Monday, January 17, 2011

Celebration of Life: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and the Environment

Ladies and Gentlemen:

Very few men and women had made their mark on the issue of the Environment and Economics. One man that did, was the Right Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. It was no secret that Dr. King was concerned about workplace safety, the environment and economic inequality that still persist today. If Dr. King woke up tonight, he will still find many of his works uncompleted and still in need of the attention of the greatest nation and finest Democracy that mankind has ever known.

Somehow, in between when Reverend King went home to be with the good Lord and now, we were able to accomplish so much on race relation, just as the preacher had surmised; but not on the environment. Did the preacher expect his children to live and play around polluted waters, air and land? Probably not. This is why we have to get back to the issue of protecting our environment and preserving our waters, soil and air, among others for generations to come.

I hope all God's children have not lost faith with the preacher's dream; and, are listening to him from the catacomb of oblivion. Today, we celebrate the life of Dr. King and are still failing him on the issue of our environment. Can we keep the faith? Can we hope for a better and new day for our environment? This is what the the right Reverend would have wanted!

Goodnight, and God's Speed.

Christopher Adekoya

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