Monday, November 12, 2012

2012 National Election Results and the Celebration of our Veterans, on their Day!

Keywords or Terms: Veteran’s day; Appreciations; Thank You; Women Power; Paris, France; Saigon, Vietnam; Crazy Stuff; Karl Rove; and, Republican loonies and Wackos.

Since November 6, 2012, most Regional or National debates have centered on why Republicans lost their fight for the White House. Some of the debates have taken the form of recrimination, denial, discontent, disillusionment, acceptance; and, probably rebirth. The debates have obscured what truly happened on that election night. The Democrats won, they won real BIG; and moderation, modernity and common sense prevailed. President Obama’s Campaign team trashed the Opponent’s hands down, winning 332 Electoral College Votes as against 206 for Republicans. A twenty-first century campaign outfit outclassed and out maneuvered the 20th century campaign strategy. Oops!

Few Republicans have started appreciating; you may not depend on the spin room or your own media outlet as the most objective source of your performance; and you may not depend on a voter base that is monolingual rather than pluralistic, in a gradually multicultural society, with increasing population of minority groups expanding as far as eyes can see. Further, you may not continue to offend women, half of the national voting electorate, and expect them to turn out in large numbers in support of your candidates. You cannot continue to see women as only good for fixing dinner and submitting to your sexual inappropriateness, and expect them not to stand up for their hard fought and won rights. In addition, you cannot completely depend on miscalculated millions to buy you the people’s vote. It just does not work like that, anymore. Hopefully, Republicans learned their lesson from the voting and polling results.

Could this be news for Republican? Our military men and women, go wherever they are needed nationally and across the globe. They commit selflessly with honesty, integrity and conviction that our motherland is worth dying for. On accepting Republican Party nomination as the flag bearer, their head of the Republican ticket failed to thank or appreciate the service of our veterans or men and women in uniform. These are the people who preserve the lives of everyone in this nation, who make America what it is; they protect us from attacks from enemies, foreign or domestic. When politicians boggle facts and called on the military to move, they all moved without complaining or grumbling.  When the war was in far away Iraq or Afghanistan, men and women in uniform were at the beck and call of the whole nation. When the storms of Sandy came through, State Governors of affected States cried for help; and guess that showed up? Yet, these men and women in uniform were hardly mentioned in the acceptance speech of the Republican ticket. Oversight, Unconscionable, maybe we need to ask those Republicans what it all meant?

Why on earth the Republicans are reported as shell-shocked they lost the election? Like grandpa said: “take care and appreciate those people who work for you; and, you will never surfer huge discontents, disloyalty or disapproval!” Discountenancing our veterans and men and women in uniform, in a National Party Candidate’s acceptance speech was not only unconscionable, that single act alone, had become very unpopular, even among those of us who are not in uniform or served. Unthinkable in past Presidential Candidate’s Acceptance Speech, the Republicans failed to give unto Caesar, what was rightly Caesar’s. They forgot to thank the hand that protected them from ilks like Osama Bin Laden!

In an election cycle, the efforts and sacrifices of those serving our country may seem minuscule, however people pay attention; and, any discountenance like we saw from the Republican Party ticket, no matter how unimportant people may tell you it is, is hardly forgiven. Especially, from those who had deferred recall letters only to go junketing in France, under the pretext of serving their religious mission. Can anyone imagine the brutal war in Vietnam on the day Saigon fell, to a missionary work on the streets of Paris? That was what the Republicans were betting on; and yet, they are shell-shocked?

Despite the “swelling popularity” of the Republican ticket at the tail of the campaign – including those misinformation taught as reality by the right-wing propaganda television outlet – the failure of the top of the Republican ticket to mention an appreciation of the selfless service of our men and women in uniform, was a misjudgment and probably a travesty. And much as Republicans had recues themselves of this missed opportunity, the commensurate denial of their candidate at the polls must not now be a subject of debate. Many Americans would not blame men and women in uniform who failed to enthusiastically support the top of the Republican ticket; neither would they accommodate this type of behavior in any candidate seeking to be the President and Commander-In-Chief of this great Democracy.

That said and done, the Republican campaign had ran it’s normal course when the ticket ran a dastardly dishonest and unforgivable advert on General Motors and Chrysler moving American jobs to China. The generalization of a very obscure and untruthful statistics had done the Republican ticket in; and, no matter how republicans or their strategists would like to spin it, the Republican ticket was just an ungrateful, wish-washy, unreliable, unlikeable and unappreciative team that deserves to loose. As a Democrat, please Republicans take the following recommendations with a grain of salt: “It is about time that the Republican Party put together, a truth commission to find out, why a candidate professing so much lies and inconsistency was allowed to become the top of the Republican ticket. The Commission must investigate, why it took the party so long a time to know that the American voters had left them at the train station; or, where all the 800 million campaign dollars went? Why Karl Rove is still acceptable as a kingmaker or significant voice in the Republican Party? Why archaic minded, common-sense deficient strategist, with an insider-trading mind-set, was allowed to be an adjudicator of results on their right-wing television outlet, when they knew, he is an “has been”?

The lack of credibility of any person who was part of the former Republican Administration would have sufficed, to discredit anyone in that administration playing any prominent roll in the 2012 Republican Party’s fight for the White House. Not only would one of the discredited members of the last Republican administration like Karl Rove serve as a lightening rod for supporters and critics of the Republican ticket, his abuses of power and inability to accept simple math, were good enough indicators to have excluded him from the whole process. However, Republicans, being not so much foresighted, chose not to distance themselves from the controversial Karl Rove. Shamelessly, given the choice to make a difference in their campaign effort for the White House, the 2012 Republican ticket accepted support through his PACs, spending unaccountable million of dollars to achieve nothing. The ticket accepted support from those ready and willing to politicize the process by manipulating the truth, and ended up suffering the humiliation and failure. This at least, is one major reason why the Republican candidacy for the 2012 National Elections was a no show in many battle ground states.

Some of the outcry, criticism and schism in the Republican Party from the fall out of the 2012 National Elections, are probably predictable. Who could argue or make a good case for huge donors spending close to three quarter’s of a million and getting no single victory out of it. Who could emanate from a struggle for national party nomination as flag bearer, only to be derailed by unfathomable and uncomfortable comments from congressional wannabees who were hell bent on restricting women reproductive freedom? Who could articulate why the top of the Republican ticket would not acknowledge the contributions of our veterans, or men and women in uniform, when America is fighting a foreign war? Even if such a discountenance was recommended to the top of the Republican Party, shouldn’t he have seen the egregiousness in that decision? The results of the 2012 National Elections have now proven the Republican ticket as deficient in its foresight; and the voters convincingly put a nail in their political ambition and coffin.

Our men and women in uniform deserve all our respect and appreciation, always! They deserve to be our heroes and good ambassadors that must be cuddled. The good book said: No other love can a man have as to lay down his life for another person. Some of our veterans, many in our National Cemeteries today, laid down their lives, so that we may enjoy a better life. The least we can offer them is a thank you or some appreciations during national events. And like Mama said: Thank you goes a long way!

Republicans may think the inability of our veterans to register their displeasure immediately at the Republican Convention means their ticket’s choice was creative, permissible and actually popular. In fact, it has represented the worst in the Republican ticket. After all, the failure of the ticket seems to be adequate punishment; however, many men and women in uniform, and the public at large still, consider this Republican ticket’s choice as an abomination that must never repeat itself. The political class must understand the important place that our military plays in sustaining our Democracy. And even, if some party leaves the White House, another one set to replace it, still owes the military a debt of gratitude for ensuring the stability in the transition. This makes practical sense, since a new democratically elected Presidency, at least the way we know it today in America, can hardly execute its foreign wars without the selfless help of men and women in uniforms. And trust me; the wars will come, with how unstable some parts of the world are. Who then are you going to call? People like you know whom; whose parents will buy them a couple of deferment so they can go junketing in those other beautiful Cities of the World?

Finally, Republicans question the reason for their loss in the 2012 National Elections. Here is another exactitude for their thoughts: once a party’s version of the events leading to its loss is muddled up in confusion, denials, recrimination, disillusionment, then the party is in a huge mess. and in big trouble. When all the Party’s candidates for elected offices are perceived as loonies and wackos, even by Republican members themselves, then, things are really problematic in the Republican Hood! A heartless corporate tycoon that refuses to thank our veterans needs to loose and loose big time!
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