Sunday, May 1, 2011

Birthers, Birth certificates and Placenta: the ugly face of racism in American Politics

Keywords or Terms: Obama’s Birth Certificate; Birthers; Racism; Repression; Intolerance; Vigilante violence; Ethnic Minorities; Dissenters; Immigrants; Americans Politics.

White America is often apprehensive of discussing racism in American Politics. However, the issue of President Obama’s birth certificate took a very brutal turn early last week, when it seems the main stream republican party was insinuating the unthinkable and unfathomable. Despite known facts about the President’s state of birth and declaration from all prominent record keepers in the State of Hawaii, some birthers in Republican Party continue to doubt the authenticity of the President’s birth place; and, went as far as taking out advertisement on bill boards in some southern states demanding that the President prove he was born in the United States. Now, a birth certificate issued by the State of Hawaii had been made available to everyone on the internet, proving that Barack Hussein Obama II, was born on August 4th, 1961 in an Hawaiian Hospital, USA. Many Right and Left wing Newspapers, Television and Radio stations have even gone as far as independently authenticating or finding out if the President’s birth place was genuine; as if there is anything like a genuine proof of anyone’s birth and birthplace except by the mother giving birth to that child! The blog today, May 1, 2011, branches out on this one time, to discuss the inconvenient truth of Racism in American Politics.

Despite the persistence for transparency and forbearance from the Whitehouse and all known declarations on the President's birth place, including affirmation by some past government health record keepers in the State of Hawaii and current senior officials in Hawaii State’s Public Health system, some Republicans continue to fan hatred among Americans for their President. The facts not withstanding, birthers continue to doubt the authenticity of the place of birth of Barack Hussein Obama II. The ugliness of racism continued to raise its head when Donald Trump and his team of ‘investigators’ challenged the birth place of the President and asked him to produce his birth certificate.

Out of humility and concern for the welfare of the country, President Obama dispatched his personal attorney to the state of Hawaii, requesting a waiver for him to release his long form birth certificate, an exemption that very few have been given. The release of the long form birth certificate on the internet for everyone to see triply authenticate what the President have always said and declared over two and half years ago about his birth place. One cartoonist asked, whether the birthers and Donald Trump will like to see Stanley, Ann Duncan’s placenta? The shame of it all, the first of its kind in America’s history and politics, a seating American President was asked to show his papers, just like a criminal or illegal immigrant. If that is not insulting and racist enough, what is?

The ugliness of racism once again raised its head when Donald Trump discountenanced the President’s repeat documentation when advanced by a Newspaper reporter and insisted the President was not qualified enough to have entered and completed college at Columbia and Harvard; as if graduation from those colleges are requirements for rising to the office of the President. By this singular statement from Donald Trump, who was too blind and egotistic enough to accept his failures, Trump exhibited the type of arrogance known with White supremacist. With his deluded demands and unconfirmed insinuations, Trump finally showed who he is; and, what exactly he is all about.

By the time Donald Trump had degenerated to the level of a Jim Crow racist, many of his cohorts had fanned again other steely-eyed claim that the President should have released the long form birth certificate; as if that is available to anyone born in Hawaii, USA; or, as if that is all it takes to attain the office of the Presidency. United in the cause of the truth, many Democrats, Independents and lucid minded main stream Republicans, know that the birthers and fringe members of the Republican Party, including Donald Trump, had faulted and made a mockery of whatever dignity was left in the Republican Party.

America today is a rich mix of people, races and cultures. While the country is a melting pot, it is not as white as some fringe White Americans would have liked. While there are men and women, who just want to be free to roam this beautiful land we call America, from shinning sea to shinning sea, there are some fringe groups who will like to take us back to the Jim Crow days of the South. There are people like Donald Trump, who will like to foment trouble, challenge the dignity of anyone who is not white, and call to question any contribution to this great country, from anyone who is not White. These groups of persons tortuously call Asians, Blacks, Latinos and Jews, names that are better left in archaic times. These groups of persons struggle with the definition of what it is to be American, and believe that minority derogation and non-whiteness, disqualifies anyone from being called American. They proclaim White supremacy and would go any length to discredit and delegitimize anyone who is not White.

Notwithstanding the constitutional declaration that we hold this true to be self-evident that all men [and women] are created equal, these causalities of ignorance, promote vicious attacks on Americans’ civil liberties. They will attack women suffrage, dehumanize minorities; ostracize women and child support safety net and make life unbearable for any minority in the position of authority. These groups of heinous individuals will dictate to the public their disingenuous plan to take back their country from anyone who is not white like them. Their hyper patriotism generally refers to repression, intolerance and vigilante violence. They enjoy any message that crackdown on racial and ethnic minorities, immigrants and dissenters.

Donald Trump’s demand for President Barack Obama’s birth certificate is another statement for blunt and crude racism. Trump’s most serious involvement in birther’s machinations over the President’s birthplace only came after Trump broadcasted his desire to get into the 2012 Presidential election. Since Obama became president, hardly had there been a more pronounced involvement in seeking the President’s birth certificate as in the past three months; and, Trumps activities both on his NBC’s make-believe program and public pronouncements have shown how easily this person is willing to abuse decorum.

What Trump’s involvement in the birther’s machination has shown, is how low some opportunists are willing to get to move into the oval office; and, how easily some Americans can be fooled by media appearance or perception of success. Further, this very sad event in American politics shows how far apart Americans are on the issue of race and how much more work, we still have ahead of us to achieve race equality and probably, unity. In addition, the unfortunate reality of Donald Trump’s incautious statement that President Obama may not have qualified to enter into Columbia and Harvard, cast a lot of shadow on the quality of education offered in America’s Universities. Whether Trump knows it or not, education at any American University is probably as good as what you make of it; and, attainment of education, wealth or a higher office, is not the only measure of success in a man’s life, neither is a cautious denigration of a race of people.

When Obama took office, he sought to distinguish himself as a thoughtful and careful decision maker. He has never shown the kind of bravado seen in the immediate past Presidency; and, have cautiously weighed his actions before proceeding. This definitely has not shown any ineffectiveness; rather, it has shown that there is another way, a President may choose to effect leadership. President Obama’s administration for whatever shortcoming it may have has bolstered the image of this country all over the world. President Obama has shown good quality leadership and many of us who have been in the position of leadership appreciates that.

Frankly, Obama’s Presidency has probably burnished the image of this country and achieved more in foreign policy than wars and guns will ever achieve. No one could directly adduce President Obama’s speech to the Arab world in Egypt to what has been termed, the Spring in the Arab world; but, Obama’s administration leadership style in the midst of the development(s), has shown what a great and thoughtful leader the mixed-race Barack Obama is! His bi-racial background shows how much we as Americans, black, brown and white can achieve if we come together. With his achievement so far, some progressives have been talking about what, we as a nation could achieve, if only we can go beyond or transcend the race differential Plato. Whether the arch racists and delusional war mongers believe it, Obama’s Presidency has shown the world that America is not always willing to apply the military solutions to all foreign policy problems. No amount of stigma can delegitimize Barack Hussein Obama’s Presidency!

Americans are not all intolerant or inconsiderate of others; and, many of us did not grow up in homes that have brainwashed their kids that because of the pigment of their skin, they are necessarily superior to the rest of the world. Whether the ‘birthers’ and or, fringe groups in the Republicans Party believe it or not, change has really come to America and the world, and never again shall any minority group within this country, Asians, Blacks, Jews, or Latino, stoop down to any race, henceforth. Americans in the information age are now citizens of the world, not of a myopic or isolated group of people who sees the world through the narrow prism of race. If in doubt, go to China, Japan, India, Brazil, South Africa and Nigeria, and experience what change the information superhighway has brought to the world. Donald Trump and his racist cohorts: the world has changed forever, Wake Up! You may not like Obama’s administrative policies in totality, but do not continue to denigrate our President, as for all we know today, Barack Hussein Obama II is the President of the United States of America; his father is a black man from Kenyan and mother, a Caucasian from Kansas; and his birth place is Honolulu, Hawaii. Pronto! Eat your hearts out!!

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