Friday, June 26, 2009

Seeking Congressional Support for Clean Energy Legislation: Waxman-Markey

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Congressman:

As you debate the climate change initiative and vote on the Clean Energy and Security Act (Waxman-Markey) today in that hallowed building of all, I, like most Americans will want you to consider the following 10 observations by experts, federal agencies, politicians and ordinary people:
• The energy efficiency provision of Waxman-Markey could save households approximately $1050 by 2020 and $4400 by 2030, according to an updated analysis by the American Council for Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE);
• The legislation is expected to create 305,000 jobs and through the energy efficiency that could occur will help generate 770,000 jobs by the year 2030;
• The legislation will help cut down on green-house emissions, by gradually capping its emission level at seventeen percent below the 2005 level by 2020;
• The nonpartisan Congressional Budget office estimated that households may save $175 annually by 2020 and government sales of auction permits will help offset clean-energy research costs associated with the legislation;
• The legislation will help America cut down on carbon pollution and create economy-wide cap and trade corrective initiatives that will help America advance its national objectives;
• The bill will not only help in cutting down carbon pollution, introduce building construction with 30% more energy use efficiency by 2012 and 50% by 2016, but also create an economy-wide cap and trade system that reverts current pollution level;
• Although the Environmental Protection Agency estimated the bill will cost an average household a $100 a year, it has the potential of creating new innovations, revolutionizing engineering, manufacturing and energy industries with an added advantage of jobs creation for millions of Americans;
• The bill is a rule of the road legislation that helps America rebuild its tattering economy, create cost and energy saving technologies and put a price on carbon emission;
• The bill starts to guarantee that by 2020, 20 percent of electricity generated in the United States will come from renewable energy sources; and,
• The current compromises that has been made on the bill as it passed through the legislative process, has produced a legislation that not only put a cap on carbon emission but also introduces a national renewable electricity standard and energy efficiency requirements.

If the nation is to remain a world leader in fighting global warming, we will have to cut down on our green-house gas emission, hence contribution to global warming; and, this bill offers the nation the opportunity to do this and much more. The hysterical notion that the bill forces agriculture and other productive sectors of the nation’s economy into a severe competitive disadvantage with trading partners as China, India and Europe, is all a ruse. Many of the economies cited as being advantaged by our introduction of Waxman-Markey are battling more economic disequilibrium than we are; and, certainly do not gain any competitive advantage over America with our introduction of this bill.

Please vote to pass this bill because it matters very much to our energy independence from the tyranny of oil producing states that do not like America and our way of life.


Christopher Adekoya.


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