Thursday, April 26, 2012

Death of an Ambition: When a Republican ‘ideas’ man quit the campaign trail?

Keywords or Terms: Newt Gingrich; Permanent American Moon Colony; Flag bearer; Party Ambition and Goal; Nomination; United States House of Representatives; Hope and Change

Which Presidential candidate can take a campaign on life support, to one winning two States in a dramatically filled Republican nomination competition? Which candidate with a heavily indebted credit to Tiffany once attained the front runner status among the Republican candidates seeking nomination to be the Party’s flag bearer? Which Presidential candidate aspired to have a permanent American colony on the moon? Which Republican Presidential candidate had more fat in him than the beacon machine grinder? The answer to these questions is very simple. The candidate who was once characterized by another Republican opponent as having more baggage than all the airlines put together, Newt Gingrich? This candidate brought more ridiculous proposals to the nomination process than any of the eight candidates that initially appeared for the first debate in the nomination process. This candidate offered more mundane proposals, which to some sounded as great ideas, more dramatically to the campaign process than the movie: Toy Story! You wondered if the former speaker of the United States House of Representatives, over the years since quitting that office, had lost his wits, as he offered many laughable ideas on the campaign trail. Beyond the idea of having a permanent American colony on the moon, Mr. Newt Gingrich offered what was tantamount to an unrealistic, unworkable and most importantly, impractical taxation reform proposal in his bid to become the Republican nominee. Mr. Gingrich campaign not only lost steam from about two weeks to its start, it probably was on life support through out the campaign process. Many observers maintain that, but for the Nevada millionaire and his wife who injected ten million of theirs into New Gingrich campaign, the former speaker of the House would have bowed out much sooner.

If you have problem with understanding why Mr. Gingrich ever offered himself as a candidate for Republican nomination, maybe you should look at the 2012 class of potential Republican nominees. In a year, when it seems all great persons and personalities with better chances or potential at running against President Obama, stayed at home, we have a Mediocre Etch-A-Sketcher, A Social Conservative with torch of loud mouth, A woman molester with a flair for denials, A flunky Texas Cowboy with rather poor communication skills, A physician with knack for national isolation from the rest of the world, A former Ambassador to China who recently quit the Republican Party, A congresswomen that had better been left in the middle ages and much more! Internal discussions among the mainstream Republicans indicated that the 2012 slate of Republican candidates for nomination, are at best, second rate. Recent interviews by the Media in States like Delaware and New Jersey, said the probable Republican nominee, Mitt Romney, is a second best. That reminds me of what my buddies say while we were in high school : When the desirable is unavailable, the available becomes desirable!

What creates the opportunity for Mitt Romney to rise up to the level of the probable Republican flag bearer is the lack of candidate with depth and conservative values in the 2012 class of Republican aspirants. After a drought of well meaning conservative Republicans with name recognition, a campaign organization and followership that can be touted as being very conservative enough, the rank and file of the Republican Party are settling for a Mormon with a magic underpants, who is as inconsistent in his political views and positions as the weather in Southern States in the hurricane and tornado seasons. Once a shake and bake French speaking door-knocking Mormon missionary to a Vulture Capitalist, the Republicans are about to field a candidate which many within the Party, agree is not just good enough! Republican Conservatives don’t like him; the mainstream can barely tolerate him; and those Republican lawmakers in congress, are now just closing ranks behind him, as they find themselves, unable to present the nominee that truly represents their position. Presenting Mitt Romney as the Republican flag bearer is like marrying an ugly girlfriend out of sympathy! Truth be told, if Republicans had other options, an unlikeable, impersonal looking and sometimes awkward looking candidate, with a background in firing people, dismantling companies and destroying families and family values, is the last candidate that will be bearing the Republican flag in the November 6th contest.

As Republicans contemplate their chances of winning back the White House, the Senate and probably retaining majority in the House, they will find that, the possibility of attaining these goals in 2012, is a very steep one, because of the disarray in the party and the class of candidates they are fielding in contests for all the offices currently held by Democrats. Beyond the class of candidates being fielded in the coming contests, there is a growing understanding among the Republican leaders in Congress, that the Party is ill-prepared; that their goal to become a stumbling block to the Democratic Administration is about to backfire, if not already backfiring; and their ambition to make President Obama, a one-term President, maybe a mirage. For instance, how do Republicans intend to repair the damage to the loyalty brand of some far right members in the Tea Party? How do Republicans change the perception in the country that their congressional leaders held the nation to ransom on legislations that could have improved the unemployment problem; and or, the fiscal health of the nation? How are Republicans going to supplant the notion that their goal is to remain a spoiler, a disagreeable and disgruntled group of gun-tattling, war-mongering and you-are-on-your-own Party? How are Republicans going to shed the image of coddler of the rich, affluent and better-off citizens and corporations in America? Time has changed, the country as a whole is wiser, information technology has opened up many unknowns; and, no one can hide under the oppression of the many over the few in isolated areas of the country. Whether many Americans like it or not, change is really here: American politics is getting more open than before because of the advent of the internet; opinion leaders are changing, never again will the editorial pages from just one tiny newspaper in an isolated enclave in a southern or northern state move the voting patterns in that area or the state. Can Republicans stand to loose the election to President Obama because of their choice of flag bearer?

In a time of improving economic standing, when and where job growth is gradually improving, after a long doldrums, it is going to be very difficult to make a claim that under President Obama, the economy has remained as underperforming, as when he took office in 2009. President Obama has done well, if not terrifically, because of the state of the economy when he took over from the Republican Administration. The plurality of Americans will remember that Republicans brought the economy probably to a stand still because of the two unpaid wars, unusual and excessive tax cuts for the rich, unnecessary grandstanding in congress, and the inability to bring in the number one enemy of America, Osama bin Laden, among others! The fastest growing minority group in America, Latinos, will remember the negative position of Republicans on immigration reform. Women will take to heart the unnecessary Republicans antagonism over their health and reproductive choices. The long unemployed will remember that when it was time to spend on job creation, Republican lawmakers balked under the pretext of where to find the money for that opportunity. Students will flock to Democrats because of the favorability and likeability of President Obama; and, because he has chosen to reiterate Republican lawmakers unlikeliest attempt to help students hold down the interest rates on Stafford loans.

In an upcoming brutal Presidential contest, which political pundits and strategists maintain is going to be a hard fought one, Republicans cannot afford to be on stand by; they cannot afford to be seen as anti-education, uninspiring on education, unhelpful to teachers and their union; and anti health care reform. Under what is probably an iffy likelihood of the Supreme Court ruling the Affordable Health Care Reform as unconstitutional and, a likelihood that the knowledgeable judges are likely going to just rule part of the law as unconstitutional and allow the law to still stand, the Republican Party are virtually towing with their ambition or goal. Republicans cannot assume the responsibility for ineffective leadership, unrepresentative and unlikeable flag bearer; the party cannot afford to deal with a fracas party convention, where some members feel left out because of the individual being put up as the Party Flag bearer. Great majority of voters among the Anglo-Saxons, Pentecostal Christians and Southerners are likely going to turn away from voting Republicans because they cannot bring themselves to voting for a Mormon. This is a reality that Republicans cannot and must not ignore. Ultimately, the leaders in the Republican Party will have to deal with the change that is to come, as Democrats over run the party come November.
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