Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The Exit of Governor Rick Perry from 2016 Republican Primary!

Keywords or Terms: Gov. Rick Perry; Traditional vs. Non-traditional Politicians; calculated Political Employment Theology; Lagging in Polls; Campaign Contribution; Emotional Stimuli; Suspicious Flair; Personal Wealth; Optimism Message; Engaging Audiences; China Stealing American Jobs; Carli Fiorina; NBC-Variety Show; February 1 Iowa caucuses; Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus; Cancer to Conservatism; 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue; and, A Joke candidate to the first Martyr!

Former Texas Governor Perry’s brief bid for a second run at the White House appears to have fizzled out as it began. While it lasted, for a few controversial and probably acrimonious months, January to September 2105, America caught a glimpse of the fiery speeches of a Republican Conservative known for smaller Federal Government and probably, more jobs creation in the State of Texas. One would readily recall the gaffe at his first attempt at the race in 2012, when he could not come up with an answer for the third Federal Agency he was scheduled to eradicate once he became the Commander in Chief. Perry’s exit from the race is probably due to the revolt against traditional politicians in the current race for the White House. Perry, who once ran the Capitol in Austin, Texas, for twelve years, appears to have fallen out of favor with the traditional grassroots Republicans in the 2016 race.

The 2016 Republican Party primary had never seen anything like the wave of support for non-traditional politicians as in the current race: well-grounded and experienced Republican strategists lament the party is in a new territory, where thousands or millions of Grassroots’ Republicans are gyrating toward lesser known political mortals, Donald Trump, Ben Carson – even some rather non-traditional politicians, Carli Fiorina and Mike Huckabee are making headways in the polls, while traditionally acclaimed front-runner eight months ago, Governors Jeb Bush and Scott Walker, are lagging in the polls. The somewhat brash and out in your face approach of Real Estate Mongol Donald Trump’s Campaign, some say calculated empowerment political theology, seems to be resonating and gaining grounds among Grassroots Republicans; and calling to question, traditionally held beliefs regarding Republican Primary Contests. But the attrition is not actually over, as the shoe is expected or about to drop off the feet of probably another two Republican hopefuls, Senators Rick Santorum and Lindsey Graham, before the Iowa primary comes around. The culprit for the latter two is campaign contribution; money as they say, is the life-blood of politics!

On the other hand, Donald Trump seems to have rewired the 2016 Republican Primary by appealing to the emotional stimuli of the Republican base, leaving behind many Republican hopefuls and rivals like Governor Jeb Bush, Governor Scott Walker and Senator Tom Cruz. With his showmanship, suspicious flair and personal wealth, Donald Trump has been able to create an appealing myth in his campaign, which only the articulate and circumspect can actually decipher. Running with a message of optimism that engages audiences and appeals to the Republican base, Donald Trump appears to have caught the Republican establishment pants down; and, made versatile Republican Poll readers askance, regarding what they consider: not much of a policy-oriented candidate.

Focusing on messaging that arouse emotional response and hinder voter’s ability to appraise political issues readily, Trump appears to have been able to sell the idea of empowerment to the Republican base that gives them the illusion of gaining control over issues that anger them. Some Sociologists and Advertisement gurus claim that what is probably now considered the “Trump’s Effect” may have knocked politicians as Rick Perry out and others that may follow. Trump’s Effect, like it or not, appears to have stalemated a few of the promising Republican hopefuls, who have been lagging in polls. Because of the larger than life effect of Trump’s campaigning, which appears to have obviated the potency of other Republican aspirants, Aspirant Trump appears to have indirectly solicited newer supporters, by calling out his rivals on the campaign trail. His brand of empowerment through evocation of voter’s emotion, especially with his call against China for stealing jobs from US, appears to have evoked some level of sympathy with the Republican base.

Further, Donald Trump’s anti-establishment candidacy seems to be sending many of his rivals in multiple directions, with some of them questioning their veracity to Republican voters and audiences across the nation. Former tested campaign strategic approaches and tactics, often expected to make a difference in a presidential campaign, are turning out not to win potential voters over; and, what were considered politically correct statements are now out of the window. Republican money-bags and contributors are finding out it is a different ball-game this time around and are unwillingly accepting that the boat may have left the shore, with the entry of former NBC-variety show host to a rather hitherto formal Republican Primary race. It is estimated that Donald Trump has garnished more votes and supporters from many regular politicians in the race, not because of his policy initiatives and advancements; rather, from his probably out-of-control comments about undocumented immigrants from Mexico, which were once presumed non-winners or non-starters in presidential campaign exercises.

In addition, many establishment Republicans sizing up the race, who once thought Donald Trump’s surge in the polls will soon dissipate after the summer months, are finding out that this is not happening; and, are left wondering what’s next. A few outsiders and some realistic Republican insiders maintain that the new kid on the block, seems to have mastered communication and showmanship and these have paid well for him in the polls. Fallen by the wayside, is once affirmed expectation that the nomination process will narrow down to Governor Jeb Bush and another republican candidate by the time of the first caucuses. Interestingly, What the Republican Party now has are two non-traditional politicians, Donald Trump and Ben Carson, leading the polls for the party nomination prior to the February 1 Iowa caucuses. The initially considered short-primary, anticipated by the Republican National Committee Chairman, Reince Priebus, is probably a mirage by now; however, what is also true is that: a long-fought out Republican Primary, as unfortunate for the party as it may look, seems rather fit, with the new reality among some former front-runners that things are not the way they used to be.

To avoid a backlash, RNC Chairman want Republican aspirants to proceed with caution in their use of language. He is very apprehensive of using languages that will alienate many minorities not only Latinos. He understands how a politician’s former words may come to haunt him in a national contest; pointing to the experience with 2012 GOP nominee’s words that undocumented immigrants will self-depot from the United State, and many Americans are dependent on government social welfare programs, later became huge baggage for him when it got to the stage of national contest between the Republican nominee and the Democrats’. Rhetoric’s on immigration appears to cut two ways; while many establishment Republicans understand the controversy sported by Donald Trump’s attacks on undocumented immigrants, no one is really sure the reason why these same comments have catapulted Donald Trump to the first among equals, prior to the February 1 Iowa caucuses.

For the sullen republican minorities forced to acquiesce with the new affinity for offensive language from the Republican front-runner, questioning the birthright citizenship is another pile on the insult of building a long fence on the southern border of the United States and making the Mexican people and government pay for the endeavor. Further, the notion that a party’s front runner who is considered a misogynist and bully is riding high on the polls, is also very disconcerting to some. In addition, the notion that the Republican front-runner has become unscathed at the polls, despite the use of offensive language towards minorities and, or the denigration of an American War hero, Senator John McCain, may seem appealing at this time; however, there is probably going to be a time for reckoning very soon.

Finally, if you ask Trump’s Presidential campaign organization, the words from their boss hardly have any bearing on the decision of Governor Rick Perry to quit; after all, the Republican front runner once said the governor never liked him. Incidentally, both Governor Rick Perry and avid Republican strategists, believe in one way or the other, the “mean” words from Mr. Trump hurts every Republican Presidential hopeful. True to color too, Governor Rick Perry once intoned, from a Joke candidate to the first Martyr, in referring to Mr. Donald Trump’s candidacy; adding more to his caricature of Donald Trump as: Cancer to Conservatism! Sadly but true as well, polls have shown that sixty percent of Governor Rick Perry’s month of May supporters have defaulted to Donald Trump; fourteen percent of Governor Jeb Bush’s and about fifty-seven percent of Governor Chris Christie supporters are now in Mr. Donald Trump’s corner. The right wing media may be blamed for the fall of Governor Rick Perry, for his first swing at Donald Trump’s candidacy; however, nothing is more telling of supporters of the reality-show star, when Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin categorized his team of supporters as a crass culture of people excusing ignorance, anger and paranoia for knowledge. If anything can been gained from this; nothing but to say, let’s wait and see. Ignorance, anger and paranoia may be the new real thing in the Republican Party of today; it may very well see Donald Trump to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue!
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