women, Democrats and Republicans, must insist that, when it comes to issues regarding their body and reproductive health, their allegiance to self comes first, not party affiliation. Democratic and Republican women must remind men, who have chosen to fight an unholy war against their reproductive rights: enough is enough! If the Republican leaders and their Congressional lawmakers persist, as is expected, the Republican women must be strong enough to assert their right and politely beg to disagree on this one: the newly found toy of conservative Republicans to upstage women!

Conservative Republicans and extreme right are often known to take position(s) that make many people wonder, if this group are living in the 21st Century or 13th Century? Conservative Republicans can hardly escape the kinds of mazes which women are being subjected to, regarding their reproductive choices in today’s media place. The extremism in the State of Arizona and some others, regarding women’s body, are food for thoughts, both for women and men. In the current brouhaha regarding insurance coverage for women’s contraceptives under the Patients Protection and Affordable Care Act, the debate has actually shifted from the narrow definition of women reproductive health to one of sexual abstinence, a choice that men can hardly tolerate. Perhaps, men should be reminded that it takes two to tango. Bad mouthing women choices to use birth control or contraceptives to help pace child birth, manage better menopausal problems or address issues regarding women health, is not only retrogressive, it is politically uncivil. These new detractors that the conservative Republicans have just stumbled on, may actually lead to ultimate disintegration of an already tattered Republican Party. If Republicans doubt this assertion, I challenge them to continue on the path of telling women what they can do and not do, with their bodies.

Moreover, perhaps Conservative Republicans may want to think twice before continuing on their path of destruction. The course and character of women may be impinged when conservative men continue to knock women down with derogation comments that are very despicable, even for other cautious Republicans. Instead of wasting their time and arguments over whether women should have health insurance coverage for their contraceptives, it may be wiser for Republicans to concentrate on issues regarding the under-performing economy, rather than the women body. It is better for the Republican Party or those extreme rights among them, to accept things the way they are, regarding women health status, rather than beating on the dead horse through unconscionable pronouncements or political voyeurism.

Now imagine the current affront on the extension of the Violence against Women Act in Congress. Many congressional women, Republican and Democrat, are now speaking out against the attempt to marginalize women welfare. How do Republicans expect women to react, when they perceive a siege against their health and welfare? Do Republicans expect women to be stocked in the rot and accept that their health and welfare are secondary to party’s allegiance? Would Republicans want women to merely fall down and roll over or stand up for their interests? The November 2012 general elections results will offer the best answers to these questions.

So what should the Conservative Republicans be doing now?

Rather than simply waging war against women, the Conservative Republicans must adapt to the new reality in their party: the conservative wing of the Republican Party is currently turned apart like a fat man’s underpants. Neither Rick Santorum nor Newt Gingrich is lighting enough fire among the base; while Santorum may be making a headway among the truly or socially conservative, love for his brand of culture war is not attuned to the wishes of the generality of the base; and, the fiscal indiscipline and or probably marital indiscipline in Newt Gingrich, are making some in the party, burp. If Conservative Republicans are not totally in support of Mitt Romney; or, if they actually do not like his North Eastern liberality, why are they not finding a credible conservative flag bearer? If there is no credible conservative enough flag bearer among the current aspirants for the party’s nomination, why are the conservatives not working hard to lump their support behind either Santorum or Gingrich and move ahead in preparation for the November General elections, rather than settling for a candidate that all are saying, does not represent their values and understand their plight. Why are conservatives splitting their votes and allowing their personal preferences to be marginalized because of their extremism?

The current misadventure, going after women health or the violence against women act, is more of a side show that could easily be avoided. More than one third of women have experienced rape, assault and other domestic abuses; the extension of the violence against women act may be imperfect as some Republican lawmakers see it now, for its protection of immigrant women and women trafficked into the country for sexual trades or favors; however, this bill has passed before and zoomed though congress, with bi-partisan support, why are Republicans dead set against it this time around? When a female Republican Senator Susan Collins from Maine is mystified about the new objections to the bill and is calling for an open debate of the bill, why are Republicans still insisting on holding back their support? How else should women construe this new recalcitrance or refractory from Republican lawmakers?    

At the core of Republican’s new aggression against women and their reproductive health  are the following observations: 1) A callous desire to turn the hand of the clock backwards on issues of women civil rights and reproductive health; 2) Refusal to accept that change has come and no one can rely on extremism views or position to deny women their basic rights to their bodies and welfare; 3) It is about time for Republicans to reassess their position on the Patients Protection and Affordable Care Act, including the insurance underwriting for contraceptives as this is a complete distraction in an election year; and, 4) Rather than being labeled a party of charlatans, it is now time for Republicans to quit the fear mongering tactics and work within the law to advance the welfare of women, rather than continue to be difficult and unreasonable! For Republicans to find credibility among women and Americans in general, once again, it is time to support and inspire support for the extension of the violence against women act and work hard to advance the goal of women rights to their body in modern day America.
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