Sunday, February 22, 2015

How Rudy Giuliani interprets President Obama as Un-American: misconceptions about presidential powers?

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Anyone who is not blinded by his own leadership style or slight achievement while in political office must recognize that Rudy Giuliani’s comments regarding President Obama’s patriotism is close to self-incrimination. How did Mayor Giuliani come to the conclusion that the President is not patriotic? Can he truly identify all actions taken by the President that are genuinely un-American? Many Americans, including those of us who are staunch supporters of the President can identify some actions taken by the White House under President Obama that we are not in complete agreement; however, none that we know of has risen to the level of being un-American or unpatriotic. No President in the history of this Democracy has genuinely set out to damage the country; none. But the immediate perceptions of some statements or actions taken by the President could have been seen or construed as not in complete interest of the people; however, none can be assessed as a first or deliberate effort to be unpatriotic, because he hates America. How many people do you know go through the stress of running two national election campaigns, including the rigors and pressures, the highs and the lows of primaries, the irredeemable exhaustion that have led one or two of our Presidents to collapse and die, just few days or weeks after coronation; just because they want to destroy the country or are un-American?

We are not concerned here about Party politics, henchman man mentality and suspicious intentions of Mayor Giuliani to make the adverse comments. To level head Americans, if you do not have anything good to say about a person, why not try reserving your comments; or like my son puts it: shut up! Yet there are many who would agree with Rudy Giuliani that it is within his rights to assess the President as un-American and there are actions that have failed the consistency of matching the challenge of the moment for the nation, coming out of Obama’s White House. However, do these actually mean the President is un-American or unpatriotic? In Mayor Giuliani’s stewardship of New York City, could he say he exercised leadership that is beyond reproach, that couldn't be perceived by others as non-New Yorker or unpatriotic to the oath he took?

Two mistakes are replicate of Mayor Giuliani’s comment. One is the failure to understand President Obama’s leadership style in the past six years – the failure to realize that the President comes with a variant of emerging decisions, some of which are designed to make the country a more equal or fairer society regarding health, finances, religion, and sexual orientation issues. President Obama’s leadership brand would not have survived, if he subscribes to the hawkish policies supported by Mayor Giuliani and many Republicans, because Obama won his first election on an anti-war platform. All, but a few of his leadership decisions has been in fulfilment of his promise to voters; and millions of Americans who are tired of the Republican war mongering flair and orientation, saw it fit to allow him win a second term. An ideology using war and terror to drive foreign policy is not completely emblematic of patriotism; it is actually the contrary. Sending young children, the best of our twenty-something to die in Iraq, for a misplaced choice of decision in Presidential leadership, is essentially and inevitably, unpatriotic. Does this necessarily make President George W. Bush un-American? Either Mayor Giuliani is playing politics or he is more interested in maligning the leadership style of the President; or, he is out to destroy the personality of a sitting President of the United States.

The second and equally prevalent mistake of the Mayor’s comment is to assume that decisions taken by the President are consummated by him and there are no outside inputs to them. In case Mayor Giuliani is oblivious of it, no President, none in modern history, ever made a comment with policy implications that do not have inputs of advisors, party leadership, pressure groups, and believe it, lobbyists. Before a President rises to the rostrum to proclaim a policy statement, hundreds of staff hours had already gone into deliberations regarding the statement. Mayor Giuliani’s erroneous statement skews the perception of challenges that people in leadership confront everyday of their incumbency. The misinterpretation of many of President Obama’s policy statements as being un-American or unpatriotic is fraught with tragic consequences; and this is probably the reason why the White House Press Secretary labels Rudy’s comment at a private dinner with probable- 2016 presidential-candidate, Governor Scott Walker, as unfortunate. Democrats and Republicans are no less irked with comments from a former mayor who is admired by some in the country and considered by others to have had a profound response to the unfortunate event of September 11, 2001.

Seasons of presidential political campaign have tendency to bring out the worst in some undisciplined politicians. One no longer has to wait for the full season of 2016 Presidential Campaign before insults and unscrupulous comments are flung around by mischievous politicians. “Rudy-gate?” Millions of Americans, who are apprehensive of Politian’s intentions, now have a good reason to see once admired public stature of another politician, as complete rues. If Mayor Giuliani is ever going to redeem himself, he must henceforth be cautious of his utterance; however if he chooses otherwise, he is welcomed to continue in his ruinous and destructive way to talk about another human being, not to talk of a sitting President of this great nation.

Many Americans receive information regarding a President’s performance from poles, perceptions of families and relatives, and occasionally, other politicians. These days, Americans receive information about the performance of their President from the following sources: the Internet, Network Television News; Satellite and Radio Broadcasts; Podcasts; Mass Emails; Professional Journals, Newspapers and a host of unconventional sources. I am not including other sources, which credence is hardly given, including after drink dinner party comments of unscrupulous and mean intention washed out past politicians, who have cashed out on their past political glory in office to claim security expertise in defrauding some third world countries. Rudy Giuliani and Scott Walker may decide to take on President Obama on other issues; however, many of us have had enough of the ruthless and uncivilized way many Republicans continue to treat a sitting President of the United States. If Rudy Giuliani is any good for the Presidency why was he cast aside by his party on his first run?

When historical records of past Presidencies are considered, the paucity and distortions of Republican Administrations’ performance are alarming. How about, Iran-Contra Affairs and the behemoth acceptance by Ronald Reagan that US sold weapons to Islamic Republican of Iran as part of unsuccessful bid to secure release of American Citizens held hostages in Lebanon? How about Reagan’s Department of Housing and Urban Development Secretary and his associates’ act of rigging housing bids to favor Republican Contributors to Reagan campaigns or rewarding lobbyists? What would you say of Reagans’ Secretary of Interiors sixteen convictions, including twenty-four felonies? How would you interpret Reagan’s campaign team acquisition of briefing papers that were supposed to be used by President Jimmy Carter for preparation for the October 28, 1980 debate? Were these considered un-American for President Reagan? Were these involuntary duplicity or treacherous act that may rise to the level of being labelled un-American?

It is sufficient to recall that until recent time, the very act of impugning a sitting President of the United States is considered un-American. The scope and cruelty with which some Republicans have gone after President Obama leadership have been rather shameful; and a reflection of how degenerative the Republican Party’s decorum has become. To take a further example, the Sitting US House Speaker, Republican John Boehner, has gone behind the Obama’s Whitehouse to arrange for another leader of a country that is involved in interacted and persistent unwinnable Middle-East war to come and address the United States Congress. Violating all known protocols and showing disregard for the providence of the US Presidency in foreign policy? Where has this been ever done in history? The authors of the willful disregard for the office of the US Presidency under President Obama must be ready for a backlash, when next a Republican ever holds that office. The country is now tired of the continued insult to the United States Presidency; we are convinced that there is a cabal of uncivilized Republicans, who are not only racists, but actually ignorant of what the office of the Presidency entails.

The interpretation of the current “un-American” comments from Mayor Rudy Giuliani underscores the current fervent radicalism in the Republican Party. In recent time, the Republican Party is noticeable dominated by far-right extreme groups bent on discrediting anything good about the first African-American President of the United State. Different derogation means and approaches have been used to undermine the Presidency of Barack H. Obama, some of them are symptomatic of the racist-inclination of some extreme neo-conservatives of the party. The recent comments of Rudy may be explained away by several superficial analogies; however, what many Americans draw from this are the unconscionable and infuriating underclasses that the Republicans have gradually metamorphosed into. While American patriotism is still the object of indisputable drawing, no one would entertain a situation in which the President of this great country is accused and or ascribed as un-American for anyone reason.
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