Tuesday, December 8, 2015

IMPRECATION: Could this be Donald Trump’s Grand Strategy to win Republican Party Nomination?

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Republican front runner for 2016 party nomination transformed the political foray and discussions this week. Compared to multiple offensive altercations and rhetoric’s from Donald Trump beginning from the onset of his campaign, his yesterday released statement concerning another American minority group, probably topped the imprecation chart; and, made it to a place where even the most disdained Republican to far-left Democratic values, will hardly thread. The substance and bases of almost all the imprecation psalms that many Christian Far Right probably shy away from, appear rather pale from the ground-shaking and tumultuous statement of: “total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States.”

The entrenchment of demagogic rhetoric and grossly inflammatory comments may appear a “win-win” strategy from the Republican front-runner’s perspective; however, many who know better, including some rather very Conservative Republicans, probably felt that the real-estate mogul has charted a new direction with his recent comments about fellow Americans that can only be considered as Anti-American. Like the House Speaker Paul Ryan said of Donald Trump’s comment: ‘this is not what the [Republican Party] stands for.” Some Constitutional scholars wondered if Donald Trump’s most recent comment against a minority group of Americans is not unconstitutional; with the former US Vice-President, architect of some rather hostile public policies against people from the Middle-East, Dick Cheney saying: “It goes against everything we stand for”

Donald Trump will hardly bulge. Billionaire Donald Trump probably liken himself to King David of Israel, who asked in Psalm 109, the strongest and most intense psalm of the Bible, an awful request of judgement against an incorrigible enemy of the nation of Israel. Just as King David of old considered himself as God anointed, so has Donald Trump considered himself, the self-anointed voice of the far-right, those who wrap themselves with ‘Old Glory’ and sing more so loudly the Star-Spangle banner to the edification of Nationalism. This is a deliberate campaign strategy, this is a crafty and probably a winner among the front-runner’s supporters. Would this strategy win a major party’s nomination in 2016 or general election? Only time will tell.

With the new demagogic rhetoric, Donald Trump ignores God’s judgement and vindication, concerning the multiple atrocities from ISIS and the imminent fear of another attack from the extreme groups of Islamic Jihadist bent on destroying America. Trump has dumped American-Middle Eastern leaders’ strategy or alliance to fight global terrorism; and by default, national terrorism. Trump’s escalating comment against Muslims this week is analogous to extreme comments against another minority group of Americans in his former campaign speeches, Mexicans. While this is appearing a deliberate strategy of winning the nomination, as the front-runner has always refused to back down from his comments and has actually doubled down on them, when called out by well-meaning Americans, this new comment is a Duce. When asked today about his initial position on American Muslims, the front-runner reiterated his earlier position; and, it appears he is not blowing hot air. What is known today, no matter how abhorrent many of us find many of his rhetoric, Donald Trump continues to ginger new debates, blaze new discussion points; a new direction, where he has left one of his prominent rival no option but to label him as unhinged

In the planetary of Donald Trump’s supporters, the Republican far-right, all Muslims are terrorists and responsible for all the carnage since September 11, 2001, including Paris's, San Bernardino's and other unfortunate acts of terrorism in and against America. The front-runner, in an exclusive interview with ABC News’ Barbara Walter today, insists members of his party understand he is the worst thing that ever happened to ISIS. If you are wondering why the extreme comment(s) may be sitting well with some far-right Republicans while establishment Republicans are running away from them and saying comments as these hurt the party, you only need to look at how the Republican Party over the past seven or so years appears to have been hijacked by extremists, folks who could hardly care what happens to people that do not look like them. The Xenophobic, racist and bigoted extremists!

If you say, it is time for some mainstream candidate to redirect Republican Party passion and create a sense of identity that many Republican voters can identify with and rally round, don’t be surprised when you hear that Donald Trump’s comments are synonymous with their private inhibitions that they hadn’t a podium to display. In a nutshell, there are more Republicans, some say about sixty-five percent, who support aspirant Trump’s position and comment(s) on Muslims, who are also willing to move with him to a third party independent candidacy if need be. After all, Mr. Trump says his comments are not different from what President Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) probably said in his Infamy Speech, about Japanese after the Pearl Harbor invasion?

Some political pundits insist that Donald Trump’s comments, either about Undocumented Immigrants, African-Americans or Muslims, are deliberate; they re-affirm a strategy that wins. To this end, the more outlandish, the more shocking, the better they are for the chances to be nominated the Republican flag bearer next year. Aspirant Donald Trump has pursued a divisive strategy, relying on his reality television theatrics, to draw and probably muscle unwilling Republicans toward his candidacy for the party nomination. But mainstream Republican party stalwarts may be inclined to resist Trump’s candidacy and label it as too reckless and practically divisive for the general populace.

Unfortunately, Republican party’s kingmakers’ privately held sentiments reflect an unwholesome reluctance to become truly engaged with a fascist campaign strategy. You will see that in former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum stance, maintaining there are more practical ways to refuse Muslims’ entry into the United States and Senator Ted Cruz’s (R-TX) reluctance to chastise Donald Trump; rather commending him for finding ways to secure American borders. A Presidential aspirant with Donald Trump’s strategy to win, even when considered too provocative by outsiders to his supporting base, is unlikely to change; so, expect more outlandish comments from the Republican Party front-runner, as every time he makes these provocative comments, he sees his polls’ number skyrocket. For all intense and purpose, this is a winning strategy for aspirant Donald Trump; this is why he dares mainstream Republican insiders to jettison his efforts.

For a number of Donald Trump’s campaign supporters, his comments have been directed against sworn enemies of America. First, for Undocumented Immigrants who constitute a threat to the middle-income lifestyle, guaranteed by stable wages, some claim static wages, and union protected work privileges. Second, the terrorists who knocked down the World Trade Center in New York and constantly are trying to undermine the security of the nation. For him, if anyone is seeking the truth and not being complicit, they should see things the way he sees them: anyone who is a Muslim is an enemy of America; forget the extremist Jihadist Muslims' paradigm. Trump continues to maintain he has tremendous relationship with American Muslim communities and they agree 100 percent with his sentiments. Third, until Muslims, including the Americans among them, show the nation they are not terrorists, they are all enemies and are personal non-grata in America.

For Donald Trump, we are at war with Muslims, not the radical, extreme jihadists. Further, in the eyes of Mr. Trump: “[Muslims] are people that have tremendously bad intentions. [Americans] have to be smart and have to be vigilant.” Are there historical reasons to share the aspirant’s sentiment? Yes and No. The extremist Jihadists who have sworn to bring death to America have accomplished some of those threats and are still working hard to accomplish it. Trump’s supporters are rapidly associating the Islamic faith with terror because of repeated incidences on the home front and in ally’s country as in Paris, France. Two American Presidential Administrations, Republican and Democrat, since September 11, 2001, have unequivocally reminded us that we are not at war with Islam or followers of the religion. After all, there are American Muslims fighting to protect the constitution and American way of life as we speak; and, have vowed to continue to fight to keep the homeland safe. America is only fighting against the extremists Jihadist, terrorists, who continue to gang up to harm America and her allies. Unfortunately, these assertions are circumspect for some of the die-hard skeptics. Although America continues to ramp up its attacks on these terrorist groups and keeping up the pressures on these extremists’ camps and groups to ensure victory; however, the successes and re-assurances are hardly enough for this group. Would better communication about how various White House Administrations are keeping America safe; and, unraveling the machinations of the terrorist groups across the globe suffice? Probably. That at least, is one way to re-assure the skeptics and undermine Donald Trump’s campaign rhetoric and strategy.

Less anyone think the writer is a sympathizer of Donald Trump’s sentiments? I am least myopic, xenophobic, racists, nationalist or bigoted. I cannot imagine any sensible American making claims and crediting a position as abhorrent as Mr. Trump has been taking on his campaign trail. In fact, I consider Mr. Trump as not only divisive but completely destructive to the effort to protect national security and combat global terrorism. Further, As Americans, we do not set one group against the other for any personal selfish reason(s). In addition, our lofty constitution and subsequent amendments require us not to discriminate on basis of race, color, creed, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, marital status, disability, or status as a disabled or Vietnam era veteran. Anyone therefore, who is an American, a true American, would not be making claims and assertions that Donald Trump as a presidential aspirant has been spewing in the past seven months. Has Republican Aspirant Trump gotten any of his claims right? No; and, emphatically No. In fact, he has muddled up a very challenging grist that continues to puzzle all well-meaning Americans. How Donald Trump continues to ramp up in polls, is still a puzzle.

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