Sunday, December 22, 2013

Enough Propaganda about how Obamacare is leading to Political meltdown for Democrats!

Keywords or Terms: Affordable Care Act; OBAMACARE; First-Phase; Search Engines; WEBSITE Usability; Algorithm; Antagonists; Protagonists; Racists and Racism; President Barack Hussein OBAMA. 

In America’s Political experience, the word ‘meltdown’ as a consequence for passing a bill designed to restructure the delivery of health care and accommodate the challenges of having too many citizens without health insurance and care, is better reserved for those faint at heart and for politicians perceived as weak, legislatively unproductive, and or, personally or behaviorally flawed. It is hardly a word anyone would attach to ground breaking legislation in health care, despite its teething problem at launching. Despite current acrimonious statements regarding how badly the launching of the first phase of Affordable Care Act of 2011 has been, recall the same acrimonious statements beclouded the passing of the law, there are certainly some hope for the law and its future; and, if we all give the law the credit it deserves, it will ultimately triumph over petty criticisms and unqualified failures said to doom the law from antagonists.

So how has it, that so many criticisms and possible failure of a law can be projected, just by mere launching of a Website; one federal site, said to be the vessel for delivering the law (health care insurance) to millions of Americans? When the success and failure of a WEBSITE define gloom for a law in modern lawmaking, then we truly have a problem in this nation. Since when did the launching of a website define the relevance and essence of a law to better the welfare of the people?  Critics of OBAMACARE may have to look in the mirror. They set the tone for the current criticisms about how the launching of the WEBSITE is synonymous with the failure of the law, long before the launching of the Website. Except I am missing something, thousands of laws passed United States Congress for close to a quarter century, where a WEBSITE was neither part of the equation or associated with the law or its success or relevance. As a matter of fact, except for the AFFORDABLE CARE ACT, anyone can count on their finger tips, laws in the past quarter of a century that were implemented or phased in, with a WEBSITE.

Visitor Usability and or usability friendliness of a WEBSITE, with all its problems, may not be intentional, but may be adduced to flawed information retrieval algorithm, which any Information Retrieval Guru, will respectfully tell you can be corrected with a few thwacks and multilevel pretests or post-launch; and, could actually be relative in all scheme of things or long run. Please get Professor Efthi Efthidiamis and Terrence Brooks back to the classroom at the University Of Washington Information School! No WEBSITE designer can consciously design a WEBSITE for the ultimate failure of the content. The HTTP, XHTML or what have you, may have tag loss or need some re-engineering; may suffer retrieval efficiency, compromised by the nature search engine; or, thwart user motivations and moral. However, it may hardly doom completely all the content or define the intent of congressional lawmakers who took several months and days to look over many and several parts of the Affordable Care Act.

For all to digest, No Website designer has the skills to effectually predict the complete future use of any Website. Technically speaking, WEBSITE designers only have two resources they can invest in designing a functional WEBSITE: time and the potential to write flexible tags that affords search engine queries or increases functionality or efficiency. But, we have seen politicians and the media, criticizing the Federal WEBSITE for the purchase of the health insurance package, as the ultimate failure of the Affordable Care Act. How about several states purchase exchanges websites that have been doing fantastic business and returning value for the time spent in purchasing a health care package? Website developers’ use of finite resources may impede the development of a perfect site. Creating a friendly usability of a WEBSITE remain the responsibility of the developer, not necessarily an illustration of the weakness of a law; or, the time-tested delegation of responsibility regarding a function better suited to skilled professionals. Taking on OBAMA’s Administration for the failure of a website belongs to the gutters of history; for the initiative of the Affordable Care Act remain appropriately with Congress who passed the law in the first place, for the President’s signature!

Instead of demonstrating the need for more user friendly WEBSITE(S) regarding the sale of health care insurance packages, antagonists of the Affordable Care Act, including many Congressional Republican Lawmakers who hardly lifted a finger in the passing of the law, are today running propaganda messages across the nation that the law is already a failure. Worse still, I see some Democrats, who were once supporters of the law, who for political reasons are worried about their chances in the 2014 elections, falling pray to mostly unfounded criticism of the law because of the glitches in the launching of the WEBSITE. Take it from an Information Manager, who completed researches in the realm of Information Retrieval, the glitches with the federal website are fixable and really, a piece of cake if you consider what is at stake if the law is railroaded. Frankly, I see racism here, I feel racism here, I smell racism here and I’ll tell all those who want OBAMACARE to fail: health is neither a respecter of color! If you do not like President Obama because he is multi-racial, deal with it! President Obama is a Hodge podgy of black and white; and, after his Presidency, his race will hardly be an issue. It is an issue today, because those rightists, who are flawed in behavior, who are prejudiced to the teeth, will hardly see anything good about having Barack Hussein Obama as the 44th President of the United States!

Visitors to OBAMACARE WEBSITE, and or purchasers of the health care policies on the state health exchanges, Be vigilant! The extremists never wanted you to have the opportunity to shop for reasonably priced health insurance package(s) in the first place; as a matter of fact, they don’t want you to have health insurance, they’ll rather we return to the broken health care system where over 40 million Americans had no health care insurance and hospital emergency rooms were over subscribed. We are in a delicate balance or situation here; we can either allow ourselves to be fooled again by our oppressors, or stand up to the critics of OBAMACARE and say: Enough is enough! Taking the opportunity away from individual health insurance policy shopper sends a bad message that the average American has a low expectation for him or herself and can neither make good judgment regarding his or her healthcare needs.

What we have learned historically is that criticisms can undermine a very good initiative or law. Unfounded criticisms can keep Americans from visiting the health care website or state exchanges, or kill the implementation process; however, it will never take care or eradicate the initial problems that led to the passing of the law. Potential health care insurance purchasers may see current situation of usability friendliness as a suitability issue of the law; however, the truth is: The antagonists of the law are doing all in their power to kill this fine law! Don’t let them do it! Cry out foul and tell them to buzz off! Like my grandma said: “Deity, if you can’t help me, do not complicate the process of my chances and choices.”

Good health care system can keep many people alive; however, inability to own or carry health care insurance can ruin the chances of Americans from receiving health care at reasonable cost to the taxpayers. Antagonists of Affordable Care Act can easily develop low expectations of the WEBSITE intended to sell health insurance policies; and believe me, their current criticism of the functionality of the federal WEBSITE on OBAMACARE; reflect their inner negative voice and biases to the passing of the law in 2011! Sometimes criticisms of the first phase in the implementation of a law may attempt to derail the full potential of the first launch; but never a complete failure. I could remember similar criticism of the Part D Medicare reform under Republican President George Bush. Today, many seniors will rightly inform you that the program and law works, because we gave it a chance. This is what supporters of the Affordable Care Act are calling for: just a chance!

Inappropriate criticism of the Affordable Care Act website may be creating an aura of ineffectiveness or inefficiency in the law; or, may be creating mistrust among the populace, even the propaganda of the rightists regarding the law, may be holding sinking sand around the faint at heart, however, conviction and personal responsibility for the future of one’s health and how to buy and hold an health care policy, in case of an emergency, is the ultimate arbiter of the current diatomic of the user-friendly  problem regarding the OBAMACARE website. What all vigilant Americans shopping for health care policies need are: 1) enough time to learn the basic usability tabs and queries on the website; 2) opportunity to cruise the website and other state exchanges to make better choice of health insurance package(s); and 3) trust that the WEBSITE(s) is designed to facilitate easy use, foster discretionary choices for the buyer and promote solutions to the challenges of prior healthcare system.

To have a faster and more user friendly WEBSITE, the United States Secretary of Health and Human Services, Governor Kathleen Sebelius, and White House management, have employed a few of the best hands in WEBSITE development and search engines management. Their current assignments and future efforts will address the initial impediments to the WEBSITE usability. The onus of the initiative to purchase and the responsibility to buy and hold on to a health insurance policy will remain that of each American. Appropriate participation in the Health Care Exchanges, especially from teaming youths in the not-so-risky pull, can help ensure the success of the implementation of the first phase of OBAMACARE; and, may all well counter the current criticisms of the naysayer regarding the Affordable Care Act of 2011.
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