Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Fiscal Cliff Deal Passed By Congress in a Vote Spread of 257-167!

Happy New Year: Welcome to 2013!

To create a Profile of Congressional Obstructionists in 112th Congress:

1) Click the 'Fiscal Cliff' Button and then click Obstructionists file to display the names of anti-middle class lawmakers in the dialog box;

2) Click 'Tea-baggers or tea-baggers' sympathizers in the template area to display RETROGRESSIVE from the existing dialog box;

3) Locate and select a list of potential 'has been' lawmakers in the 2014 mid-term elections and schedule to print from existing dialog box;

4) Click create Obstructionists and retrogressive file and top on the list is the House Majority Leader Eric Cantor;

For congressional reformers that deserve the nation's thank you for nipping the fiscal cliff crisis, follow steps 1 to 4, and replace the term Congressional Obstructionists with Congressional Progressives and Futurists.

5) Click create progressives and futurists and on top of the list, is Joe Biden, not a congressional member, but the Vice President of the United States. Print Thank You Joe, for cleaning up the mess in congress. We need Joe Biden in the Office past four years; he may have to go back once again to congress to school the unruly boys on how to make laws, using the compromise tag!
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