Saturday, February 20, 2010


A Complete Professional Soldier and a Gentleman

(Former US Secretary of State Alexander Haig has died)

1924 – 2010
One of the few Americans who understand what political and military power mean. He might have goofed during the attempted Reagan’s assassination, but he understood the reason why a vacuum must never exist for a second in leadership. Not even during the cold war era!

Of all the Republicans I have had the privilege of coming in contact, General Alexander Haig gives me a sense of confidence and security that very few leaders who have had the privilege of being in the helms of this nation's affairs, will ever. For whatever people may say about his comment in the event of President Reagan's attempted assassination, General Haig stood in during those very terrible times in our nation's history that many now take for granted, because they never understood the implication of power vacuum during the cold war. Who could discountenance his effort to encourage Mr. Nixon to step down from the Presidency during Watergate? Who can credit anyone else for crafting a better relations between us and China?

For whatever its worth, this was a general of generals. The pundits may criticize, they may haula, but those of us who were immigrants to this country and understand why we came here, would tell the family of General Haig, thank you, thank you, and you are not alone during this trying times. May his strong and humorous soul rest in perfect peace.
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