Sunday, June 21, 2009

Clarion Call to the faithfuls in support of reform in American Healthcare System

Public health insurance options that saves citizens money is what the Obama administration is shooting for, so goes the advert to drum up support for the health care reform initiative before lawmakers. Whether the Republican Party will allow him to do just that, is still subject to debate in light of the growing budget deficit. Many congressmen, who have waited several years to see reform in the health care system, are complaining that the brutal tactics being employed by opponents of the bill may still allow some citizens to remain uninsured, despite an extension of some reform in current healthcare packages that may make the complete overhaul, a little less challenging.

Opponents are already indicating that Obama has chosen the ‘borrow and spend’ strategy to advance the national health care reform. The probable One trillion dollars price tag associated with the reform by the Congressional Budget Office has not helped either. The nonperforming economy helps complicate issues further. With the level of unemployment and government deficit skyrocketing because of the added burden of fighting unnecessary and unwholesome wars, the associated trepidation of some law makers whom we could have counted on for wholesome support, and the political theatrics of republican lobbyists, all these are making the journey to the promised land, very daunting; and, escalating the fear of not being able to accomplish this essential and necessary strategic reform to the American health care system by the administration, on time.

As FDR once said, what we need to fear is fear itself. We must not be deterred or discouraged by the opposition to the bill working its way through the congressional process. We must expect some trepidation even among loyal democratic law makers. Further, we must not take lightly the criticism from much opposition out of fear of the unknown. We must come to expect to some degree resistance even from our progressive lawmakers as we make the good faith effort to reform the dilapidated American Healthcare system.

As we advance to redefine the structure of the healthcare system to accommodate many more of our citizens, we must see this effort as a duty to our nation and not to any special interest group. We cannot allow the nay Sayers to get us off the tracks of a balanced, durable and responsive law to the millions of yearning Americans who are holding on to the thread of hope in anticipation of an inclusive healthcare system that delivers appropriately priced healthcare service and finds the associated means to pay for it without getting us bankrupt.

Today, we have chosen to do what is essential not only for the people of America, but for many entrepreneurs who continue to complain that the rising cost of healthcare and the employer’s portion of providing health care insurance to many employees is eating dip into their profit; and for this reason, many employers have remained token healthcare provider to many of their staff, whom they understand, are probably not in the best position to take advantage of employer’s supplemented healthcare coverage because of the higher than usual employee’s co-pay. Even an effort to describe the current dispensation on the ground is very discouraging and tiring!

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