Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Energizing the Base: When President Obama holds a Press Conference while Republican Aspirants duke it out in Ten States?

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Volumes have been written about Republican Primaries and Caucuses since November 2011. Discussions regarding strategies, failures and triumphs of many of the Republican aspirants have been exciting, dull and sometimes, downright discouraging and exasperating. Truthfully, some of the contests in already decided states indicate that the battle for the Republican nomination is not as clear cut as many political gurus had predicted at the beginning of the contest. The overwhelming perception that the current slate of Republican candidates has not given many Republicans the needed excitement in their nomination process, has made some voters, even ardent supporters of conservative Republican values, to rethink again the feasibility of a win come November 2012, if their party fails to get it right.

Why a Presidential Press Conference on a day like this? Well, who knows? Aspiring Republican candidates for their party’s nomination find themselves having to be second or taking a backseat to President Obama’s first time press conference this year. Democrats applaud the President for drawing attention to imminent issues, or dangers, from the suspected rumbling in some quarters regarding the possibility of a war with the nation of Iran. Republicans say this Press Conference is not coincidental but usual politics; an affront to their effort to choose their prime candidate for the November, 2012 context. Democrats insist that the issue of Nuclear Iran, spiking costs of domestic fuel, and the nagging Israeli Prime Minister concern for a potential strike on the Islamic State, are worthy of consideration at this time; and the fact that the President is having this Press conference is an indication of how the President is concerned about the welfare of Americans.

President Obama sees the huge Super Tuesday contests among Republicans, an opportunity to remind the voters that Democrats are around and are deserving of all the attention or love they can get this season. It is an opportunity for Democrats to energize their base. Republicans may hate the supposed intrusion, but how else can Democrats halt the love for the Republicans in this season. By the time all the trending political news and election results are in for the Republican primaries and caucuses tonight, the so much desired excitement for the Republican contests might still remain elusive. For now, what is known is far from the unknown; and, preliminary results from across the ten contested states as tracked by CNN, indicate that Romney seems to be ahead of the delegates’ harvest, with likely spread showing Romney wins in thirteen states, with 396 delegates; Santorum wins in seven states with 158 delegates, Gingrich wins in two states with 103 delegates and Ron Paul harvesting 60 delegates, without a single state victory.

In the eye of Democrats, the Republican contests have been lackluster; and it seems rather difficult for any of the aspiring candidate to build that solid fellowship and or conviction needed to win in a general election. The Republican Party’s goal had been producing the front-runner candidate very soon and coalescing around that candidate, building the required steam to jump ahead of the Democratic Party's choice of flag bearer. Unfortunately, the required drivers, consistency, charisma, unflinching momentum and derisive message from the potential Republican flag bearer had not pattered out. Mitt Romney’s candidacy has been anecdotal from what conservative Republican wants; and, Rick Santorum that could have been a more likely substitute, has been lacking in funding and national campaign infrastructure to do real battle with Mitt Romney.

The primary and caucuses contests in Ohio, Oklahoma, Massachusetts, Tennessee, Idaho, North Dakota, Virginia, Alaska, Georgia, and Vermont, show how deficient Rick Santorum has been with shortage of funds; he was outspent in some of these states, twelve to one, on advertisements, canvassing and pulling likely voters to his message. While some voters like his social conservative message, without money, it is difficult to get that same message to a larger number of people who are willing to leave whatever they are doing to go vote for a candidate whose message they may be endeared to. The old adage that money is the life blood of political campaigns is just as credible today as it was a century ago. Without money, hardly can a candidate build enough support for his or her candidacy, even if his or her message is endearing or enameling. What Rick Santorum is suffering here is not completely the rejection of his social conservative message; rather, it is his political campaign blood anemia. If he really wants to turn this contest around, huge donors have to step up to have his back; without which, there may just be too little for him come the convention in Orlando, Florida.

The resulting message from the Republican contest to Democrats, is that the fight in fall 2012, may not be a cake walk due to the campaign funds available to Romney from the Super PAC and probably the RNC; however, if Mitt Romney continues to be unconvincing to the conservatives in his party, the Democrats may just take advantage of this loophole and walk all over him and his campaign. President Obama’s reelection campaign team maybe asking themselves the question, how can we exploit this weakness in the potential Republican nominee, how can we reposition our campaign to solidify our base and manage voters apathy over the economy, and how can we make our candidate capture the essence of the Romney’s weakness or weaknesses. What is very obvious now is that there are huge numbers of Republicans who are dissatisfied with the likely nominee and find themselves rather disenfranchised with a flag bearer they hardly believe in, one that hardly represents their position, one that looks more aloof or intrepid than friendly, even to those who are supposed to be like him, the true Republican.

President Obama’s Press Conference today delivers feedback quickly; his choice and campaign strategy will involve taking the fight to the Republicans, arguing and standing by his achievements and policy successes in the past three plus years. POTUS will do damage to Mitt Romney if he ever attempts to fight for the White House on the basis of Obama’s foreign policy; he will probably snuff Romney’s campaign out, if Romney chooses to debate the President more than twice; for Obama is an avid debater with the strength of use of words and valor of contextual messaging in moments that can rouse his supporters, some say catch fire with his base and incinerate his opponents. It is not that Obama is a great debater that could be disabling to Romney, it is the fact that his supporters love him, much as some of them have some reservations about his handling of the American Economy, they are still true believers, who are able and willing to go to bat for him. President Obama is better loved by his supporters than Mitt Romney is with the Republican base. If truth is to be told among Republicans, there are about forty percent of likely Republican voters who cannot stand Mitt Romney and who probably believe that another Republican candidate is much preferable. This is the real dilemma with Mitt Romney’s candidacy; and, this is hardly a problem for President Barack Obama among the Democratic voters.

President Obama invited the Press to come and listen to him on a day that is supposed to be a huge day for Republicans, and a throng of men and women in the Press showed up in the East room or wing of the White House. When one of them asked the question, what he will like to say to the Republican front runner regarding today contests, all he said was: Good luck tonight! This is probably more than words can convey; here is Mitt Romney fighting a life and death battle in the State of Ohio with Rick Santorum, being wished the best of luck by the President of the United States, his potential nemesis. If Mitt Romney survives Ohio, he’ll probably not forget the bruises. Some political gurus indicate that the overall eleven states battles will better prepare Mitt Romney for the future fight with the Democratic leader; however, who can really tell? This is a candidate that is very used to gaffes, like my wife has two Cadillac, one probably to drive to Bloomingdale or Gucci store, the other, to the Mormon Temple (the last few words, mine)! His gaffes make him come across as a rich man born with silver spoon in his mouth, and who could never appreciate the plight of ordinary Americans. These are perfect flaws that President Obama can play on to ring to kingdom come, why Mitt Romney is only campaigning for the White House out of his interest to preserve his rich friends and class at the expense of poor Americans. That is a debate and fight that POTUS is ready to have and one that he has indicated in more than one way, in his ‘Good luck message to Mitt Romney’ at today’s Press conference.

President Obama is gradually energizing his political base; and one way, is to have a Press Conference in the middle of a Republican Party primary; or, on a day that is supposed to be huge for Republican candidates seeking to wrestle from him the keys to the White House. He is sharing the results of his initial stewardship or efforts in the White House with his political base and reminding them of what is to come, the future challenges that they must work and walk with him to overcome as he fights the battle with Republicans who continue to denigrate women as sluts and prostitutes, because they seek what is probably old news in women health: that over 95% of women use birth control pills at one time in their life time. That Republicans are choosing to be on the wrong side of history with regard to women’s health, may just be the worst news for their nominee. Hopefully the events of last week with regard to the conservative radio show host, Rush Limbaugh, comments have taught Mitt Romney and his campaign strategists some lessons. If not, they would probably go back home to mama crying with their marbles, come the end of the general elections!

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