Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Republicans and Democrats: Do they Practice Sacrifice?

  Here is a picture to remind those lawmakers in Congress who send the bests of America to war, what it has taken to get America this far and what it will take to get us back on track. It is important to remind those politicians that a picture like this is memorable, says it all and make you want to cry. It is picture like this that makes me ask both aisle of congress and residents of both sides of Pennsylvania Avenue, did these men and women sacrifice their lives so congress can remain in gridlocks?

The current back and forth over bills coming through congress is doing this nation no good and those lawmakers who are only interested in self-preservation in office, must ask themselves, if these men and women had been selfish the way they are, would we have the freedom and liberty to be proud Americans? The nation is tired of the persistent disagreements among our lawmakers over very trivial things. The work of the people can no longer wait. We are hardly interested in the blame game and finger pointing in congress. The work of the people must begin anew. No more pranks or games like kindergartners!

Finally, I ask again: If these men and women sleeping here in glory had been as selfish as those lawmakers and their supporters who want to grind it all, would we have that freedom and liberty that is now being wasted because some few have chosen to say: My Way or the Highway! This America belongs to all of us, because a lot of brave men and women gave all, so we can have a much fairer and compassionate society. For those lawmakers who have forgotten, here is a picture to remind us all, that America and its people matters. It is essential that we all give some so that the union and democracy that these brave men and women lying here fought and died for, may endure; and, her people flourish.

May God Bless America!!! Amen.

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