Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Big headline of the Republican Primary Debate at the Reagan Library: “Social Security is a Ponzi scheme – Gov. Perry?

Keywors or Terms: Regan's Library; Republican Nomination; Ponzi Scheme; Governor Perry; Social Security; Elder's and retirees welfare; Environmental Protection Agency; Climate Chahge Science; Tea Party; Brian Adams (NBS- News) and John Harris (Politico)

In his first debate as a candidate for the office of US Presidency at President Reagan’s Library, Simi Valley, California, Governor Rick Perry offered what would probably turn out to be the biggest hurdle for him in being the Republican flag bearer in the 2012 National Election. In a debate proctored by Brian Adams of NBC News and John Harris of Politico, Governor Rick Perry not only made what is probably going to be seen as a gaffe by main stream Republican Party, he railed against the social security program as a ponzi scheme. While remaining aggressive and countering the position of former Vice President Cheney and hitting hard on Karl Rove, a mainstream Republican strategist, Governor Rick Perry likened Social Security to a criminal enterprise.

Perry believes that he has done a better job in creating employment at the state level than his second closest opponent, Mitt Romney. He not only discountenance main stream Republican ideologues like Karl Rove, he went on a personal attack on President Obama, calling him a liar on the issue of El Paso, Texas's safety and Security. Rick Perry’s new personal attacks may sit well with the Tea Party faction of the Republican Party; but, will probably steer away voters from him in a general election, as many voters understand that Perry’s characterization is not only untrue, but demeans the office of the United State’s Presidency, which is still high on the pedestal of everyone. 

Governor Rick Perry is fighting for the hearts and souls of the extreme right, working his base in the south and espousing the vulnerability of Romney for his religion in the Southern Bible-belt America. If Governor Rick Perry was well qualified to be a candidate for the office of the Presidency as forward written by Newt Gingrich in Perry’s book; his performance regarding last night’s debate is simply this: The front runner, Governor Rick Perry, is not only a candidate that has a basket mouth but one that will pull Americans apart, considering his gaffes. His anti-federal government, anti-establishment, anti social security and Medicare programs, pro-secessionist and anti-Federal Reserve Bank Chief and or system, would probably go down as the best strategy for playing to his Republican right base; and, the worst strategy for attempting to win the nomination of a major political party for a general election.

While it may look too late to have Governor Perry adapt to a new attitude of civility in American politics, it is essential to reiterate that Perry’s candidacy is probably only a hair high over Congresswoman Bachmann’s Tea Party constituency’s bravado that does very little for America. American Voters may be seeking a President who could take this country from good to great in the task of jobs’ creation; but they are hardly looking for a President who is not cautious with his words. In observing Perry get off on other co-aspirants on the debate podium, one is attuned to offer his candidacy a chance at the highest political office in the land; but, his dossier of gaffes just in the first month of his entering the nomination contest for the Republican party are now making or about to start making many voters have a second thought, even within conservative party faithfuls. Governor Rick Perry may be good for Tea Party faction of the Republican Party; however, he is too extreme for main stream American voters.

Of course, Governor Perry may be focusing on playing to his newly found Tea Party base, attacking Social Security as a criminal enterprise and posting that Social Security Program is a monstrous lie, his newly found tirade is hardly meaningful for someone who is result-oriented for the nomination as his Party’s flag bearer. A governor making toxic comments like everyone knows Social Security is a ponzi scheme, or is anti-science and anti-evolution, is probably not an ideal candidate the mainstream middle class Americans in the Republican Party want to represent them in the coming contest. Fixing the shortcoming of the social security system may be a wise choice to save the whole social security program; however, abolishing a social policy that has worked very well for keeping elders out of poverty for over half a century is neither a good medicine for the economy nor a great strategy for a candidate seeking the votes of older Americans. Social security program worked very well for over half a century before congress began to raid the fund; however, coming out of the woodworks to terminate the program as proposed or anticipated by Governor Perry, is hardly realistic. The challenging economic environment may be dictating a singular spotlight on one of America’s safety net for our retirees and those who can hardly help themselves during trying time; however, it is unprincipled for an aspirant for the office of the Presidency to attack the program under the disguise of States’ rights as against federal right.

Governor Perry may be touting his qualification for the office of the Presidency to his largely anti-Mormon base, his appraisal of social security as a criminal enterprise point directly to his less than stellar qualification as a college student at Texas A & M University. A governor and candidate with less than stellar undergraduate and governance performance, may be okay to lead the state of Texas with a quarter of its population without health care insurance,  poorest high school graduation rate and majority residents working probably at the lowest paying jobs and most deplorable working conditions, he is absolute unsuitable for the office of the United States President based on his state’s record over many aspects of quality of living. America is seeking a President who is forward looking, motivated to make a change in their quality of life through better jobs’ opportunities; however, they are not looking for another Texan Governor that offers more bravado than substance. A candidate for Presidency, who shows a myopic view of science, men and women in his caliber; or, calls the President a liar, is absolutely unsuitable for that esteemed office.

Governor Perry may be a front runner among aspirants for carrying the flag for Republicans in the 2012 general elections; his un-insightful comments about independent public officials like the Chairman of the Federal Reserve and the President of the United Sates make him unqualified to lead the free world. Tea party members may be inspired by the aura of Rick Perry, but his less than endearing comments about important public policies, institutions, and issues that affect more than 60 American elders, make him unsuitable to be voted into the Presidency by mainstream American voters. Challenging President Obama to a second term may be important to many Republicans, however, oversimplifying the problems confronting America, getting into personal attacks on public officials or signing pledges that pin one’s choice to a set of values or positions that may scuttle the choices of Americans is unacceptable and uncautionable.

A compelling and decisive choice of a President must not be maligned by questionable assessment by an aspirant to the office; neither should a candidate for the office of Presidency, shuffle between critical national agenda or issues that he or she has a shallow knowledge about. Governor Perry make comments that fly in the face of scientific research and avoid mainstream voters conviction in evolution theory; he fails to recognize the importance of an Environmental Protection Agency and chooses to be oblivious to the reality of globalization. His practice of extremism for the sake of nomination or out of probable ignorance is tantamount to duplicity. Governor Perry’s absolution and ignorance about climate change may have a monstrous impact on the future of America, if he is nominated as republican flag bearer and ends up winning the general election out of default or genuinely.
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