Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Joint Resolution of Supporters of the Affordable Health Care Law of 2010

On strictly party line vote today, the Affordable Health Care Law of 2010 was repealed with 245-189 vote spread in the United States House of Representative. As if celebrating a World Series football match, Republicans were calling for multiple proposed changes to the law, including the elimination of a requirement for individuals to purchase coverage, limiting medical malpractice lawsuits and other additional changes to the law as passed last year. There were so many promises from Republicans to repeal and replace the law; yet, their emphasis was more on the repeal rather than replace, as it seems Republicans have no genuine alternative for all the benefits in the law that has been celebrated by many Americans as ground breaking and responsive to both the young and old. Yet, Republicans still have bone to pick with the law. Quite an insatiable bunch, you’ll say? Republicans are still panting and screaming even after the vote.

Hopefully, you’ll think, Republican Party’s furor over the Health care Law of 2010 would subside consequent to the Republican triumph in the 245-189 Vote to Repeal the Affordable Health Care Law of 2010 in the United States House of Representative. Those of us who are in support of the law and who understand what a fruitless effort the Republican furor has been, would like to congratulate every member of the House that voted to repeal a law that covers the early screening of women for early signs of ovarian and breast cancers, stroke, leukemia, Diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity. American men who have been privileged to stand a chance of receiving early warning screening for cardiovascular diseases, including hypertension and obesity, prostate cancer, hernia and other high risk diseases that send over two million American men to their early graves, would like to offer a heartfelt thank you to Republican lawmakers who have led the crusade and welcome the same wishes for them and their households.

For the 432,709 females who died from cardiovascular diseases and 269,819 females who died of Cancer diseases in 2006, their families and friends would like to thank the Republicans for leading the crusade to deny early warning screening for those they left behind, which the Affordable Health Care Law of 2010 has provided opportunity. The Affordable Health Care Law provided for screening and early detection of symptoms that could send needy Americans to their graves early. Men and women with preexisting condition, a little over 109 million Americans applaud the Republicans for their tactical strategies and grand standing to repeal the Law. Fortunately, supporters of this law have strong allies in the Administration and Senate of the United States to ensure that this Republican assault would remain a mirage for a very long time.

The Affordable Health Care Law passed in 2010 was in fact mostly, close to seventy-five percent, the handiwork of Republicans. From various versions and debates over the years, the provisions in the law have been combinations of well-thought out health care reform provision by both parties stalwarts to emancipate Americans from the claws of health poverty. Lawmakers from both aisle of congress had worked together over several congressional sessions under both Republican and Democratic Presidencies to provide a framework for reforming the American Health Care system; although most meaningful and result-oriented efforts had come under a Democratic Party Whitehouse.

In 1994, when the Clinton Administration attempted effort to reform the health system and fix the leaking challenges surrounding the American Health Care System, Republicans actually sought close to seventy-five percent of the provisions as their preferred input, input now essentially heralded into Law by the Democrats in 2010, as their own alternative and preference. While there was heavy acrimony over the passing of the law last year, the unique fact is that Republicans had embraced and embodied many of the provisions in the current law. For Republicans to now wake up and refer this law as a Job killing law, says so much about the rank and file of Republicans and probably confirms the dis-ingenuousness of this group of lawmakers. Their vote today, is a lethal confirmation that Republicans are nothing but politicians without a compass, philosophy, and commitment to progress in the area of health care policy and law.

Vulnerability of Americans to the Republicans shire:
The 245-189 vote to repeal the law, essentially guarantees that children below the age of twenty-six , who could remain on their parent’s insurance under the Affordable Health Care Law of 2010, would no longer have this privilege. Youths, who are known to be in the high risk groups for ailments that are very expensive to treat and which are associated with high energy and risk activities associated with dynamic youthful groups, can now say, we are relegated back to a life-time of limit for treatment costs for our ailments. Thanks to Republicans, by their campaign fulfillment pledge, American youths can now consider themselves second class citizens in the most prosperous nation on earth.

According to some Republicans, America is not Europe and here we have choices, which the Affordable Health Care Law is criticized for denying us. The limited nature of the type of care that our senior citizens would now have to endure because of the repeal of the Affordable Health Care Law of 2010, points directly to the insensitivity of Republicans to the potential abuse of our seniors. Seniors with fixed income, who are on Medicare, will now have to churn out more of their limited fixed income to attend to the Medicare do-nut hole that was going to completely eclipse 2015 because of the passing of the Affordable Health Care Law of 2010.

The safety net for shortage in Medicare prescription coverage, which the affordable Health Care Law was about to take care of, is about to be a thing of the past, if the act being paraded in congress ever become law. In short, many of our senior citizens who have worked hard throughout their lives and who for reason of biology, do not have the strength and energy to continue earning huge income, are now held captives by Republicans. Republicans can now go on record as a political group that guarantees health poverty for 45 million Americans without health care insurance and another six million senior citizens grappling with the Medicare ‘Do-Nut’ hole palaver, before the advent of the Affordable Health Care Law of 2010.

2011 Congressional Debate to Repeal the Affordable Health Care Law of 2010:
In the ensuing congressional debate on Monday, after the mayhem of last week when one of the lawmakers was nearly sent to her grave, opponents of the Affordable Health Care Law, all Republicans, could still not convince more than half the nation that they have an alternative bill that will substitute the law they were about to repeal. According to their leaders, the repeal of this law was a campaign promise. This was more than funny; and reminded me of kids insisting that they won a bet that is about to liberate the whole world! And, once you think about it, you are likely to appreciate the conflict in the Republican's assertions: Republicans are campaigning through the repeal of the Affordable Health Care Law, to pull the rug under over 45 million Americans who do not have health insurance because they promised their political campaign donors they could do as much!

Attempts by well meaning Democrats through well constructed debate points to dissuade Republicans from chasing the mirage in the attempt to repeal the law, was hardly headed. Republicans worked hard to be heard, they worked hard to voice opposition to a law that is already doing good for millions. They worked hard to deny the dream of a better body and soul for the underprivileged and yet, want America to believe that they are a party that cares about the welfare of the common folk. The repeal act that was passed in the House of Representatives was immediately declared dead on arrival in Senate. Gladly too, the President has promised to Veto the passed act, if it reaches his desk. In six simple words: republicans are losers on this one!

In light of all these shenanigans, knowing so well that the 245 congressional lawmakers who voted to repeal the Affordable Health Care Law of 2010 are honorable men and women, who would not want a subsidized government health care system, it behooves all these people to denounce their current health care subsidy provided by the US government to lawmakers in congress. After all, if all other Americans do not deserve a subsidized health care system, no lawmaker should be benefiting from anything like that. As decent people, we call on every lawmaker who voted to repeal the Affordable Health Care law, to reject the health care coverage provided to him or her under the congressional provisions for healthcare coverage for congressmen. To fail to do this, to question the call for lawmakers to denounce and get out of the government sponsored health care coverage for congressional lawmakers, is to be dishonest, disloyal and unworthy of the office that they each occupy.

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