Monday, January 10, 2011

Virtuous Politician: Chastity or Homicide in Sarah’s Text?

If the clarion call of a right winger in an election campaign implores other right wingers to act or re-commit to dangerous and destructive acts, calls that can easily be misconstrued as a bait to act rather than conform or lay down arms for the safety of the fraternity, the denial of the clarion call cannot provide assurance to the fraternity at large that the initiator of the clarion call hardly meant ill or encouraged any ill-lucid right winger to perpetrate mayhem. In a lamentation of surrogates of the right wing philosophy, the mayhem of the sixth day of the week, eighth day of the first month in the year 2011, must be seen in the context of poor discuss between citizens of the metropolis, and nothing more. It must and cannot be associated with the clarion call of the Tea Party favorite politician. The metropolis wants to give the right wingers the benefit of doubt. Tonight's blog is just an intellectual exercise to help college students work on their literature essays.

Here is Sarah’s text infinitesimal: Commonsense conservatives and lovers of America don’t retreat, instead RELOAD!” The confession of faith is hardly evident, you’ll say? However, Chastity or Homicide may be interpreted from Sarah’s text by both lucid and ill-lucid Portmann. To the ill-lucid, the current metropolis politics is haunting and inconvenient, especially for the right wing fraternity. Anything but chastity of the conservative values must be rejected; and, the pillar of the state must be called to question, if need be to preserve the hegemony of the right. Homicide may be wrong to majority of the Portmann; however, if one of the disciple of the right wing philosophy finds it less haunting, let him or her foray to the marketplace and administer the gun to one of the kingsmakers, guardian of the law of the land and guests. Could the marketplace have averted this mayhem? Men and women who protect the vessels of the State have their reservations, but say, there is hope.

In the mind of the right winger, no outsider may be admitted into the fraternity of the thrown or its echelon; and, the rise of one of the politerate to power is not only unsettling, it is probably a cause for concern among the fraternity of the conservatives. The clarion call to take back the seat of the throne to the metropolis from the son of the politerate seems to be in order for the right wing, even if the clarion call seems to be unsettling and has the tendency to encourage mayhem; a reality that the right wing wants us to now sweep under the carpet, because of the outcry from the metropolis to the senseless massacre of innocent souls on a Tuscon, Arizona parking lot.

The right wing politician’s clarion call may be innocently circulated, but its impact on the ill-lucid may be strikingly similar to Armageddon. The allure of right wing philosophy including some of the extremists' flair that have recently deluded some of their rank and files, seems to serve as opiate to the sons and daughters of the touchstone. Their commitment to what is now known as an unspeakable act, has now come to be a thing of concern to the wise men and women among them. In addition to shedding light on the confusion that took place on the sixth day of the week, eight day of the month, exchanges among the politerate and the kingmakers from all political persuasion in the past three days, signify an anxiety among the right-wingers; an anxiety and trepidation that has come to be associated with their flavor of politics. The possible consequence of their past messages and the fall-out from one of their mentee's action in the sunny marketplace in Arizona has now become a question of concern to many of their backbenchers.

Some national fraternal member of the right wing feel uncomfortable for the moment, but have often identified with the exuberance embodied in Sarah’s text, an exuberance that may explode in the face of the right wing fraternity if ever one of the kingmakers in the cross-fire who is fighting for her life, ever passes away. Sarah’s assertion or other surrogates conviction in the hypothesis that Sarah’s text never called for misbehavior fails to appreciate or understand the psyche of the deranged minds or the echoes of words that were designed to “mobilize” the base.

Mob dynamics are viewed as inconsequential when adopted against the enemy; however, the victim of the catastrophe before sunset in that Arizona parking lot is not an enemy, she is one of the kingmakers, she is the daughter of an enviable family and a spouse of one of the heroes of the metropolis. That is why the question: where does the right go from here? The current theater provides a famished right wing fraternity cause for reflection as they now subscribe to the need to tone down the rhetoric. The ring-wing political fraternity brand may be spending their time in spinning the message and weaving illusion to reality; however, the upright will remain fearless and the devious fearful of tomorrow. Let Sarah’s text speak for itself, the truth is constant!

Before I go, a community of right wing philosophy inductees may attempt to live out the spirit of the words of Sarah’s text rather than the strings of syntaxes that may weave together love among the metropolis. If language does not make people do unspeakable things, what else would have led a man to take gun and mow down innocent souls? Maybe we will never know. The nagging question now is, why did it have to get to this, before truce was called? Probably implicit in Sarah's text is the rhetoric of an immoral action, probably not homicide? However, Sarah's text embodies some insinuation that is unsettling and one that is hardly associated with chastity as a topic in the politics of the metropolis.

From the word 'RELOAD' in Sarah's text, is a perception of violence, hate, prejudice, and inconsistencies which have now partly been blamed for Saturday's mayhem. This is why, all the right-wingers are proactively fighting the association of the events in that Arizona marketplace with Sarah's text. Yes, the right-wingers have great power, and their power can impact the lucid and the ill-lucid minds in the metropolis, dangerously, if uncurtailed. After the news about the disaster on Saturday subsides, the question is: Would Sarah have learned her lessons, or could another ill-lucid mind draw his or her locus from Sarah’s text? Let us all hope the right wingers have not baptized more members of their fraternity into the emotion contained in Sarah’s text!

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