Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I hate writing obituaries, but I humbly write this one for the greatest of all men, at a moment of grief. Until his dying day, Ted Kennedy was at the fore front of some of the amazing moments in the history of American Politics. Ted did not win the Presidency for himself when he tried in 1980, but he stood firm legendarily behind Barack Obama, when he chose to run, even when the high and mighty in the Democratic Party were seating out on the fence. Edward M. Kennedy, the brother of the best known icons of American politics, Jack and Bobby, was a remarkable public figure who stood for justice, kindness and compassion. Who can ever forget the fight for the Medicare Prescription Drug benefits for seniors, as Ted led the fight dedicatedly. He fought for the elderly, the young and the disenfranchised not only as a politician, but as a dedicated brother, our friend and our better senator from Massachusetts and the Kennedy clan.

The greatest ally of President Obama in the fight for a reformed health care system has gone home to be with the good Lord. He went home yesterday night to be with the rest of the brotherhood only ten days after Eunice, his sister was laid to rest. This is one of us, one of the most beautiful of all men, the gold standard for public service, who dedicated his life to fighting for the underprivileged, who understood how and when to compromise on issues and bills. He died of a brain tumor yesterday night with his closest family members at his side. His inspiration, optimism and sacrifice will not only live on, but will serve as the barometer for measuring selflessness in the service to mankind. He was a model of public service. He served the the State of Massachussetts and this nation as a dedicated son of the soil, with a personal torch, for close to five decades.

Ted was a gentle man. Ted was a survivor, a friend of the poor, the greatest one of us, a liberal lion, a fire brand who stood firmly for reform in civil rights, voting rights, social security, social justice, education, immigration reform, and health care reform, among other uncounted points of public service. He loved to legislate and never shied away from moving across the political spectrum to reach compromises and to achieve the greatest number of good for the greatest number of people. By his death, we have lost a true and genuine diamond of all men in Washington D.C. Eunice, John, Bobby, Ted and their parents are back home with the good Lord, now. Edward Kennedy in the companion of great reformists of American political liberalism has run a great race for the past five decades. He made his mark and now it is time to rest. “The best thing which eternal law ever ordained was that it allowed us one entrance into life, but many exists” – the epistle ad Lucilium, Epis, 15.

With all reverence Ted, I will repeat what you once said in the service of mankind: the work goes on, the cause endures, the hope still lives and the dream shall never die! Goodnight and God's Speed.
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