Saturday, February 4, 2012

Republican Candidate Romney is not concerned about the Poor!

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Discountenance of the voting power of the poor, the oppressed, the abused, the misused, and supposed dregs of the earth is now back, complement of the Republican front runner for the November 6, 2012 contest. In an interview with CNN three days ago, Republican Mitt Romney indicated he is not concerned about the poor; a very callous and disheartening comment to come from someone who is seeking to rule over the greatest country on earth, with a growing population in poverty. 

Many people were stunned by Candidate Romney's comment and some conservative Republicans wondered if the front runner has not once again, stuck his foot in his mouth; after others like: Corporations are people, I like to fire people, I am also unemployed, and  I have paid enough in taxes! When record number of Americans are filing for food stamps, millions kicked off jobs and lay-offs in the public and private sectors of the economy are unyielding, a prospective flag bearer for a major American Political Party, is saying he is hardly concerned about the poor. There are today about fifty percent of Americans in poverty and one in five children are suffering from the savages of the Wall Street; yet the man seeking to rule over them, does not care about them. Wow! 

Today, the blog takes the moral argument that Mitt Romney is out of torch with the reality of the American life, the new Normal!

The Sideline

Things seemed to be looking up for Governor Mitt Romney after his lopsided win over his opponents a few days ago. He had just won a life or campaign defining moment in Florida; and, the powerful in the Republican Party were about to crown him as the chosen one. When and Where his opponents spent a dollar, he and his sycophants friends from his PAC, spent five dollars. Except for Newt Gingrich, no one was shocked by the primary results from Florida. Polls taken two days before the election date, showed that Mitt Romney was ahead of the rest candidates; and his venomous attacks on the integrity of Newt Gingrich, was actually going to pay off. The huge investment in destroying other candidates' integrity and character indicated the down side of the Citizens United Vs. United States Government; and if what we saw and heard about the Florida primary is anything to go by, the tactics used by candidate Romney may not be different from what to expect in Nevada and Michigan.

Newt Gingrich was enraged with Mitt Romney. Newt knew the motive of Mitt Romney and hardly was interested in congratulating him for the annihilation of Gingrich's character. The former speaker of the United States House of Representative was displeased by the growing support for Romney's candidature. It wasn't that the speaker hardly ran a full challenge to the growing support for Romney in Florida, rather, it was the same debate successes that he had in South Carolina that failed him in Florida. Gingrich wasn't looking too much over his shoulder because he lacked the financial purse or campaign chest of Romnney; but what he has, the ability to repeat sentences in clauses, wasn't good enough in a multi-ethnic and heterogeneous population in Florida; and may probably fail him in Nevada and Michighan. Many Republicans who supported Newt Gingrich knew they were fighting an uphill battle with the campaign chest carried by Mitt Romney; however, they were hoping for the impossible: call it Hail Mary chance for their candidate!

If Gingrich or any other Republican candidate running for the Presidency, had a stronger chance to win against Romney for the party's nomination, they probably lost it in Florida. The broader support among the residents of Florida, cannibalized the chances of the remaining contestants. Worse more, many Republican Godfathers are now getting out of the shadows and lining up behind the former Governor of the State Of Massachusetts. The Press or self-proclaimed head of the birther's propaganda machine, Donald Trump, just showed how light weight, irrelevant and inconsequential his ambition to be the third party candidate, in case the Republican Party does not field his choice candidate, by endorsement of Republican Candidate Romney in an hastily scheduled Press conference. The New York real estate developer looked more like a house boy as he pronounced his support for Mitt Romney on the podium. Gone are his bravado and threat that really meant nothing for so many people, who know what Donald Trump is all about: Self Promotion!

The Moral Failure of Romney's Choice of Words

There is a uniqueness in Romney's Gaffe regarding the poor and undepriviled, this time around. Not only does it say much about the silver-spooned child turned governor of Massachusetts and now seeking nomination of Republican Party for November contest, it practically exposes the true suspicion of many: Mitt Romney hardly understands what it is to be a member of a struggling American family. Like the good book said, the poor will always be with us! Did Romney's Book of Mormon fail to teach the aspiring candidate for the White house, anything? Elitist Romney is just too stiff to come across as a good campaigner; and, even at that, he is more of the upper crust America to be able to articulate what it means to be out of work for more than two years; or, having no warm bed to sleep on. These realities are too difficult to mask and that is why many political observers wondered why Republican candidate Romney could not differentiate between his concerns for the very poor and very rich. To him, they both are the same!

There is something Romney preaches more fervently, as more Republican voters' support emboldens him. He believes he understands the strategy to change the direction of the American Economy because he has done similar feat in the private sector. Except any voter is being fooled or bamboozled, there is hardly any chance for this man in the office of the Presidency to change the current acrimony in congress to collectively support his strategy to advance America's Economy. Except the Republicans win a landslide in both chambers of congress and they become the majority in both chamber come November 2012, Romney is only selling a snake oil! The current American Recession is just a cyclical phenomena of the American Economic System; to a larger extent, hardly can a President who falls into the trough of the cyclical dynamics do so much without infusion of government spending. Unfortunately, this spending plays into the probable ballooning of the national deficit, and the parable of Democrats being big spenders when in office; which many conservatives frown upon. This is the challenge this country is facing right now, not switching Obama for Romney.

The cyclical nature of the American Economy has to play its way out before the economy starts to take shape or pick-up. Based on what has been happening in congress lately, "Republican President Romney" would find that winning consensus in congress is a bigger and more daunting task or challenge, than getting support of your friends in a corporate boardroom or suite. The two chambers of the United States Congress are not boardroom corporate share holders' conflagration that a President may threaten with an ouster, if membership do not fall in line. While the Corporate Board Chairman or Chief Executive Officer of a Corporation may threaten an ouster of a disloyal Board member, the President of the United States has to cajole, lobby and work with Congressional Membership to achieve legislation that may make a difference in the America that we all love. Republican candidate Rooney's denigration of the poor and underprivileged shows what a poor leader he has been and what a disastrous Presidency we must look forward to, if he actually wins against President Obama. For me, Romney lacks the moral latitude to overcome President Obama's current efforts in the Presidency and this is why, I believe Obama will win reelection.

For now, it seems many Republicans are buying into the negativity of Rooney's campaign strategy against his opponents in the Republican Party. Now, take his recent gaff about the unemployed, the poor, and the disadvantaged, some of whom have been benefiting from the Patients Protection and Affordable Care Act that Romney is touting to repeal, there are no campaign managers that can reprogram or re-arrange words for political expediency, to easily pepper over Romney's dispositions in many of his Press interviews and promises. Further more, it is hard to reprogram a stiff and unfriendly looking candidate, that often looks more aloof among the crowds to easily make a change of his disposition to be easily loved. The wry smile constantly associated with the potential Republican nominee for the November 6th contest, makes him look more like a zombie and cold hearted vulture. In addition, if Romney continues to make other gaffs that put the working poor in bad light or denigrate this group, and President Obama continues to strategically position himself as the fighter for this group(s), there is no way Romney will win the Presidency against President Obama in the general elections.

Maybe we are not into the general election phase for the November contest right now; however, if we look at the crystal ball, it might just be possible that the American Economy will start moving in the direction of a peak that will allow President Obama to claim the White house and the credit for the turn around economy, come November. This is why the latest news about the employment statistics is a rather good omen for President Obama's chances come November. Many Economists have the hunch that we are not close to that peak yet; and, Obama has to continue to fight for what he believes in and hopefully the stars will be aligned in his favor come the time of general elections.

The moral failures of Republican Romney's choice of words regarding the poor and underprivileged can easily be found in how he made his millions; how he tucked away such millions in tax heavens overseas; how he continues to flip flop even over what has largely been his making in Massachusetts, 'Romneycare'; and, how recently, he disposed of the debate coach that probably helped him get over Gingrich, Santorum and Paul in Florida. Republican Romney's decisions to use and dispose of people like tissue papers is endemic of his decision making process as a corporate executive, and that is why he says he likes to fire people! Such a person is a danger to our Democracy and must never be allowed to win the White House. A former Corporate Executive who makes decisions based on profit motives, who consider the working class nothing but dispensable work horse to line his pocket, is the example of American Greed that nearly crippled our economy four years ago. To allow a man like that to take over the affairs of the nation, is to allow the fox to watch over the chicken coop!
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